AutoZone Engine Degreaser Review – Boy This Was A Hard Review!



R says:

That stuff is worster than diabeetus

Go Trixie Go says:

Yes, previous was Gunk and foaming. Great vid but I’ll stick with your Super Clean suggestion because of the stink from the engine degreasers and it cuts down how much product I have to buy. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

Conservative America says:

O’Reilly’s is better

Jake Jake says:

I use this product all the time to clean my engine and when I detail cars, but to the best of knowledge based on the smell I would say it’s more diesel oil which I think is the best thing to clean a dirty engine.

brayan palacios says:

Why don’t you do a side by side shot? Of before and after

Sushi says:

“I gotta fix this” hahaha yesss love the honesty.

Norman Bates says:

I’ve used TIDE (the laundry soap) with good results. It cuts grease and grime, rinses clean, and the sport scent smells great.


Del says:

Hi Scott.

TejasToolMan says:

its too harsh, eats the wire loom factory tape….. but for super greasy off roaders it works amazing just dont spray seal areas….
AZ used to have an orange spray degreaser back in the days that did good, but people hated the orange smell lmao love your vids man ^^

A Round Ball says:

It’s cutting powers so good because it is karosien

omar matteotti says:

Where could I find that power washer?

Quick Sipper says:

you deserve more subscribers than you have sir.

SheepDog says:

why use a nasty petro degreaser in today’s age?
I’ve been using all natural product for decades and watched it evolve into more powerful products..

petroleum products are not good for all the engine compartment rubber and plastic components used…….
on that alone I’d say nope never gonnah use this nor the one for the other big box store…..

Jake Jake says:

Yeah I can definitely agree with you on that point.

Griffin Beesley says:

Love your attitude man. Every kid on the internet thinks they are a genius. Listen to the people who do this for a living.

Don R says:

I can tell you from experience that stuff is trash

Mark Holbrook says:

Scott, you know what you are doing. Back in the day, 44 years ago, I washed engines in the wishy wash bays, and I covered nothing. No problems except for starting old points ignition (every car made for the time and untill 1975) which was made possible by spraying with wd40. Yeah, that was new then. I really don’t care anymore about super clean engine cleanliness because I’m older and have many worse things to worry about. I would worry about the proliferation of electronic devices these days being wetted than other parts in the bay. You might have problems if they aren’t sealed from water.

Jeff Hahne says:

Would have loved to have seen an “after” vid or at least a still photograph.

ryan engle says:

I love your videos, but if you’re going to test a product, why wouldn’t you follow the directions on the product? If you agitate the product and don’t let it sit for 10mins how do we know if it works or not?

Scott Haydin says:

I have used it on my Sister in laws car. I was replacing her water pump for her and she bought a few cans of that crap because I told her that I would have to clean the engine before working on it because it was so nasty due ongoing oil leaks. It cut the light grease and grime on the upper engine compartment area, but the actual grease and sludge on the engine, it did NOTHING but create a horrible smell. I ended up getting it clean with LA AWESOME

scdotintrepid says:

Scott, I never knew you were so gangster! “Not Happy? watch something else” hahaha. Thanks for your videos. With your assistance, I have almost completed my car care arsenal.

Matthew turnbow says:

Ive used the awesome degreaser it work really good for me

Herakles says:

Was wondering – would the citrus degreaser work for engine cleaning? I know you loved it for windows and I bought some …
Was thinking it’s a degreaser right?

4G12 says:

The main active ingredient of many effective degreasers is just KOH aka potassium hydroxide, an ionic salt that when dissolved in a degreasing solution is odourless. Heck, in my part if the world Meguiars super degreaser and Super clean are hard to get and expensive, but the locally produced cheaper 4L concentrate uses the same KOH based chemistry, so I’ve had no problems so far and it has cleaned my engine bays and wheels effectively.

Why do I have a bad feeling that this product is nothing but kerosine mixed with maybe some detergents and other solvents?

Quick Sipper says:

cuts through grease and grime but leaves petroleum like substance behind which traps more dirt so you can buy more product, it’s viscous cycle!

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