Walmart Clean Series Car Wash Review

In this video I will go over what the next 9 car wash soaps we will be doing reviews on and they all come from Walmart.
MTM Foam Cannon I use
Lambs wool wash pad
Microfiber drying towel the best you can buy


CarWash Crazy says:

Well I think it is a good idea to test the cheaper products. Unfortunately I don’t have access to all these products because I don’t live in the US but I’ll be waiting for the reviews.

jacob thornton says:

Good videos on the Wal-Mart clean series….Gives a person a good idea on what to use and what to stay away from…..Keepum coming!!

Ryan Gallegos says:

I really enjoyed watching your videos! Keep making them please..

Terry Owens says:

Great idea to review soaps almost everyone has access too.

Healthy & Yummy says:

It’s awesome.It will be more helpful for me to choose a best one in walmart.if it is possibe please also include wax and quick detailer products also.. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the review, save money on the correct product

Himawan Wite says:

I’m wait for some review like nu finish cause have that in my country.. Can’t wait hahaha

Bradley Nilsen says:

Add Mothers California Gold Wash & Wax into this I’ve found it to actually be a fairly decent soap. Pretty sure they have it at most walmarts.

Candisa says:

I think you’re going in the right direction: standardised reviews, a somewhat systematic upload schedule, content you’re passionate about and is helpful to a lot of people…
The content and production quality are definitely not holding you back.

My few tips:
– It seems like you have multiple channels with mainly the same content. It would be less confusing and generating more views and subscribers if you’d put all the detailing related videos on 1 channel with a channel name that is easy to remember.
– Set up that channel properly, have an accurate description, make playlists (f.e.: “Chemical Guys shampoos”, “Water saving washes”…), make a channel intro video…

任峰 Billy CHENG 鄭 says:

I hope you can rank these 9 products from better to worse after the test finished for our reference. Thank you so much.

Danny Castro says:

loved the video man! got my sub!

Joe Thompson says:

can you try a soap by

Pullum Purna says:

like your video. keep doing them

yoster77 says:

Great series. There is however one particular soap from wal-mart that I don’t see on this list but I believe shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s Armor All’s “non wax” version (similar to Meguiar’s Gold Class vs their Wash n Wax”.) The name of the product is “Armor All Car Wash Concentrated Liquid.” The product number on amazon (so you can see a pic) is 25464. PLEASE check it out if you can as I’m very interested in your review. My personal experience is that it foams a LOT from the foam gun (using 3oz to about 12oz water.) The slickness is a medium. Not a bad product in my mind – POSSIBLY contending against Gold Class. Amazon also shows stellar reviews of it and I would really really like your take on it!!

edit – this one specifically:

cody ross says:

You inspired me to buy a pressure washer and all supplies and I’m not cleaning cars for people. I’m also using chemical guys gloss works. Thank you and please keep making these videos!

Joshua Anderson says:

I will be looking forward to this

d tasca says:

Hi Russell thank you for the car shampoo series.

Just a thought – since your channel is called ‘9th Gen Accord’ can you provide an opinion of the car with respect to drivability, reliability, value and any other metric you may wish to cover.
I have the a ’13 6spd manual sport model that I believe to be the best all-around car that I have owned. Just wondering if you feel the same about your Accord.

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