Top 5 Car Detailing Products (Chemical Guys – Exterior)

My top five picks for everyday car detailing. This is the stuff that actually works! Enjoy!

Here’s the list of all of the products I talk about:

Orange Degreaser:

Wheel Cleaner:

Wheel Brush:

Mr. Pink:

Foam Cannon:


Tire Applicator:

Butter Wet Wax:

Hand Wax Applicator:

Wax Buffing Pad:

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MikeEM1 says:

There’s so many better products than what’s listed on here in the detail world, and cheaper. Meguair’s Super Degreaser, Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener, Collinite 845 is far better than Butter Wet wax, CarPro Perl, too many soaps to name better than Mr. Pink. Glossworkz is the best soap from CG. Don’t bother with any other of their soaps.

Aaron G says:

Have you ever used auto finesse?

jrzez says:

Been using Wolfgang products on the paint for some time now, great shine and it lasts. Their swirl and scratch remover is magic with a DA. How long does the chem guys stuff last now as the last time i used their stuff it had no staying power. Interior, I use 303 aerospace. Was introduced to it from someone who is a porsche guy who manages a white water rafting business. He said he used it once he found out disney world used it on their rafts and stuff as it dramatically increased their life from fading and cracking and used it on theirs with the same results. His porsche is pretty old and the interior is matte, nongreasy, and like new looking after nearly 3 decades. I used 303 for years now and it is fantastic. Not greasy, you can use a can of compressed air or microfiber to do some maintenance dusting, and it lasts.

MaddenGamers says:

super helpful video. what’s your take on hybrid v7? and is there anything else you like on black cars?

stoney139 says:

EXCELLENT video Ty!!! Don’t pay much attention to any of the nay sayers. Competent straight to the point delivery. Keep doing what your doing and willing to learn. I love seeing and being around young folks being productive.

JohnRocker340 says:

Problem with butter wax is no durability. What you want is first a sealant my go to is Wolfgang 3.0 followed the next day with a coat of Collinite 476. Your good to go for 6 months or more, especially if you hit the paint with a spray wax detailer after washes. I’ve been detailing cars for over 30 years.

Agusto Rodriguez says:

Need to make a video on detailing a semi truck..

Breaking rc says:

Can you make a video comparing Adams and chemical guys?? Specifically vrp and vrt

Daniel Murray says:

Convincing. Useful info.

Haroon Mirheydari says:

Great vid bud and yes I would like to see a tutorial videos on all the products that were presented here

Kevin C says:

Adams polishes works way better than chemical guys

thetraindriver01 says:

Great vid, well done thanks 🙂

Reckk Lessvidzz says:

The butter wax is good shiiiiiiii!!!

Ťħë P'şšĭĈô ßëŋ Ĵ'ãm says:

Be sure to read Chemical Guys review on my blog before you buy. Please go to *ericreviews. com/chemical-guys-review/* Thanks, Sammie.

MaddenGamers says:

I definitely like putting products in a h2h. I would like to see hybrid v7 vs an Adam’s detail spray.

hakman239 says:

butter wet wax you don need to let it dry

Chemical Guys says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing your tips and go to products.

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