Waterless car wash shootout! Chemicals Guys, Adam’s polishes and Amsoil

In this video I do a product review and shootout with three really popular waterless car wash products: Chemical Guys RTU, Adam’s Polishes Waterless Wash, and Amsoil Miracle Wash. Who do you think is best? Who will be king of waterless car washes???


brian beefe says:

missing optimum no rinse

melkysf says:

Useful if your in California drought we are on water restrictions

Gary Bennett says:

Gotta say I love Chemical Guys Ecosmart. I buy it concentrated and mix with DI water in a pump sprayer. With proper technique (straight lines, multiple folds of a plush mf) I don’t think it scratches any more or less than 2 bucket method and buffed finish is fantastic. So good I have another spray bottle mixed as a qd. Thanks for all the videos.

Pete Flynn says:

I’m not crazy about pressurized aerosol sprays. More rubbish, and perhaps shelf-life issues with losing pressure. With so many areas in the country in drought I think this approach is going to gain ground. Unfortunately, some people won’t follow directions and will ruin their paint.

ibleed1 says:

I like this video. Just sayin’

Russell Wilkins says:

I suppose in America the smell of the product and the quality of the trigger on the pressure-less products make a lot of difference when choosing which one to purchase. I find that my paintwork gets scratched from the dust and grit that is airborne and just scrapes along your panels as you drive along. Spiders make curly wurly circular scratches in paintwork overnight. This video has been awful and has a totally unrealistic outcome. If you don’t use the products how can you be a fair judge of them? In this country we have ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ water, some with lime in it and some completely devoid of anything worse than fluoride. So does the quality of the water make a difference when you are wet washing? You need some form of science to generate meaningful conclusions!

Cryptic D says:

Adams waterless wash instructions does say do not use on extremely dirty finishes, also says only use on vehicles that have been recently polished or waxed.

Pedro Correia Silva says:

Sorry, but 95% of cars have paint scratch! And they wash with water!
Waterless wash is incredible safe if correctly aplied, and gives superior shine and smothness to paint with continuous care!

ENVi - saving the world one detail at a time says:

The solid in the bottom of the chemical guys ecosmart ru is kaolin clay! Together with the carnauba wax it gives you unparalled cleaning and lubricating power and protection. The other products dont have anything “settling” or coming out of suspension as they are basically colored water. We have been detailing luxury cars for years and wouldn’t use any other waterless solution. Using an aerosol in this day in age is environmental vandalism.

heavymechanic2 says:

I use the Optimum No-Rinse car wash in a bucket and it works better than in a spray bottle. The wipe-on wipe-off cleaners are made as a detail spray and not intended for really dirty vehicles. I also have the old version of Adams and its not so great, but it does work.

Manuel Lopez says:

its clay

K.O.S. Auto Detailing Garage says:

not a fan of waterless wash!Two bucket wash is the way to go!Now if the car is clean and you want to touch it up yea go for it!

David Rintjema says:

It’s clay. Its supposed to wash, wax, and clay your car at the same time.

Tpr1634 says:

ONR and and a big red sponge either 1 bucket or a second for rinse if if really dirty, a good waffle weave and a drying agent like opti-seal and you are good to go!

wayne parris says:

I have extensive use of Ecosmart and none on the other two. I have only used Ecosmart and though I have other methods of washing, I don’t use them.
Ecosmart will not scratch and does an excellent job. Thid demo was flawed as the last step with Ecosmart is to buff off thw wax that is left behind. That was not done on this video.
The solids are a very light clay to aid in removing the dirt, this is the same clay as you use when claying the car but in a light suspension, it will not damage the paint.
Calif has been going through an extended drought and we can not afford several hundred gallons of water to wash cars when you can do just as good of a job with only a quart of water.
If you roll the towels as you wipe, you can get much more surface done with fewer towels and do it safely for your paint. I use larger towels and fold into 6parts, not 4. A lightly dirty car can be washed and buffed with 2 towels, heavy dirt can go through up to 6.
with the performance of these products, there is no reason to waste hundreds of gallons of drinking water other than you can. Not to mention the facts that it takes less time to use a waterless wash and there are no water spot issues to deal with and you can carry the product and some towels on a bag in your trunk an can clean your car anytime in only a few minutes.
Then again some people don’t highly value a clean car and would be happy to let it go months without washing but even then, that is no reason to waste all that water, regardless of the outside temp.

pedro Gonzalez says:

Ain’t trying to sell anything , but I can guarantee that if you use chemical guys waterless the righ way you won’t scratch your car !!! I’ve been using it for 3 months every week and I don’t see new scratches in my ford f150 I don’t care what people say but for a quick and good wash chemical guys waterlewss is the best period

Ian S says:

I have chemical guys product but don’t like it compared to my Garry Dean IUDJ or Optimum no rinse. The other products are much easier to use and IUDU and Juice Boost leaves behind awesome finish and protection. However regardless of what I use, I always foam bath and pressure rinse the car before using any of these products. That way it’s the least marr option and less work when cleaning. I use microfiber cloths / maybe 15 to 20 as each only gets wiped once per side. Maybe overkill but it’s fast and easy plus a low scratch option even better than 2 bucket method in my view. Love the videos – keep them coming.

Gary says:

Hi, can I wax the car after a waterless clean with just towels?
or do I need to make a real water wash before waxing the car?

rey garcia says:

Chemical guys has clay in it that why you have to shake it

Cesar D. Ortega says:

Ok let’s be real no matter if you take your car to machine car wash,hand wash,waterless or rinseless car wash it will scratch your paint it will not be equally scratch but you will scratched your paint it swirls are the main problem on every single car unless you polish your car my point is that we all products or machine wash will scratch your paint

rebelyell22 says:

Ultima is the best WW, followed by Adams.

Carlos P says:

If you don’t use these chemicals what are you doing judging????? Waterless is for the daily driven vehicles and the owner could careless about the paint etc…one of these days OSHA will be knocking on your door for using water to clean your car or everybodies car…..

mholdr says:

bogus review — none of these products are for extremely dirty cars — you said yourself the car hasn’t been washed in over 4 months!!!! thumbs down.

Roberto Rodriguez says:

Eco-Smart Waterless Wash from chemical has wax in it. Once the bottle is left untouched, all the Wax+Clay goes to the bottom. That solid “substance” you see in the bottle is the wax layer as well as the Clay Solution(Clay helps remove debris, contaminants, tar, bug splatter, brake dust, etc.). You’re suppose to shake it well before use. Now in order to use the bottle correctly, you’re suppose to spray enough onto the surface just enough to keep it wet but not make it a “dripping wet surface/Runoff” then use the microfiber towel and wipe in one direction. Once its wiped, it leaves a hazy mark onto the surface, thats the Carnauba Wax residue, you flip the microfiber towel to a clean surface and wipe the wax residue off to leave a fresh coated wax protectant layer leaving your paint protected from UV Rays & Harmful stuff. Ive been using Chemical Guys products and I’ve done tons of research. Chemical Guys & AMMO NYC never lets you down. They’re the best in the Detailing Business.


when u us the foam cannon i noticed you dont use a rag u just spray the car off. does it really come clean

Robert Bigghum says:

I am the NEW KING of water less car dry cleaning!

Andrew Montoya says:

I feel like to give these products a proper test, you should really know how the products work. you are supposed to buff out the chemical guys solution…

Oliver Lindhard says:

why is there that many dislikes on this video?

Teresa Owen says:

The reason is not just because you don’t have access to water, space, time of year (winter). The best reason is because it is eco friendly and saves tons of water.

Giuseppe Mastroieni says:

I would like to put my 2 bob opinion. The idea of a WATER – LESS wash is exactly that.. NOOOO WATER. Thats it..! Back in Australia about 10-12 years ago we had a (what we call) 10 year drought and the government put out a LAW that you could NOT wash your car in your backyard with water.. So we started to wash our cars WITHOUT…So to make it clear to everyone that the BENEFIT to this system is THAT YOU SAVE WATER..But then came the RAIN and the law was removed..So what did the owners of 20M cars do? They stared washing their cars ..you guessed it..WITH WATER. Did the owners of (example) a 745Li BMW, that costs in Australia 260,000 bucks go and get a new paint job because their car was full of scrtaches? NO they did NOT..and you guessed correctly again..because there were NO scratches. So the truth is that generally speaking WE LOVE WASHING our CARS with WATER on a saturday morning. whilst the Mrs. is out shopping with the kids……END of story.

DTR RTD says:

Should have added a 4th section with a sprayer filled with tap water. I wonder if you’d notice any difference from the different fluids vs. the physical wiping action.

J- roc says:

this would be ideal for winter use.

Foolsrule says:

should buff ecosmart after wipe

pedro Gonzalez says:

Im gonna give you a great tip…get a big 5galon buquet,soak them for 4 hours with the original dish soap Dawn the blue one use hot water not so hot put lots of soap after 3 or 4 hours, try to wash them by hand until you remove most of the dirt, then put them on the washer and use only warm air on dryyer machine and thats it!!! Dont even think about use softner and dont dry the towels with other clothes i mean it only by itsself good luck keep me post it

David Rintjema says:

The eco-smart will leave a haze of wax on the surface after you clean the surface that you have to buff off with a clean microfiber. It leaves a nice layer of protection

boost lord says:

5280 rags later waalaaaa. Clean ka

john williams says:

That EcoSmart’s the old one, it’s been reformulated and is much better now. Using enough high quality MF towels you can clean a fairly dirty car without introducing any swirls. I know because I use it. It might take me 20 towels to clean a dirty truck, but it can be done with perfect results.

Gotallofthem1 says:

So what do you do with these towels once you have used them and gunked them with all the dirt? Do you clean them and rewash, or are these 1 time use only?

Ken Dougherty says:

Disagree with most of your review.  Have had great luck with Chemical Guys and highly recommend.  Agree, that it is not for the very dirty car.

tim greg says:

you’d use your fortune using these for whole car

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