Waterless Washing HEAVY DIRT & ROAD GRIME – Chemical Guys ECOSMART Audi Q7 DIRTY

ECOSMART RU http://www.chemicalguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=WAC_707RU&Click=18676&utm_source=Social&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=WAC_707RU

Kwazar Mercury Pro 0.5 Liter (17oz) PROFESSIONAL 360 Degree SPRAYER AND BOTTLE

Green Workhorse Microfiber Towels

The Green Solution to a Complete Auto Detail has finally arrived! The ultimate solution to washing, Waxing & Protecting any size vehicle in minutes without wasting time or water is here!

Easy to use car care ECO products that you simply spray on, gently wipe dirt and contamination away, and buff-off to a clean high-gloss shine! Clean, polish, & protect your entire vehicle without water.

EcoSMART can be used virtually anywhere, anytime, on a wet or dry surface in the sun or shade. EcoSMART is more than just a product; it’s a complete detailing system in a bottle.

EcoSMART RU -Ready To Use (our ready to use formulation) was specifically developed to be, well, ready to use. You can simply spray the product out of the bottle onto a dirty vehicle or the product can be re-diluted as desired; 1:1 or even one part product with two parts water.

Going Waterless Never Looked better!

Go Green With The World’s Leading Eco-Friendly Complete Waterless Detailing System.

EcoSMART: Formulated from the ground up, Chemical Guys EcoSMART is the first waterless detailing system of it’s kind. Once sprayed onto the surface, the unique emulsion of EcoSMART will lift and emulsify dirt away from the surface suspending it in a unique blend of hyper-surfactants, natural carnauba wax, and gentle lubricating agents. Once suspended, the variable contaminants that covered your vehicle’s beautiful finish can be safely and easily removed with the use of a soft microfiber towel.

Eco friendly and waterless auto detailing products and equipment video, learn more about the Environmentally friendly way to detail the Eco Detailing Pod. Battery Powered complete detailing system.

The Shine is Amazing! How can it do all that?
The secret behind EcoSMART is Smart-Chemistry. By developing the first Eco-Based natural carnauba emulsion and combining it with hyper efficient lubricating agents and gloss enhancers, we have engineered the first waterless system that cleans, shines, polishes and protects paint in one easy step. The high shine and deep warm color left after washing with EcoSMART is achieved from the perfect blend of natural Brazilian carnauba wax combined with a durable protective sealant.

What makes EcoSMART a complete Detailing System?

EcoSMART is not just a waterless wash, it is a complete detailing system. EcoSMART allows the user to wash, wax, and protect any surface in just one easy application. While dirt and contamination is being removed from the surface, a special combination of natural carnauba wax and synthetic sealers are giving a brilliant shine with superior protection. Utilizing the EcoSMART Detailing System allows the users to fully detail any vehicle using one amazing product giving the highest quality results in less time.

Will I scratch my vehicle without using water? — EcoSMART is designed to safely remove dirt and contamination from the surface without harming or scratching the painted surface. Advanced hyper surfactants allows the dirt to be surrounded and pulled from the surface while gentle lubricating agents allow the towel to glide effortlessly on the surface ensuring a perfect finish with a superior shine.


ArgosWarrior says:

Never wipe dirt over your paintwork regardless of what you spay onto it

Arnak D says:

Nice fresh scratches

Dan Henderson says:

No such thing as waterless wash. The solution is over 80% water based

P. Hamilton says:

I use a sandblaster on mine….50micron sand gets it clean down to the metal…without scratching !

Fis Fis says:

How long does it take to wash a vehicle in this condition waterless vs two bucket?

Christopher B says:

Hi Chemical Guys,

Is this available in the Philippines?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Richard Nua says:

This is actually harder than just giving the car a normal wash with water.

Diogenes Paula says:

What a nice way of ruining your paint job

PA TV says:

Pssst. Hey, hey you. Yeah, you. Come a little closer to the comment section on your screen. A little closer, a little closer, closer – ok, good. Want to know the best way to wash your car? Which is the least expensive and least taxing on you – you don’t even need to lift a finger. Well, want to know the secret? Well do ya?? Ok, what you do is, you park your car in the driveway or on the road near the sidewalk. Now, wait for rain! You’re welcome.

Hunter Larkin says:

Ok first of that is a boss ass spray bottle. And second that is more better on grey paint because low visible sworn marks I’ll stick to foam blaster two bucket wash

JJ JJ says:

3:43 Billy Mays in training “That’s real dirt on top of the towel” ……….

Robert B says:

Wow I love this stuff. Just got it in the mail the other day. It so easy to use. Made my stand out. Very cool.

Texas Car Nerd says:

and in the next video…

our $900 polishing kit to remove scratches.

anyone who thinks this does scratch your paint, well you really must not know what a scratch is.

Landon Siirila says:

It probably got so scratched up from this

Tim Quinn says:

Sell that sprayer to tint guys

u wot says:

0:44 I don’t care I find that satisfying.

diego florez says:

can i use wax after the waterless car wash?

blerim ll says:

this is a good product it works very well I use it all the time what I usually do is I spray the whole car then with 2 fibre clothes I go light all over the car to take the main dirt off then I’ll give a final spray with 2 other new clothes all over the body again it doesn’t scratch the car it’s very slippery it doesn’t allow you to scratch
you can use the same product for wheels to
autoglym uk is using as well especially if you live in the city it’s really handy

Landon Siirila says:

Or you could just use water

SURFER says:

That’s cool, but H20 gets all the salt off my frame, undercarriage, etc… much better. Nothing beats a pressure washer and foam cannon for getting road salt off the entire vehicle. That stuff gets in all the cracks. Need water for that.

M Thomas says:

How did you not scratch it?

Liav Elgarat says:

Need For Speed High Stakes music in the background!!!

amorbavian says:

Wow. Never seen a thread with so many comments saying the same thing.

Kannietsnap Weetnietwat says:

No thank you

Dr Chunky Biscuit says:

Wash it first & then use this stuff!

danmuss81 says:

This is just crazy, why would you drag all that dirt, grit and road grime across your paint work.. would never imagine I professional detailer to agree to this method ?

Skye13 says:

purple tights

waynerjson says:

This stuff really works. Buy lot’s of microfiber towels. Use the EcoWash  3-4 times a week, you could get by with 2. If at any point you feel your car is too dirty to use the spray wash, use a standard 2 bucket method. About once a month, clean your rims with the wheel cleaner of your choice, getting the inside of the rim also. The rest of the time, use EcoWash on the outside of your rims. All the retailers of car detailing products sell some sort of waterless wash, so it is accepted as a viable method of cleaning your car.

Saderwor says:

im sure chemicals use water

Jonathan Ritter says:

pushing dirt all over the car= scratching. anyone knows that. if not…you shouldn’t be buying these types of products

Mr_ NutZ says:

I think this is only useful on very light dust I can’t imagine using this on a dirty black car.

kelvin 5.3 5.7 Mathew V8 king says:

but does this scratch your car all of that dirt on that rag

Andrew says:

Worst thing you can do the the paint is rub the dirt into the finish. You need WATER to blast all the loose dirt off first before doing any agitation to the paint. You may not notice the damage right away as the soap probably has fillers similiar to wax that mask the swirls but eventually you will have a car that will look like you washed it with steel wool. Not to mention the most important part of winter washing is blasting out the undercariage wheel wells and all the nooks and crannies where rust starts.

Human Being says:

Ik it might cause swirls but my car is a POS anyways lmao

Altima NEO says:

So do you find yourself using a ton of towels to clean with this method?

roi3151 says:

nice and thats how you dont clean your ride kids
you just scratched the q7 genius

RadioguyJ says:

Funny how he says, “this isn’t mud, this is salt” on the vehicle. Sure looks like mud, and how much salt do you get on roads in Los Angeles, California?

greatgood5 says:

How much microfiber cloths did you need to clean the entire car? Also, was that single spray bottle enough to clean the entire thing? How much does it cost? Looks really cool!

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