Walmart Clean Series review of Blue Coral High Foam car wash Concentrate car soap

In this video I will review Blue Coral High Foam car wash Concentrate car soap. We will look at how it performs in a MTM foam cannon and how it performs in a bucket wash.
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Steve Johnson says:

Pretty thin

11:3 west says:

I have the blue coral stuff all i need is the car, the house with a driveway and the foam gun..nice

Grant l says:

can u add In wheel cleaning?

Jean Offret says:

Welp this brings me to almost a conclusion.
If the Manufacture tells you that the soap can be used in a foam gun then there’s that.
So by watching this this soap is a waste of time. All the way around as far as using it in a foam gun.

Derrick J says:

cheapest shit eva here

CheW BaCCa says:

Also. You use Adams Sealant on your car? You say it lasts about 8 months? How often are you washing that?

Brendan Mccabe says:

I’ve used this when I was dead ass broke I’d rather use this than have a dirty car

Mark B6750 says:

You need to try it again with a stronger dilution, if your pressure washer is 2.0 gpm or more you need to increase the dilution ratio

E.Y AL Kaabi says:

Nice video

Austin Stahl says:

It’s 4 dollars for that soap in a 100 ounce jug. Therefore 4 ounces to foam would only be 20 cents.

yoster77 says:

It’s more like froth, not foam LOL. Glad to see you got these results to be honest – I experienced the same thing when I tried it and have always been curious if a higher PSI pressure washer (like yours, mine is electric) would help it at all. Apparently not lol.

I also personally think it wasn’t the soap that removed your non bonded contaminants. I thank simple water for that in this case.

Joe Luis says:

You should review Dollar Tree Car Wash Soap & Wax

R says:

let’s work on editing these videos down to 5-7 minutes. mmmmkay?

Kelly Gorman says:

Try the Blue Coral wash and wax. It costs the same at the same store and it has slickness to it, maybe a newer product?

Steve Lawrence says:

Scott over at Dallas Paint Correction & Auto Detailing says its fine does a good job.and when showing the results you concentrated on the wheel on the side where it had ran out out of foam which invalidates this trial completely. I’m off to watch scotts vids.

3N4C72B1G says:

I have been using this auto shampoo for over 15 years. It kept my paint as shiny as new.
I wash by hand.
Author, learn to wash the car by hand properly. You have made some serious mistakes.
Your video was biased. You were trying to justify your internal schema “a product is only as good as its price”.

J Coz says:

This soap is great for the money, even if you get the big size, it wont remove all the wax and road film, but it works pretty good.

CheW BaCCa says:

Shame you guys don`t have a wash called CT18 in the states. It is unreal, strong, fairly friendly on protection, biodegradable. Comes in a gel in a 5L bottle. You need about 1 cap per bucket.
You will probably also fall over at our prices. I got these from a cheap auto store website.
Meguiars Ultimate Wash And Wash, 1.42L $32.99
Meguiars Gold Class 1.9L $30.00
Mother Wash And Wax 1.9L $32.99
This is at the cheap store. Most places you can add another 3-4 dollars on this. Hence why i buy Chemical Guys gallon for $70, last me over over 3 years, works out insanely cheap!

d tasca says:

Hi Russell
Seeing how you were wearing a Garry Dean shirt have you ever considered testing his soap?

hakman239 says:

I have a 1995 nova 1 pressure washer that makes 1500 psi of pressure by the has a flow rate of 12.5lpm or 3.3 us gpm will that still make thick foam has quite a lot of power also have a smaller 1600psi pressure from Bosch


my car stays dusty. but i keep it washed once a week. i just cant believe ive put on over 12k miles in just 3 months!

theonekninek75230k says:

Gotta bump the remaining back 1 week, and try RainX Wash&Wax this weekend. Please! Its new at Walmart.

Alan Holmes says:

This stuff is dirt cheap and it is effective when used in the right amount. 8oz in a bucket after using 4-6oz in a foam cannon will get you all clean. Again it’s good for what it is, dirt cheap, readily available everywhere and it’s still cheaper than Adam’s or Chemical Guys.

Arkansas Mudder says:

it Does Very Good on my car

05briseno says:

Make a video on proper drying vehicles

Vladimir Rodriguez says:

How did the Chemial Guys Jet Seal hold up?

DrDennis77 says:

Will this soap strip my $$ Zymol Ti Glaze.? Zymol Clear Bathe is too expensive and their other wax I think strips wax?? What 2-3 are good non-waxing stripping shampoo’s. Thx

Beardman56 says:

I think I remember seeing black magic in your lineup. I honestly think it’s even worse than the blue coral stuff.

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