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Today, we explain the differences between waterless car wash and detail spray. Both products are essential to any detailing task, but it is important to know the differences between each product and what to use for each job. Masterson’s Car Care manufactures premium Waterless Wash & Shine and a synthetic Detail Spray to achieve perfect results on any vehicle. Wanna know the difference? Check out the video and find out! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine

Masterson’s Detail Spray

Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine is designed to clean, shine, and protect any vehicle. The waterless detailing system safely washes away dirt and grime. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine delivers a brilliant shine to all colors. Innovative eco-friendly detailing solution washes any vehicle without using a hose. Dry-wash technology encapsulates dirt and lifts grime away for a scratch-free shine. Works great on all cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and airplanes. Advanced sealant technology protects your vehicle in all seasons. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine easily removes dirt, bird droppings, brake dust, road tar, and much more. Simply spray on any vehicle and wash away dirt using a premium microfiber towel. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine delivers superior results in less time. Works great on paintwork, wheels, plastic, trim, glass, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and much more. Premium gloss enhancers create a brilliant shine and slick finish. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine cleans and protects any vehicle. Perfect for washing your car anywhere, anytime. Great for washing at the Sunday car show. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine delivers a swirl-free finish while protecting the environment. Clean your car and save the planet with Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine.

Masterson’s Detail Spray is the original detailer for a brilliant shine on all colors. The synthetic formula delivers a deep gloss and show winning shine. Masterson’s Detail Spray is the choice of detailing professionals and enthusiasts around the world. Easily removes light dirt, dust, fingerprints, road grime, bird droppings, and much more. Advanced UV solar blockers protect paintwork. The easy-to-use spray is perfect for a quick shine. Synthetic gloss enhancers take shine to the next level. Works on paintwork, wheels, trim, glass, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and much more. Masterson’s Detail Spray delivers award-winning shine in seconds. The super slick formula works great as a clay lube. Repels dirt and grime for a long-lasting shine. Great for detailing solid and metallic colors. Masterson’s Detail Spray is safe for all wax and sealant coatings. Innovative polymer cleaners lifts away dirt and grime from the surface for a scratch-free shine. Masterson’s Detail Spray is the perfect touch to finish any detail. Clean, maintain, and protect your car with Masterson’s Detail Spray.

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Michael Hollon says:

have fun stay clean and keep on detailing

Randy R says:

I love the detail spray good stuff.

Michigan Dashcam says:

I’ll probably buy both but I’m curious, I have a problem with some highly acidic berries falling on my car from a tree I park under, which would you guys recommend for wiping these berry splatters off? They look very similar to bird droppings, but they burn through the clear coat really fast so I have to wipe the car down every day.

Also, would either be safe on newly painted surfaces? I have a couple spots on the car that can’t have wax on it yet, would either of these be safe on those panels?

brandon records says:

Oh god, this is where this guy went to.

Anthony Catalano says:

Not to mention, detail spray is great for a drying aid.

Bob van Zomeren says:

Dear Greg, I like your videos so much and that’s why I want to change to Masterson’s Detailing Products. Please can you tell me how to order these products in the European Union? And is it better to throw away my Chemical Guys’ Products that I use today? Kind regards from The Netherlands.

Eduardo Sanguino says:

Wait, is he no longer with Chemical Guys? I just stumbled on to this video but have been watching Chemical Guys for about a year.

Shaki Riza says:

will it work with a heavy dirt vehicle

Ken Tsou says:

Waterless wash washes, shines and protects. There is no need for quick detailer.

wyzemann says:

I use a waterless car wash 1st and then follow up with the detail spray…amazing and long lasting results. Of course, I continue to utilize a full car wash as my main method and follow up with the former methods to save time and energy.

TheMidnightNarwhal says:

Does your detail spray acts kind off as a spray wax and quick detailer combo? Oh and can’t wait till the stuff is out in Canada

John Phelan says:

Is mastersons the same as chemical guys?

Sean The Detail Guy says:

hey that’s the guy from chemical guys

Juan Jose says:

Heyyyyyyy your the guy from chemical guys!!!

Derek Munro says:

When will you be offering it by the gallon?

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