Turtle Wax Foaming Interior Car Cleaner – Interior1 upholstery & carpet cleaner review

“Turtle Wax Interior 1 Cleaner 400ml
The Turtle Wax Interior 1 Cleaner is designed to be used on all all automotive fabrics, carpets and vinyls in your car. It is perfect for emergency stain removal and has an added ‘odour out’, which destroys odours on contact. The integrated brush ensures a complete and thorough clean and it has anti-bacterial properties. It is also a ‘dry foam’ and will not leave the surface damp. It can be used as a spot cleaner for removing spills and accidents, or for a full interior valet.”

Turtle Wax Interior1 upholstery and carpet cleaner

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Muhammad Abdullah Qazi says:

It work like disposable Product means it clean well maintained interior to save time but cannot used on super Dirty.

I have used similar Blue coral product in past it has more Gas in can which don’t make that last long

luke hooper says:

i use the simoniz one 2 quid in wilkinsons does a decent job

Graham Reid says:

Really Really looking forward to the foam pad comparison 🙂

Zain K says:

Haven’t properly got into fabric cleaning however my dad did buy a bottle of chemical guys I think it’s called ‘lightning fast stain extractor’. Tried this on a car he was selling and it managed to remove stains off the seat. I used a tooth brush to agitate it in before wiping it off. Might this it a go on my part leather seats. Would seal it in with gtechniq smart fabric

James O neill says:

Great off the cuff vid mate

PixelVogue says:

Bloody hell I got a can of this since 2004 or something, lasts forever.

steven jones says:

Hi,i have used this for a while myself to be honest,it is good stuff for saving time instead of getting the hydro vac for the seats etc,i use it on my floor mats and seats,also cleaned my pedals with it as well for that original look.

calumknapper says:

Yes a proper shampoo review !!

hakman239 says:

So can we bin out apc then lol

Paul Carpenter says:

Wandering around Gifi in my local town of Agen in SW France last week and what do I find? This product but at €12.50 a can I left it on the shelf

Gábor Bérczi says:

This stuff worked remarkably well for me, but is just way too expensive. The advantage of using it is that 1. you don’t have to mess with dilution ratios, 2. you don’t have to scrub the surface to get it foam, and 3. it offers a far superior and far more even coverage than if you’d just spray the surface with a solution. However,  in terms of economy, it just can’t compete with concentrates, which also allow you to raise/lower the actual dilution ratio, depending on the level of contamination, on the color of the fabric, and on how much liquid the latter tends to “swallow”. Also, too much waste (spray can, plastic parts, etc – even though some of them might be partially recyclable) for the product/results.

Klasse Act says:

Never expected to see a product from TW reviewed here, LOL. They have been a sponsor on Petrolicious and incorporated their product into the featured car but I swear after a couple negative comments by myself they stopped doing this on the featured car…THANK GOD! 0% of the owners of these cars use TW on their cars, take it to the bank!

8803surri says:

Good stuff. Look forward to seeing the shampoo and snowfoam comparisons

Jan-Roger Kviteberg says:

i hope your testing Britemax Puremax! that shampo is just pure porn <3

Janne says:

Wondering what Halfords stuff we see next…mabbe Turtle wax whole range?

LOUi DC5 FL says:

I use a cheap carplan one similar stuff but cheaper does the job use it once every couple of months to keep the carpets and mats nice and clean

Graeme McArthur says:

Great video Jon, looking forward to your review on shampoo, foam & pads

john jackson says:

Great job mate

Adam Perrett says:

Nice short for a Sunday afternoon Jon. Thank you.

Paul Carpenter says:

Always seem to have had something similar knocking about which you find at the back of the boot or in the bottom of a cupboard. At the moment I seem to have two, a Simoniz and a French one the name of which escapes me. Neither have a brush so I just use a nail brush. We also have foaming carpet shampoo in spray form , 1001 or Vanish, in the house to clean the stains the cats make when they eat something wriggly on the carpet and leave blood and guts stains behind. As you say, good stuff for quick tidy ups. Reminds me I need to clean the seats in the daily.

Rick Robinson says:

I use this and their Carpet cleaner all the time. I hit bad spots with Folex, brush in, blot out, then follow up with the TW, dry, and vacuum…. Leaves a nice fresh scent/good cleaning power.

Christopher Taff says:

I rate this stuff too. But the brush tends to fly off the can top. Now i just ditch the lid brush and use my own.

Looking forward to the pad review. I nearly went for a big set of LC hybrid force this week but found nowhere with the orange left.
Please when u do the test, try them on ur flex and rotary too so see how they hold up to some hard work.

ecolyn says:

Very nice that you review some of the “easy to use” solutions as well, and Turtle have been on the market for years

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Sometimes the simple stuff is the good stuff

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