Best Degreaser For Car Tires: ZEP Degreaser Review

In this video I review ZEP’s industrial cleaner and degreaser on car tires! Tires are hard enough to clean as it is, so if there is a degreaser out there that can make my life easier as a professional auto detailer… then I want it! I am always looking for the “best degreaser” or the new degreasers and cleaners in the auto detailing world, and is there a best? Maybe not… but are there some that drastically change my detailing world? Absolutely! I am extremely impressed with ZEP’s industrial cleaner and degreaser, because when a degreaser can clean tires like this product can, it says A LOT! Follow along in this video as I demonstrate the superior cleaning power of ZEP’s awesome degreaser!

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Here is a link to the long handled scrub brush I use for wheel wells!

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Sevs Land says:

Nice, I’ve been using this on tires and engine for many many years now, very strong stuff..

PAPPY 40 says:

Love your stuff

Ripster says:

Another one…
How many mustangs do you detail?

Soviet Clutch says:

What’s a good all wheel cleaner I can dilute I don’t won’t to use meguires wheel brighter because of its toxic fumes

Eric Gonzales says:

Luke! love the videos. If you are ever in Lexington KY, Look me up. I would love to show you my mobile detailing rig.

Gq Mobile says:

I emailed you and texted you as well! Really could your help in growing my business! My email is claybreezy329@gmail

it doesn't MATTER says:

You guys have to try super clean aerosol spray, the dirt literally melts away as the foam turns to a liquid.

jordan ebbs says:

hi Luke, how do I create a logo for myself? how did you create yours?

nosilverharbinger says:

I finally tried a product I bought on Amazon last week (car guys premium wheel cleaner) on my tires.

Admittedly they are only two months old, but I got them all extremely clean with only one round of spray with no pre-watering (each spot was about two inches or so apart), some very light brushing (mainly to cover the crevices of the tire in cleaner), then I hosed it (and the brush) off after 3-4 minutes of soak time.

Have you used this product before? It seems outstanding to me. Fast and effective.

leefdog says:

Wilson Auto Detailing is back and this time it’s personal!

Jeffrey K says:

The company I work for uses Zep. I can’t stand half of their products!

Patrick Guida says:

Since you have a huge selection episode’s could you direct me to the episode where you show your basic order of doing a detail. Example: inside or outside. So you don’t have to redo or back track. Doing those tire’s last sounds right but every time?

the great Salvador says:

WAD can you do a video on how to wash and polish the roof of vehicles might scratch a vehicle do u need special ladder better angle thanks in advance

Alex915 says:

Is this degreaser more of an APC vs a caustic one? I’m just asking because of your observation of no fumes.

Troy Barnes says:

Wilson auto detail , i can’t get all of the corrosion marks off my new rims . They are aluminium. I didn’t buy the black rims either . They are chrome aluminum. I’ve tried just about everything except zep, v n water , . Help please …

Aaron 1530091 says:

Hey Luke, what your thought on synthetic clay bar like clay mitt, block and disk? It easier to use and last longer when you drop the clay bar you have to throw it away while synthetic clay can be wash and keep going.

onr detailing news says:

I did a review on this last year 505 is strong good video buddy

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