Tornador Black Cleaning Gun Part 1: Interior Detailing

Check out the 9th wonder of the world… the Tornador. This auto detailing tool will enhance your cleaning ability in a big way! The Tornador is an air gun that also can be hooked up to a solution tank in order to spray solution with compressed air. The Tornador tool revolutionizes the air gun tool with its tornado like air flow. The circular motion of the air breaks up dirt and grime more efficiently, coupled with the solution tank, cleaner can be blasted with the air, amplifying your cleaning power! The tornador black cleaning gun is a must have for professional detailers and serious do-it yourselfers alike! To get yours, use these links!

The Tornador:

Air Compressor with Hose and Accessories:

Purple Power Degreaser:


Johnny Flores says:

10 minutes in n still no demo, just blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Now I don’t care what it does or what it is, bye felicia.

Marty Baker says:

Would be watchable if not for the constant saying of “Om”.

Nausheen Zubair says:

I am sorry, I don’t have that much patience. It’s a very long video.


Look man I have plenty experience with this tool and I always look how people try to explain detailing they are such a f****** idiot you have no idea start to finish and I could tell

Puppet Master says:

If i was paying you 30 to 45$ an hour and saw you talking as much as you do making a video , I would throw you off my property so fast. That why your paranoid always looking for the owner… You mean you got your masters on bullshitting around talking. Just goving you a hard time. You did a good job. Keep it up the more videos you make the less talking you will do. Good luck

daniel Laswell says:

Where u get that tornado gun and how does it work do I need an air compressor

joew94th says:

Less talk, more demo.

Richelle Lea says:

Can you use this inside of your house because I wanna do this to my stairs???

Brandozabr says:

No wonder you detail cars, there were 7 Wonders of the World. But the cleaning tool is cool!

Jeremey Ware says:

talk way to much

Beth Haymes says:

Video starts 14:15

None of Your business says:

How does the water come out again?

Nk Uk says:

waste of time

Chris Moody says:

Need to lay off the weed. That dry cough is a dead give away.

Troy Nall says:

Dude… You must like to hear yourself talk.

Brent Thompson says:

I own one and they are absolutely amazing I use it on everything depends on what your doing depends on what solution I use

theonlyonegrimey says:

LMFAO guess u don’t know wat to do with ur hands lol u look like Ricky Bobby

Peter Igwilo says:

Choking on saliva and smacking his tongue like a ho

Panty Thief says:



He’s talking a lot because he actually know how to explain how to use the product correctly. I thought it was perfect explanation on how to use the tool in a lot of situations. Good vid

rdg091 says:

Waisted my time didn’t show me much

Michael Kolbe says:

Get to the point

james wells says:

Thanks for the tutorial, just got mine a few days ago ,but I still haven’t tried it yet , been to busy


2 minutes of good info and 26 minutes of HIM living to hear himself talk!!?

Turq Qunox says:


E Galindo says:

Good video. Don’t worry about the assholes who only have negative comments.

Skiffe lati says:

I bought one of those car cleaning gun from Fochutech through amazon-I don’t if it’s fake but not working as seen on this video .Fochutech High Pressure Car Cleaning.

leroy jenkins says:

Shut the fuck up and show it

Eric Liss says:

As a suggestion for future videos you should re-format and edit how they are presented. Have an under one minute intro then show the product being used and lastly go into the details and specifics of the tools usage. This will satisfy both types of viewers; The inpatient get to the point type and also people that want all the details.

Nicholas Ooten says:

You talk to much and explain way too much irrelevant details..more work and less talking is always a success comment..more people would view your channel and videos. May be a little harsh but true. Shorten the explanation and show more work and finished results! Goodluck man..forwarded over half your video. Not being a troll, suggesting from experience.

The Silver Load says:

When it’s hot it works better but this dosnt get hot it room temperature WTF

tugboat patriot says:

Thank you…!! Oh my god. Sorry dude. Don’t mean to complain…(but I am!), I want to see the tool work NOT a dissertation…

Randy Weimer says:

Less talk and show more on interiors


And your your other mistake is you didn’t go to your local store to buy a bigger air compressor

Nicholas Ooten says:

The POINT of the video is to be a product review..not a step by step on how to clean your car..if I’m not mistaken. Great job, but sometimes less is more. Just my opinion.

Mark Robinson says:

I bought a cheap Chinese knock off advertised on Pinterest. It looks like yours. It took forever to arrive and zero instructions. Look before you leap. Haven’t tried it yet but prepared for disappointment. Thank’s for the tips.

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