WASHING YOUR CAR? – Product Review Part 2 HYDROJET

In this Product Review installment, Jackie gets his hands on the very popular HYDROJET!

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MrGuy136 says:

Any chance of a Mazda 3 2015 review??

EastRide Fixed says:

hi jackie

Ibrahim Arip says:

i still wonder what is your personal car hmmm

Hyaku Shiki says:


SSBMA1994 says:

How much does it cost? Please reply because im interested

Sushil Rai says:

can you get a hold onto a modified Cs3 ? i really want to see a review on a modded Cs3 instead of just seeing videos of modified cs3’s just driving around… thanks dude

Wen Xuan Chiok says:

Washing cars the manual way with cloth and pail is chore.. especially with a high SUV like the harrier. I’ll always struggle to reach and clean the roof thoroughly. With the HydroJet I can save both water and time with ease! It could also come in handy for other household chores and even bathing my cat!

Javier Ng says:

Hey Jackie,I’m just wondering if this is your personal car

Lim Jian Chen says:

I’ve commented on your website,but when I refresh the page,I dont see my comment.Is it normal to be like that?

Hiltzy says:

Review the Toyota Harrier pls

Dickson Lai says:

3 cars to wash and my dad hate to go and queue in the car wash bay in the petrol station so i think this hydrojet come in handy.

Dany says:

Nice setup, i wonder if they sell this in North America? This may be an alternative option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4zvewZL-F4

LazyTamago says:

How many 20 cents you need to fill 35L?

meub says:

Review the borsch one!!

harmann woottun says:

Hey man, really enjoying your videos… Can you review an Accord euro r or an Avensis 04-09?? Thanks buddy

Muhammad Saryunus says:

Review the hafei minz

Mark Martin Chua says:

Volkswagen Touareg review please!

Tabby Black says:

anymore car reviews mate?

Tay Jing heng says:

Jackie, Can you review the new BMW X3 sDrive 20i

Javier Ng says:

why not review the honda jazz/fit rs

Teddy Tan says:

Jackie please do a review on the CS3.. Maybe a tuned one with aftermarket exhaust? Btw love your vids!! Keep rocking!!

Tan Yi Wei says:

I really want to win one of the hydrojet as i really want to give it to my father. He has been driving for 30 years and has never own a pressure jet before. Everytime he wants to wash his car, he have to carry 2 large pails of water down and it’s really inconvenient. Since my dad is in his mid 50s it hurts his back as well. My dad really loves his car alot that even sometimes when he see a bird shit on his car, he would use a tissue and a bottle of water to wipe off the bird shit. So with this product, it could really solve his “OCD” with his car

DallasCC VPro says:

Nowadays not many people truly spent time to wash their car, probably due to their busy lifestyle, and they can easily send it for a car wash. Hence I’m maybe the only few left who take out time to wash my car, I washed it regularly, each time around 2 to 3 hours. Without any proper equipment, the washing and afterwash like polishing definitely takes some time. Hence with this hydrojet, my job will be easier, which I look forward to. Furthermore, I have this addiction to see cars getting snowfoam-ed, it gives me a satisfy feeling. Therefore i really hope to win it!! Thank you!!

blahblahblah hahaha says:

What is the song at 0.14?

DerangedSloth555 says:

camping for new videos…

Elaine Roblox & More says:

Jacky Review the BMW M5

X_Matty_Pg 90 says:

jackie can you review the new audi suv

Zul Hitman says:

i need this jet so bad. i can fill my saving rainwater and waste water from home air conditioner to wash my car

Moses Raider says:

hey, could you please do a review on a Toyota hiace(high roof recommended)

Rajiv Ramachandran says:

Why no more updates bro?!

Aaron Loh says:

First! More review pls jack!!

Khairy Fadhly says:

omg cant believe you actually washed the dog!! HAHAHAHA

saran retnam says:

it seems like a cool product but kind of overpriced

La Eme says:

Car is okay but your rims with the arch is too high

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