Tornador Cleaning Gun: Black Edition part 1

See Darren as he reviews the Tornador Cleaning gun black edition out on location as he demonstrates the Tornador Black Z-020 on this floor mat out of a dirty Lexus.


elektrinis says:

Main question:
1. Cost of new mats?
2. Cost of gadgets and chemicals used, plus time wasted?

Ramon Rivera says:

bla bla bla bla bla and more f bla

Настасья Лис says:

Nice tornador here for about 50$ –

Brandon Rains says:

Or buy new mats…

Kyle Morris says:

Power wash the mats then use a wet vac to suck out the dirt. I have a tornado and was great on dash etc but crap for upholstery.

Mac Hippy says:


dipac alypse says:

I dont get it. . .so now you have a carpet full of cleaner (and dirt) and you just leave it to dry?
how is this different from just spraying the cleaner from spray bottle? its just more air with the tornador right? what am I missing here?!
side note, the air from a aircompressor will contain small amout of OIL! so now you have oil in the carpet. . . unless you use a filter that is. . .like car painters do. . .

John Gabriel says:

To all those PROS who power wash floor mats and are negative on the video here, I question you : Do you power wash the interior of a car too? The seats, the trunk, the carpets??? This is merely a demonstration on the Tornador ability to clean a carpet with the help of cleaning solutions. And the tool is amazing. Thanks Darren for a great video. If you are strictly cleaning floor mats maybe power washing speeds up the process, but how about DETAILING the car overall. Tornador is a very useful tool people!!!

Taylor Mobile Detail says:

I use a vapor chief steamer works very good

Humberto Beto says:

Where can I buy one

David Seeger says:

takes to long, hit them with a buffer that has an interior brush, vac, and done..

trash panda says:

question… I have and love that vac. Where did you get the long hose?

Jordan Tepen says:

How does this compare to using a rental carpet shampooer like a Rug Dr? Does it clean as well? Better? Does it leave the carpet drier?

diyarizona says:


Youtube User says:

I always wonder, if anyone can answer, what does the air suppresor connect to exactly?

Rodney Johnson says:

what size compressor you use

Kristof says:

Just use the power washer. Done in 5 min.

AG Productions says:

what size compressor do i need?

M Smith says:

What’s the psi need it to use the gun?

Al Lovinggood says:

Love the video but you don’t ‘pre-vacuum’. You vacuum.
It’s like ‘pre-heating’ your oven. All you’re doing is heating your oven. No different than ‘pre-boarding’ a plane. You’re still boarding.
ref: George Carlin.


Josh Pierce says:

In my detail shop we use purple power in a pump sprayer and spray them down, wait 5 minutes and then power wash them. Takes 1/4 of the time and they turn out looking brand new almost every time. To each there own but it is highly effective for us without the added time or expense for another piece of equipment

Tabatha Creedence says:

Fetish: 1. a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. 2. an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.

Cesare Cheba says:

Pretty sure thats not how your supposed to use that

Humberto Beto says:

Where did you get it at ?

Cigan Ovidiu says:

kaka maka…too much bla bla

Gavin Betts says:

Best way to clean these is to use a tfr film remover or all purpose cleaner like autoglym clean all very good and pressure wash them much quicker and easier and better use wet vac to get worst of the water out and air dry black mats dye them

Drumming Tee says:

The key question for this device is how powerful of an air compressor do you need to run it?

Bitlis 13 says:

he used it wrong

Dallen Helmer says:

How does this work at removing deep sand in carpets? As of now I blow the sand out with compressed air but it makes the sand go everywhere and in my eyes.

bobl78 says:

and where goes the dirt ? Were is it after everything is clean ?

Dean Pierce says:

Just pressure wash and vaccume

Jim Cole says:

There’s easier ways and less time to get good results

Gregory Hines says:

great video. what shop vac do you use in this video

Rodolfo Almanza says:

I like the video but just get to the point to much talking

Morten says:

Need to ask by learning: Doesn’t the Super Degreaser stay in the mats when it drying, since you actually can’t get all of it out with the microfiber cloth? I’m using Meg Apc or SD, brus and water so the chemicals are getting away. Then drying them with a microfiber cloth and hengs the up.

Jamesbond 007 says:

Darren what compressor you recommend for mobile

hogsandsooners says:

If you use an oil-type compressor, you will cut down significantly on noise.

Albert Meza Jr says:

Pre-vac, pre treat, light agitation, extract takes 10 minutes tops. Much less labor intensive.

Andrew Chandler says:

Do you have anything on being more efficient with extension cords? Mine always seem to get wadded on job sites and takes forever to untangle. Have you tried extension cord reels?

RMU550 says:

And that’s why you get rubber floor mats


can you use the tornador with a 6 gallon compressor?

Gilbert Navarez says:

U r way overworking bro. Show Finish Det. here !

Tracie Tackett says: why not try using a pressure washer?

H J says:

I like gadgets as much as the next guy but this one? I just don’t get the point of what it is actually used for or what other tool it could possibly replace to make life easier. I just don’t get it!

thadhoward says:

what kind of air compressor are you using????

jing wang says:

useless thing

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