Auto Detailing Tire Degreaser: Show Car Red Degreaser Review!

Auto detailing tire degreaser is one of the most important, and frustrating parts if detailing. Without the right car degreaser cleaner, detailing tires can ruin your whole experience, and that is why I am always on the lookout for awesome auto detailing degreasers to improve my detailing world! In this video I review Show Car’s red degreaser, and show how well it works as a car tire degreaser! I have been very impressed with Show Car’s products in the past, and this product is no exception! Follow along as I show not only how I clean car tires professionally, but also what an amazing degreaser this is, and how easy it makes my world!

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Dan Fry says:

do u make money from showcar 😉 this question is not about this video, but have u ever used opti-seal?

Watch Us Live And Stuff says:

When i worked at a bodyshop i used this degreaser that i still haven’t been able to find in stores/online but i would spray all 4 tires and then come right back around with the water and it would take everything off. Brake dust included, i dont think i ever had to scrub any tires while using that degreaser.

Joey Morgan says:

McKees 37 tire and rubber rejuvenator works great as well! Just another suggestion incase you want to try another product

Jason Tubbs says:

Super Clean for me!

Miguel Aboytes says:

Make a video on how too clean black wheels pls!

Skull Tap says:

I have tried countless degreasers over the years… nothing cleans tires better than straight Super Clean. Unless this Show Car stuff is cheaper than Super Clean, it’s a pass for me. But I gotta hand it to you, it takes courage to try new stuff professionally and you are showing no signs of hesitation here. Although … my argument? Nah, I really don’t have one. Super Clean would have taken 2-3 passes too.

Alfred Hernandez says:

Super clean at 4:1 takes care of most tires, 1:1 if they’re really bad, I think super clean beats them all, especially for the price.

whosthis says:

Super clean is the shit, and if its beyond dirt that wont come off citrol

Weekend Warrior says:

Super clean Fa life!

Shell L. says:

Is there ever a situation where you would pop the hub caps off and clean the steelies underneath so the dirty rim can’t be seen? Just wondering if a customer would even notice, I doubt they care that much, but if it was me it would be a cool extra to have someone do. Cool video, I’m gonna have to try ShowCar stuff now.

wantsanewvehicle says:

what did you use on the hubcaps?

Alex Bryan says:

Luke…great vid…the show car degreaser looks like a good product…I would like to give u 2 suggestions of things to try out…multi-clean by Nanoskin…and a racatack…not sure how u spell it…lol…save those knees especially since u are cleaning wheels/tires a lot…I believe these two products u will enjoy and will save u time..and money…multi-clean by Nanoskin is $10 a gallon on and it can dilute up to 10:1

yosteve says:

You might find Eimann Fabrik Hi-Intensity Cleaner does the trick but man it’s expensive.

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