West Coast Customs Car Wash Review and Test Results on my Honda Prelude

I listened to you guys and picked up a few West Coast Customs products from Walmart, I better get a thumbs up for that!!!!
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Jon Krohn says:

Test McKee 37

Matthew Osborne says:

I really gotta go hit up my local Walmart here soon when the weather is nicer I feel like we are the last to get the newest products for 2017 lol man you guys get things so fast but anyways that’s not the point the point is I want winter to go away so I can start cleaning my car I haven’t washed it in months since last fall cause of winter oh the itch man to detail is unreal. For a cheap product it turned out alright


Are you going to try the wax they make?

Greenbutt T says:

Get on Adams already! I love their peach smell from their wash n wax or the blueberry/cherry from regular car soap. Plus pH balanced is always a plus.

LilttleM Jackson says:

they have. new car wash from Wal-Mart but idk

nissan and bass says:

it’s not bad

Scale Modeling USA says:

Its just rebranded turtle wax junk

Cristhian Gabriel says:

It passed your test so im buying and putting into my collection.

Execute Tourneys says:

whats the best car wash soap you have ever used? i need a good one

Caro Babaknia says:

I don’t know why you waste your time wasting this car this way, cars that old and cheap should just be driven though a automatic carwash


What u do for a living to afford all ur nice toys

ZyraFX says:

eager for the tire and trim shine review….for tires not so good imo but pretty good for the trim

SFG28 says:

try adams polishes love there stuff i think you would too

Daniel Espinoza says:

which do u prefer? West coast or Meguiars wax soap?

Mr Tee says:

Great vid mate. How’s the blue Honda going are you still doing it up

WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

My local walmart in in south carolina i cant believe it but this stuff is great. Its extremely lubed.
literally the soap and water it beads right away. This stuff is amazing. Best soap ive ever gotten. I wash my car twice a week and this stuff smells like blueberry jollyranchers.

eddie lewis says:

I have the same water hose

MIKE G says:

I noticed Walmart has alot of different line of products now. way more then before. good job tho

S_J_P says:

WOW 10 oz of soap!! It literally looked like you poured water in to your wash bucket.

Kevin Abla says:

Just a meguiars wash soap in a bottle branded with west coat customs

Kyle D says:

Great review my friend! Thanks for sharing.

Jonny luz says:

Amazing product

Larry Rakes says:

Hey man, I’m new here. Keep up the good work! !

N.3.F says:

Why do not use shampoo on the GT-R ؟

Hasnain Khan says:

when did u painted white ur prelude?

Supercar Bucketlist says:

You should put it in the foam cannon

Pete TheHawk says:

Clearly they don’t manufacture this line of stuff so I’d be curious as to who does. Someone is paying WCC to slap their name on it. Somebody here might know…

01redcrew says:

Have you tired adams polishes yet. Sorry I haven’t seen all your videos

Ab's Garage says:

what happened to your pressure washer?!

Lucas Aldrich says:

some of u guys r just being straight up rude with him. Like “why haven’t you done Adams yet” and “just do the freakin product already”. Yes I do sometimes ask him to review stuff BUT NOT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. ur just being rude and he’s spending his own money on a bunch of products to save u money and reviews them for u in almost every single way. Besides he has a son to take of and a family to look after, it’s not always about youtube. Just give the guy a break, he already has enough on him.

TakumiBunta86 says:

I just saw this at my local Walmart while looking for my favorite Barret Jackson wash&wax. Unfortunately, they stopped carrying it & I think that West Coast car wash product replaced it on there shelves. I thought was a new label look cuz the bottle shaped looked the same.

Victor TN says:

I saw that and had to buy it because I thought it was kinda cool to see west coast custom

nissan and bass says:

I love there products

Pee Rez says:

they have a synthetic wax have you seen it at Wal-Mart?

iLoveAnericanMuscle says:

Try any of Adams Polishes products. Grade A products along with the best SMELLING products on the market

Legend_ninja13 Hn13 says:

What happened to you foam gun?

Tpr1634 says:

Junk, all marketing.

Gavin Pickens says:

I love the smell of the product. After I use it I always go in the house and ask my woman to smash .

Zombi5oh productions says:

what is your go to soap for washing your vehicles?

CHeWy says:

Chemical Guys always seen to have a shit ton of soap in their videos. I think they actually put more soap in off camera to get the effect…

Masterson's Car Care says:

“We heard you like soap. So we put some soap in your soap so you could soap up your soap. Mad soap dawg!” – Pimp My Ride Host

Josh Steele says:

So glad I found your channel! Love the videos keep them coming! Would love to see more foam cannon action.

sam mcgowen says:

Haven’t seen that white car In awhile

Lucas Aldrich says:

I do sometimes use that car wash, it’s not my favorite but does a very good job for almost $6 at where I live. I drive a Dodge Nitro that’s all black, barely any chrome at all this really does bring that shine back into it but doesn’t long, if u put some wax on it it’ll last u about a month depending on the weather. But I’ve used this without wax and lasts only about 1 week or more (michigan weather). I would give it a solid B, it works very well but doesn’t last a long time but if u put wax on it ur good for a quite a while.

Nic Jensen says:

Great video

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