Waterless Car Wash Tutorial !!

Everything you need to know about a waterless car wash! In this video, you’ll get a step by step tutorial on how to use waterless car wash products. It’s very simple if you have the right technique and the proper tools. Essentially, a waterless car wash is a complete detailing product in a bottle! Clean, shine and protect your vehicle’s paint with one easy application!

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Why use a waterless car wash?
Many states and countries around the world are restricting water use. Using this type of product allows you to clean your car without using water.
Water might not be accessible for you to wash your car. For example if you live in an apartment building or in a house with no hose nearby. A waterless car wash solves this problem by allowing you to clean your car without using water.
Just as an eco-friendly alternative to save water and reduce your water bill.

How does a waterless car wash product work?
Once sprayed onto the surface, the product lifts and separates dirt from the surface, suspending it, allowing it to be wiped away using a quality microfiber cloth.

Does a waterless car wash product scratch the paint?
No. Thanks to lubricating agents and surfactants contained in the product, there is no danger of scratching the paint because of the lubricating agents and surfactants contained in the product, which reduce friction of the dirt, allowing the microfiber cloth to glide over the surface and pick up the dirt before it scratches the paint. Just follow the simple technique described in the video:
Make sure you work in a shaded area and that the surface is cool to the touch.
Spray the product generously on the surface.
Allow to dwell for a couple of seconds to allow the product to loosen the dirt and lift it off the surface.
Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the product in a straight line with very little pressure.
Flip the microfiber cloth on a dry side and buff off.

Can you use a waterless car wash on any surface? Yes. Waterless car wash products can be used to clean any exterior surface: paintwork, plastic trims, rubber, chrome, glass, etc.

Once the dirt is lifted off the surface, the waterless car wash shines and protects your paint using either all natural carnauba wax or a synthetic sealant (depending on which product you buy). You are able to clean, shine and protect your vehicle in minutes, all while being eco-friendly as this uses no water.

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Victor Hernandez says:

You prefer Rinseless or Waterless method Pan?

Todd Halstead says:

Great job as usual Pan!!!

Mohammad Habib says:

one years working!

Finick says:

I bought a bottle of megs UWWA and I think I’ve only used it a couple times. It just feels like it takes far too long to do, and I really don’t know if I’m just slow at it, or if that’s just how it is.

Not counting filling up a bucket with 1 gallon of water and mixing up my ONR, I can wash my entire car from start to finish in about 10 minutes. That’s including a presoak with a pump sprayer. because of the volume of product, I worry less about my towel getting saturated with dirt, although I don’t use just 1 towel, but more along the lines of 4-7.

If the car isn’t that dirty I can get away with basically one side of my towel per panel, so one towel can potentially do 4 panels.

I really WANT to like WWing, and I know they’re a different chemical formulation than a QD spray, but in all practical applications people seem to treat a WW the same way they do their QD sprays, and only use them on light dust and dirt.

I’ve seen plenty of write ups showing you can safely wash even pretty dirty cars with them, but at that point I feel like a rinseless wash would just be better suited.

WW probably just aren’t for me, and if I’m inclined to wipe my car down ever 2-3 days during nice weather with a QD spray, I don’t really see a place where a WW feels “useful.”

HitmanAtM16 says:

I highly recommend you try out Carpro Ech2o. Its hands down the best waterless wash I’ve ever used, plus it has some SiO2 in it to leave behind a layer of protection. You can use it as a waterless, rinse less, and detail spray (it comes concentrated, so you dilute based on what you need).

TheBaz568 says:

Waterless washes are awesome, especially in the winter where you dont want to bring out the bucket, pressure washer etc because its cold and the car gets dirty quickly on the road. The only problem is that you ruin your microfiber towels.

bekir kurt says:

o n r is a much safer better and efficient way to clean the car with only a gallon of distilled water and 1 oz onr concentrate with multible quality towels in my opinion specially if you pre treat the area with spray bottle using the solution you just made to clean the car also if you fold your towel twice and use a clean side of the towel each time much more efficient a lot cheaper and much more safer to clear coat imo best option to people dont have access to hose
what do you think about this mr pan ?

Sarmad Qureshi says:

Is it ok to use on glass ? Like a panoramic roof ?

François BILOUNGA says:

Super !

Melissa Allen says:

Helpful video. Just bought a new car and I tend to baby the luxury models. I got here while researching waterless car wash products. Seems to be a great alternative for times in between regular washes. I cannot wash my car in my community’s lot.

Ishan Achar says:

If you could do this on a dirty black car, that would be great!

Tyrone Cage says:

does works well with old rusty cars?

Gotallofthem1 says:

Pan, you have other guys here who when after making a pass/swipe will switch to a new side of the towel. Yet in this video you did “half” the hood with the “Same side” of the towel?

Does this not Scratch the paint or at least have a higher probability of scratching the paint, considering after the first swipe, the towel now has dirt/dust in it and you are using that same soiled side to make another swipe?


Marcelo Martinez says:

love the channel, congratulations

Lynda M. West says:

For the car in your video, how many towels did you use? How many has been the most number of towels you have used on one car? Are the towels washable? If so, how many washings do they get?

Thank you. I love your video training.

Edwin Stewart says:

This technique is the equivalent of a Window Washer using a squeegee on a window, except the micro-fiber towel acts as the squeegee.

I tried this technique to get dirt of my car that had built up for a few days and after it rained. It works very well as long as you have the proper towels. There are various thicknesses to these micro-fiber towels, use the “thicker” one for the best results. 🙂

Ali Kerai says:

Hi Pan, great video and great advice. I have been wanting to ask you when you do paint correction/polishing and if you have a transparent bra on the hood and film cover on the sideview mirrors are there any dos and donts that need to be followed or you just compound or polish and wax as you would in the paint surface without the film?

Brien Golden says:

Good video Pan! I may have mentioned that I live in Ohio and obviously the temperatures can be a bit harsh to be outside to wash my cars since i dont have a heated garage. What brand would be ideal to use for my personal vehicles?

Also, are you gonna do a video on washing your vehicle at a service bay when a person doesn’t (like myself) have a properly heated and drain med built garage? Thanks again Pan! #awesomeContent

Rachel Rookshire says:

Pam, I figured you were British! You have an awesome accent! Hello from Dallas, Texas! 🙂

DemonClaw says:

Wait.. some states/places don’t allow, to clean cars with water?? Wha..

steven keene says:

Is there a big difference between a quick detailer and waterless wash ?

Simply Tuned says:

Problem with this is you can’t get in areas like the wheel wells and grill and in all the crevices like you can with water. But this will be a big help for me this winter

Jai Patel says:

Great advice and material, much appreciated Pan. Do you have any tips on how to make and edit videos for your website and/or social media account? I mean with music editing, your businesses official logo, etc

bingster 223 says:

I know im a little late but I just started waterless and rinseless washing about 2 months ago. I use 3 products from Mckee’s 37 1. Waterless wash n go concentrate 2. Rinseless Wash and Wax also a concentrate 3. N-914. All 3 work great they also can be diluted with distilled water and make 3 to 5 different products like detail spray and spray on wax, claybar lubricant give them a try. I also use 2 to 10 towels depending on the dirt on the car for the wash or dirt removal, and 1 or 2 separate plush towels for the buffing.

specholy says:

Hey Pan. What about if the car has a rag top? How would you go about the waterless system in this case?

Fernando Pabon says:

would this type of wash be better as a quick wash rather than a detail ex clay bar and wax/polish?

Keon YungStunna says:

What if I use a pressure washer to wash off excess dirt would it make a significant difference? Where I live I can’t mess up the road with the car shampoo etc?

Dennis Pena says:

Wait how about the car windows? do you use a squeegee? or just water and microfiber on the windows?

Rick Smooth says:

I like your French Channel, my older sister know how to speak French

Harish Athreya says:

great video, very helpful. Wish I’d watched this before buying the Wash Wax ALL from Aero Cosmetics. Any thoughts on that product?

Brake light Warranty says:

I just tried Meguiars waterless wash on my new black car, wow it works great!

Michael Vaniyev says:

Hey Pan, how long would it take to wash a car using the waterless method, both inside and out?

Unpwnable says:

Does this work with car that has salt splash ? Like winter dirty car.

MarqueX says:

Hi Pan, I love your channel, I’m a car enthusiast and crazy about detailing my car, I wonder if this method is recommended​ for ceramic coated cars?

Enforcer says:

It has been proven that Waterless Washes scratch the hell out of paint. No way in hell would you use this on exotics such as porsche, ferrari, Bugatti. You would be Sued faster than you came in brother. So please don’t advertise Waterless Car Washing… That is plan BS.

___ ___ says:

Can you do a wax after a waterless wash

Gary Bucklin says:

Hi Pan. First time to watch you. I am a retired guy who loves to keep my two cars in great shape. Thanks keep them coming. Gary from southwest Iowa

Dr. Sudsy says:

Crazy stuff ! Don’t see much of that here. Enjoy learning new things. I like when you say Pan the other way like PAAAAAAAN the organizer!! lol that’s more fun 🙂

WhyBenA says:

great video with easy to follow steps!

TheMichael408 says:

Pan TheOrganizer will help me organize my life

Harshvir Kamoh says:

How many towels do you go through when doing a waterless wash on a car.

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