The Fastest Way To Wax A Car! CarPro HydrO2 !!! (DEMO & REVIEW)

CarPro HydrO2 is a wipe-less, touchless spray sealant! It’s the easiest and fastest way to wax your car! CarPro HydrO2 is a revolutionary product that is formulated with special polymers that form an ultra water repellent coating and is applied simply by spraying on a wet surface and then rinsing off with water! YES! It’s that simple.

CarPro HydrO2 can be applied to all vehicle surfaces: paint, glass, plastic, convertible tops, wheels, calipers, and wheel wells. It instantly adds hydrophobicity to any surface. It’s a simple spray and rinse application that saves time, and results in a durable silica protective coating that produces a brilliant shine that lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months. It also offers UV protection and it repells dirt and water from the surface, making cleaning the car much easier.

CarPro HydrO2 instantly revives the high gloss, deep shine, and smoothness to your paint, all while saving you time and money! This is truly a revolution in the car detailing world.

Directions are super simple:
Make sure the vehicle is clean and wet
Spray the product onto the wet surface then immediately rinse off with a pressure washer or hard stream of water
Do one panel at a time
Work in a garage or shaded area (never in the direct sunlight!)

It comes in a concentrated form (to be diluted 1 part HydrO2 to 6 or 7 parts water) or in a “ready to use” formula called HydrO2 Lite.

Gyeon Quartz also makes an excellent similar product called Wet Coat.

►Here are the links to the products discussed in the video:

►US buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
CarPro HydrO2 Lite (ready to use formula):
Gyeon Quartz Wet Coat:

►Canada buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
Gyeon Wet Coat:

►UK buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
Gyeon Wet Coat:

►France buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
Gyeon Wet Coat:

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Franky Silaban says:

absolutely amazing super simple.. nice one Pan!

Gail Adams says:

HI, Pan! What can you use if you don’t have a power washer?

passat vw says:

The guy used reload and Hydro2 on the car Good or waste of product

Gordon Liddy says:

When i used this i was pretty impressed on the beading but it sure seemed like the protection didnt last very long considering how expensive the product is

Lawson Ireland says:

When I clay with quick detailer,do I need to wash again before using this product??

simon houle says:

Allo pan, petite question pour toi. Est ce que hydro2 donne du lustre? J ai appliqué hydro sur mon auto et l eau perle super bien. Si apres quelques semaines nous voulons donner un peu de lustre, quel produit doit on mettre? Cire, reload de car pro? Quand on enlève les insectes avec le dégraisseir, doit on remettre une couche d hydro 2?
Merci et continue ton bon travail.

Eric Nguyen says:

Cool stuff! Would you recommend this product over traditional sealant + carnauba wax (time not being a factor)?

Stephen Walker says:

Hi Pan, Love your channel! This product looks great and I also purchased the Carpro Cube to try out their range. Would you use a combination of Hydr02 and Reload on wheels? Is there a problem with spraying Hydr02 on the brake disks? Thanks again mate.

Lillemae Tanel says:

Hi Pan!
Can I use HydrO2 top layer of carnauba wax?

jessica mantle says:

Would u reccomend this or traditional wax as the better option ?

passat vw says:

Hi Saw a video of a guy using a sponge to help put on then using the other spray you have to buff off. Is that a little over kill or will it add more protection.

sean mcgrath says:

Hi Pan I haved used this stuff which is very good. You say dilute 1:7, Carpro say 1:3, does it work diluted to what you are saying Regards Sean

Pan TheOrganizer says:

►Here are the links to the products discussed in the video:

►US buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
CarPro HydrO2 Lite (ready to use formula):
Gyeon Quartz Wet Coat:

►Canada buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
Gyeon Wet Coat:

►UK buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
Gyeon Wet Coat:

►France buyers:
CarPro HydrO2:
Gyeon Wet Coat:

Luke Brunton says:

Hi mate! Does this work well as a windscreen sealant or would you recommend still applying a windscreen sealant?

Simon Jones says:

Is this basically the same as gyeon wet coat?

Klasse Act says:

Is it ok to use on glass?

Dean Phung says:

Hey Pan, have u ever used car pro spotless, I’m not sure if it’s safe to use on my ceramic coat. Do we need to apply something on the coat like a QD before spraying on the coat?

R says:

How is ur pressure washer so quiet!

simon houle says:

Merci pour ta réponse

Seth Williams says:

Hi Pan,

This almost looks too good to be true. Is this as effective as a standard sealant application? Is the coat equally “thick”? It looks like you only sprayed it on the paint. Can it be applied to the entire car? (Excluding tires)

Thanks for all your awesome, informative videos!

Oliver Galon says:

What spray bottle are you issuing? Looking for a one that mists like yours. Thanks.

utz says:

can be applied a wax on top of this sealant?

Specs Bundy says:

i don’t have a power washer nor access anywhere else to one ,, a garden hose with the spray nozzle on the”fan pattern”, will that work ?

Carlton Smith says:

What’s the easiest way to get rid of swirls without compounding/polishing?

Marie Nygård says:

can you wax your car ontop of ceramic coatings/spray sealants to get that insane showcar shine?
And when your ceramic coating is starting to wear off do you just redo every step from the least aggresive way of compund/polish then redo everything as the first time?

Rob Marsh says:

How does this affect glass and plastic on the vehicle, also the tires?

Dave L says:

Thanks for the video and the thorough explanation. Was there a reason why you had diluted it 1:7 as opposed to Carpro’s recommendation of 1:6? I feel like I should have diluted mine 1:7 rather than 1:6 if the durability and the results are close.

Jesús García says:

Hi Pan! Amazing video. Thanks a lot! It’s very simple use the products watching your videos!.. the Hydro2 is compatible with ceramic coatings? Thanks a lot again! Regards from Spain


Thanks alot

e2k says:

Is this good for a winter protection (3 months)?

Joel Crevier says:

Salut Pan,
Desolé si la question a déja été posé mais est il possible de rajouter une couche de cire par dessus le hydro 2 pour proteger le sealant lui meme? Ou serais t’il mieux d’appliquer un sealant conventionel et ensuite rajouter de la cire a chaque mois pour proteger le sealant? Car s’il a juste le hydro2 qui protege la peinture versus un sealant conventionel plus une cire je crois que le deuxieme combo protegerais davantage? Dit moi ce qui serais mieux!

Andrea says:

How many ml or oz of diluted product for an average car?

staaymadbro says:

Hey Pan, can you apply this after polishing or do you need to use IPA after polishing then hydrO2?

Robert Mc says:

A few drops of baby oil in a spray bottle will have the same affect…

Dave B says:

Just picked some up to seal our cars for the winter

Birju Patel says:

Pan, I plan on ceramic coating my car soon. Would you still use reload and the hydro2 or would you choose one? I know you use reload after initially applying the cquk. As for maintenance after the first week would you do reload and then hydro2 or pick one? Also, any thoughts on spraying this on the windows? Thanks for the videos!

lanesteele240 says:

Can this be used if the car has a wax on it or is it for non protected only. (Just making sure)

youngblood23rb says:

Pan you are killing me! You are going to make me buy one of those pressure washers, does it plug into a standard 110v outlet? Thanks for your second to none videos, how else do I support your channel other than thumbs up?

Milosh Losh says:

Hey Paaan, I wanted to ask what compound you used for this WRX?, I have a sti in black and have minor swirl marks.

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