The Best Car Soap Shampoo – 20 product shootout


Car chem 1900:1

Gyeon Bath Essence (code FD10 for 10% discount)

Gtechniq g wash (code FD10 for 10% discount)

Bilt hamber autowash (10% discount code “forensic”)

Britemax puremax (code FD10 for 10% discount)

Autoglanz trade (code forensic)

Chemical Guys honeydew (10% discount code “forensic”)

TAC Mystic Bubble (10% discount code “forensic”)

Chemical Guys Glossworks (10% discount code “forensic”)

Gyeon bath +

Carpro Reset

Dooka wash

Adams ultra foam shampoo (10% code “forensic”)

Meguiars wash plus

Soft 99 creamy shampoo (10% code “forensic”)

koch chemie nano magic shampoo (10% discount code “forensic”)

Adams car shampoo (10% code “forensic”)

Autoglym ultra high definition shampoo

Meguiars gold class

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Phil Hulkes says:

Another great video, many thanks for your hard work, I used to have a trade account with car chem years ago and the customer service wasn’t great and they started increasing they’re minimum order value to around £200 which is way to much

Schnit Zel says:

It would be helpful if you put the scores or places in the description below. But over all a really really nice video!

Wily Kingpin says:

Great video, I really enjoyed the stuff from the UK which you really don’t see here in the US

Ora Labora says:

COMPLAINT! 44:22 i see on UK Amazon Gyeon Q²M Bathe Essence with nice pump, like you find on hand wash bottles!

jaded biker says:

Fantastic as always jon. You’ve opened my eyes to a few more products I now need to try .I had wrongly assumed the price of some of them as more expensive than they are and dismissed some .also thanks for clearing up the concentrations too

Ilona Larsson says:

Great video Jon, I recently moved from Megs Gold Class to Bilt Hamber Auto Wash, I’ve never looked back. I think the product offers great cleaning power with huge foam

Keep up the good work.

Ognen Mancevski says:

Great video. But why Sonax is left out :/ ?

Nigel Thaxter says:

Hi there, sorry to change the subject but I have just bought some tardis and want to know what spay bottle I need so it doesn’t melt

RadioactiveX says:

I am outside UK, and I can’t get most of the best products anywhere in here.

Ora Labora says:

you bumped up Adam’s (33:40) @ 72p right after you kicked out CarPro’s Reset @ 37p, only so that you could kicked it out on cost basis 37:54.
clear logic…

ODK Waxes says:

Great video mate, i will have to get you some ODK products to test

BB Detailing says:

I pretty much agree with you on Wash Plus

Living Life says:

Just subscribe love it can I ask which one has no fillers or activities that has a decent foam for a fair price

Delphine Bez says:

Man, I had so many questions and your videos made my dreams come true ! Hats down, really… Just one aspect is missing: which products are more or less eco friendly ? That’s an interesting question, with any type of product, I must say it will guide my final choice… Cheers from the Caribbean !

rory brownlow says:

Have you tryed the products from MadCow detailing?

prf-76 says:

I really like Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus, around £30 for 1 U.S. gallon (3.78 litres) 75ml in a 20 litre bucket. High lubricity, a ton of suds, gleaming shine when finished and a nice scent too.

RGS6791 says:

Hello excellent video!
Question is it beneficial to use 0ppm water in your wash bucket, does it affect in a positive way the shampoo dilution ratios and will you get better lubricity?? Or is it the same using regular water?? Thanks in advance.

Andrea says:

I’ve seen that you favorite shampoos are the BH and the Car chem 1900 , I have the possibility to buy both ,what is the best cleaning wise ?
I mean what cleans the best?

sean h says:

i just brought this lot to try (CARCHEM LTD) with me luck
Luxury Car Shampoo Concentrate 5ltr
– Fragrances: Strawberry
Return LC 261 1 £21.99 £21.99
Odour Eliminator 500ml
Return LC 211 1 £7.50 £7.50
Traffic Film Remover – 5ltrs
Return LC 213 1 £14.99 £14.99
Bug Remover 5ltr
Return LC 222 1 £19.99 £19.99
CarChem Detailing Snow Foam 5tlr
Return LC 247 1 £18.99 £18.99
Sub-Total: £83.46
Flat Shipping Rate: £4.80
Total: £88.26


Ways to make BH AutoWash better: Buy a dosage pump and squirt it into a bucket. BOOM no more syringes…

Since this CarChem is highly rated, 25L of this stuff is coming home with me.

Nakul Thinapong says:

I’m enjoying the Waxaddict Pure Shampoo, can’t say I’ve don’t any meaningful comparison though.

Tony ORourke says:

You seemed to concentrate on value for money whereas I was looking for your overall opinion on the best shampoo for foaming, cleaning and shine. With good sheeting properties. Which one overall covers these parameters.

MeesterDash says:

Extremely helpful thanks!

Tommy T says:

Is valetpro stuff any good?

Stuart Staples says:

Great test and video Jon. Like you say twenty was a massive challenge to review but it was balanced and informative. Well done as always

Greg Place says:

Why on earth would you buy any of these when you can get AutoSmart Autowash? £10 for 5litres! Very high foaming and great lubrication

Brian Woods says:

Brilliant review and very thorough Jon. Not arguing with your findings either, Carchem is epic stuff and I love the Adams shampoo for hot sunny days exclusively

VF90 Dark Looters says:

Is bilt hamber auto wash and auto foam save for wax and coatings?

Jay Fox says:

Another fantastic review Jon. There’s a lot of other detailing channels could learn an awful lot from watching your channel mate. My go to shampoo is bilt gambler but going to give a couple of others a go after watching these reviews, thank you.

Forensic Detailing Channel says:

Koch Nano Magic Shampoo is also available in 5L and 10L from the profesional line
Britemax is also available in 1 US gallon (not just 16 or 32oz)

tejael1 says:

Ok so how do we get the car chem here in USA?

Joshua Opfer says:

Very good video. Wish you would have did turtle ice because that is what I currently use. Big thing I dont like about it, is its really thick and gel like so you have to use alot. I say you have to is because it comes out in clumps. I also wish you would have put the anglewax products in this video as well because I’m thinking about switching to that line and would liked to see how it held up against theses shampoos. But non the less another great great educating helpfully video like always.


Welp, time to add CarChem to the family. Together with BiltHamber ❤

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