World’s Best Car Cleaner #TBT – Fifth Gear

It’s #ThrowbackThursday! Paul Dalton is the master when it comes to cleaning cars, and not just any cars. His clients pay a starting rate of £5000 with a lengthy process which even removes scratches.

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Creed Watkins says:

And he cleaned the wheels after cleaning the entire car

lapamful says:

I think my TVs actually cleaner from the inside after watching this…

ZekeMagnum says:

What fucking man calls him because a bird shit on his car lmao? Clean it off yourself

Chris Louis says:

Im highly impressed

heinz 490 says:

maybe most expen but i Japan they have the best car detailing

Richard White says:

world’s best conman…..

R. Taylor says:


GYB MNK says:

wtf, they are using sponges

LiftOrGTFO says:

How do you take your car on the road after spending 5k on a cleaning? I swear some people are dumbasses.

superpeluso1 says:

I wash my car with dish soap a ph balance garden hose ” it has to be green ” and turtle wax !! And still shines like out of the showroom

Ryan's Range Report says:

Came here just to watch all the “detailers” get triggered.

Qrazey says:

Il shine this car 100% spotless for $20

Aniket Chohan says:

tell me the best polish u use for car giving a great shine for black

Quenton Millstid says:

Who the hell imports a bucket ?

Creed Watkins says:

This nigga uses a sponge

Ludwig van Beethoven says:

Lmao what a joke, you’re suppose to do the rims first. IDIOT

Ray Martinez says:

ddo my car

Citycat Gaming says:

no fucking wonder if this dude cleanse your car it would look better than you baught it first

Allan T says:

If you could afford this car then 5k is nothing

Billy McAuliffe says:

What load of shit all that time doing it for it to get dirty and grubby and the morons with more money than sence

Long Face Crying Kim Kardashian says:


DoggoIsLife says:

What does he do if there is salt on the road, and he needs to wash the undercarrige

Jeff O says:

i never clean my car

Arsenius Vulpes says:

what a waste of resources

nassim mathieu says:

Feel graduate exclude fully survey expression pant resist electric top.

Vikturus22 says:

Larry from AMMONYC would like a word.

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