Battle of the Grill Cleaners

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Jack Scalfani has been involved in the entertainment industry his whole life. Dj’ing nightclubs, Radio Disc Jockey, Artist Management and now Youtube Producer/Talent and has his own line of sauces, seasoning and beef jerky sold across America. Born and raised in Southern California, he now resides in Nashville, TN.


HYDRADO 808 says:

How often should u clean your grill?

froggie6608 says:

Jack, would you do a video on oven cleaners? I’ve tried several “cleaners”, none work very well.

ShadeTreeChef says:

Why are putting chemicals on something you cook with ? Just plain white distilled vinager or just regular cheap coffee will clean that perfectly fine. Put the grill grate inside a container similarly in size and just cover the grill grate with either the vinegar or the coffee. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone if you used a dirty cookie sheet or baking dish. Don’t put stuff on stuff you cook with or eat with that you wouldn’t eat or drink. Yeah I know people wouldn’t drink vinegar straight unless you had severe heartburn (yes it really works) but you can use it in cooking and it won’t make you sick or kill you.

Shawn Bauer says:

Just use Vinegar… Same result

Vince Bianco says:

Super clean didn’t have time to soak

rldubya82 says:

I still don’t get “Food Jack’s”.

Doomshaper1 says:

Hello, I’m a new viewer and I gotta say I love your videos.
Have you done a vid like this when it comes to oven cleaners?
I’m going to try the mean green on my Bro-in-law’s oven rack, but can it be used inside the oven on the walls?

sbeckas says:

Where is your link to *tech time* ?

Unlimitless Power says:

Dude I gotta say I’m so happy you’re still doing the you tubes cause I found you a few years and I’m subscribed to you but I found you again and it’s awesome

HYDRADO 808 says:

Thanks for the videos btw how often do u clean your grill?

Karen D. says:

Jack, have you tried Bio Cleaner sold on QVC?

Danny Spivey says:

Totally Awesome all purpose cleaner at Dollar Tree is the best that I have found to clean the grill with.

Eric L B says:

I think sos pad is best to clean grill grate

john jackson says:

You sprayed mean green heavier and rubbed it more, come on , and let them dwell longer there not spray on wipe off, love your channel

mixwell1983 says:

You should try LA awesome/totally awesome from the dollar tree. Its a bright orange container and it’s a degreaser. Im sure it’s cheaper than all these and it works well.

Michael M says:

What about good ol simple green?? i heard that was the best

S says:

In the restaurant I work at we use something called Ecolab Greaselift and it is the best chemical you can use, it strips polymerized grease off in seconds. I’ve used it in my ovens at home and they always come out looking brand new.

Pienimusta says:

Cillit Bang!

Daniel Raidt says:

You really should try a product called Totally Awesome sold at Dollar General for a buck a spray bottle, use in a ventilated area, It is not toxic.

Michael Hegreberg says:

Try simp!e green foaming, for grills. I just saw it used. Pretty slick.

Darren Gator says:

You should try Awesome you can get it at DollarTree.

Tommy Adams says:

I have seen two of his reviews the one on the purple power and the egglets he did not follow instructions so products did not work right he gave bad reviews when it was his fault. Do not trust anything he says

Donna says:

Hi Jack! Good review. Does the “green” cleaner have chemicals? I’d stick to an all natural cleaner, because the food goes directly on there. Also, after you’re done cooking meat on there, you can use a wad of foil to take off stuck on food. Enjoy your weekend!

raiderrob672 says:

Waste of time and money cleaning your grill’s. just build a good hot fire and use a grill brush….DONE!

Cooking with Jeff says:

It’s pretty irresponsible with someone with a big youtube following to misuse products, give them a negative review and then recant weeks later.

chris reumont says:

Spray 9? You sprayed 10-15 times. lol I will have to buy one of those to clean mine.

Hawker5796 says:

Very interesting Jack

Houtka86 says:

Just use a garbage bag with water and soap leave it over night next day you brush it of easy

Bruce Crossan says:

I take mine out back and spray it down with oven cleaner… works like a charm.

English Heart says:

I have a woman to clean my grill.

Red Curtis says:

The amount of sprays on the last is more than the sprays you did on the others.

XMetalMatter Rammstein says:

I would not mind using those products for my oven.

Also, try using Easy Off: BBQ.

Miguel Moreno says:

Super Clean my friend!

jeff hruska says:

Best way i have found to get the grates super clean is to put them in a big black trash liner and spray them with easy off oven cleaner then close the bag and leave it alone for 24 hours. then just hose off. Almost forgot do a burn off first and let cool and of course wear gloves when using easy off.

Reid Chase says:

But what are the active ingredients in each cleaner? Fail

Ryan Craven says:

Hey Jack what was the cost of the mean green and the purple Power?

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