Turtle Wax Max Power Car Wash Review and Test Results

A big thanks goes to Ken and Turtle Wax for sending this to me!
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Yunanto Widjaja says:

just wondering if you go to Level 2 aggressive or 3 extreme, is it too strong that it’ll strip your existing wax?

Evan Myers says:

wait.. so 9 oz of soap per gallon to “strip” wax? crazy

João Mendes says:

Finally a review! Miss videos on this channel soooo much.

justin M says:


Drey350z Jones says:

Happy New Years to you & glad to see you back making videos. You forgot to rate this product. 0 to 10 what do you give it. Thanks.

tom martin says:

Where do you get grit guards? thank you

Deborah Karlin says:

My 2004 Honda Civic got either lime or calcium stain from a leak in an overpass walkway at work would this remove it? what can I use to remove the stain from my hood?? any suggestions??

Log Home says:

How is this wash with dark/black cars? I’ve heard that it leaves spots on dark cars.

Aaron says:

engine bay clean on the 370z hahah. I am so keen for this one to come up mate.

The Collector says:

I wish every company put the levels of strength on their car wash soaps. I might have to pick some of this up in the near future.

eric gonzales says:

When is this product coming out to Walmart

gotenks 123 says:

another great video.. I recently found your channel and have been watching the crap out of it…. Keep it up its getting me through winter… have to admit I’m a bit jealous cause love turtle wax products that’s about all I’ve used since I started driving and maintaining a car I would like to know how easy/hard it is to remove wax with that though

Ninjamaag says:

Seems like it, and for my idea my dad only uses capful of soap for whole bucket, this stuff on sale at Walmart right now

phillip arsenault says:

Great job man hope to see more

Collared Greens says:

I use Rain-x on tree sap… it’s amazing!

Randy Guncoro says:

Go try chemicalguys

Genti Dauti says:

your car isn’t even dirty

Josh B says:

being in an apartment i used an old bug sprayer bottle and got some zip wax and added water and am able to get 1 panel at a time before having to pull the trigger back haha (life hack)

George Espinoza says:

by lawnmowers they mean Honda’s

Tx Trapper says:

Less talk and more action please.


Bilal says:


Rafael B says:

you should try the new griots garage car wash. it’s available at Auto zone

eric gonzales says:

Is there an email I can reach u at I had a question about cleaning the plastic panels

Daniel Hagerty says:

It didn’t show you ACTUALLY washing the car

Aric Beemer says:

Do you need to use xtreme for tar spots? I all ways think I get my car clean, and I get ready to dry it and I find tar stuck on.

Jr Hailstorm says:

we just got it in today and I bought the first one..I can’t wait to try it out on my rocker panels..they need it badly..

Ninjamaag says:

Way better than rainx car wash?

Skibble Dazzle says:

Happy New Year buddy. always enjoy watching your vids, so honest and original

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