Best Auto Degreaser: Super Clean, Super Degreaser, Purple Power

What is the best auto degreaser? Super clean, Meguiars super degreaser, and purple power are all trusted names in the auto detailing world, but will one come out on top when compared side by side? In this video, I compare super clean degreaser, purple power degreaser, and meguiars super degreaser on some HAMMERED CAR PAINT! As a professional auto detailer I am always looking for the “best” degreaser for car detailing, though I don’t know that one can be called the “best” for every situation. Here I compare three of my favorite degreasers that I use on a daily basis, and all of them have a special place in my arsenal! Follow along as I compare the best auto degreasers in my opinion that are on the market, and you tell me if you prefer meguiars super degreaser, super clean degreaser or purple power degreaser as the BEST AUTO DETAILING DEGREASER!!!

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Meguiar’s Super Degreaser:

Purple Power Degreaser Gallon:

Purple Power 32 Ounce:

Super Clean 32 Ounce:

Super Clean Gallon:

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Terique Gomes says:

What chemical do you use with your extractor? Do you use a degreaser?

Matthew Starling says:

What’s your thoughts on Simple Green for bug removal as well as interior detail? Have you ever compared it with the others?

Jason Tubbs says:

I prefer Super Clean. It is a very good cleaner for tires, removing bugs and also for the interior. For $9 a gallon it is a steal!

Shawn Peters says:

Clean the brush! And in thie scenario.. I think even water on the microfiber towel with zero dwell time would have taken off all the dirt… I’d rather see a comparison on the bottom sideskirts like you did with the Rapid Remover and Citrol. I don’t think this degreaser test is viable, as stated for the reason above. Maybe this test would be better done on soiled carpet/leather/cloth.

hoodgyno says:

You didn’t clean the brush .

Jody Sailor says:

I thought you weren’t supposed to use degreaser on paint because it eats the polish and paint?

Ramesys Bauza says:

Hey Luke, can I use super clean diluted 10 to 1 as a apc without damaging anything interior wise?

Edgardo Lopez says:

Hey Luke ….I have a APC that is yellow in the bottle and I was just wondering if I used food coloring just for the sake of it not looking like pee in a bottle….would it be ok to do that?

Des420 says:

They’re all good… So whatever one is cheapest and available is the best one.

Bmcb6232 says:

So can you add degreaser in your car Wash?

Justin Williams says:

Not saying purple power wasn’t easier on the trunk section but maybe running the experiment in opposite order would’ve had a different result because of the dwell time. Love the vids and have been using them for my own detailing.

Harrison and Hailey says:

I am a huge fan of purple power. But, I should say, the best to remove anything especially under the hood, I would recommend “black max”. It is the best cleaner I have found.

salvador martinez says:


Beastang 5oh says:

So let me ask you what do you think it’s the best one for the best buck?

Mario Camey says:

Hey Luke, can I use “super clean” without diluting on alloy wheels and tires? This will be only once, I buy and sell used wheels and some times they need a good cleaning.

Laserred01 says:

Not what I was expecting. Comparing degreasers and not a single greasy part used. This was more of a car wash video. Could have just used dish soap. Next time try it on something like an old engine or tx.

Brian D. says:

Comparing “Degreasers” and not actually using them on “Greasy” surfaces. That makes sense!

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