Best kitchen cleaner, LA’s Totally Awesome for safe degreasing

LA’s Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner is a cleaning miracle! It cuts through grease on stoves, granite, stainless steal and wood cabinets, and it’s only $1 at any dollar store! Plus it doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia or acid, so it’s safe to use on many household items.

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Tia LeMay says:

I haven’t watched the video yet. But is it safe to use around food? Like to clean a microwave on the inside?

Gwen Guillot says:

Wendy, what about cleaning a moldy refrigerator with it?

Dawn Richardson says:

Will it work on an oven?

ColoradoLady72 says:

Wendy, I completely agree with you on this. I have used this for years. I was curious today as to whom else uses the LA’s Totally Awesome products; and I was happy to find you. I have also found that it works great on other grease stains like lipstick. Thank you for uploading.

Caribbean Queen says:

Great tip!


is this to clean grout?

Cindy Morataya says:

Also, do you use this to clean bathroom?

Ron Bailey says:

I may need to wear a mask when I watch your videos because you take my breath away… Wow

Cindy Morataya says:

Are you able to use on granite tops? Thanks for your videos!

annie love says:

mugre cochinada despinto mi estufa y la dejo como arcoiris no lo usen porfavor.

tina sinclair says:

I have cleaned homes & commercial also. If you have blood on your carpet, best thing to clean it is SALT. YES, SALT ! put water on spot of blood on carpet. Pour table salt on top till its pulled high. Now walk away for 10 min. Then take your toe and scrape at stain, working in salt. Let dry vaccuum up salt. STAIN IS GONE!

tx2sturgis says:

Hi again….yes, I found you over on Ausia and Carolyn’s channel…now if you get back to doing clean-up videos, can you make one for glass cooktops? I have Weiman brand cleaner but maybe you have something better.

Manch Vegas says:

Great Video, short and to the point. Do you use the 50/50 dilution on everything or do some applications require using it full strength?
Thanks for the heads up for use on tubs. I think I’ll stick to “Krud Kutter” for the tub/shower since it removes the hardwater and soap scum stains.


I have heard this is very good and can be purchased at Dollar Tree. So, I went and bought a bottle. I sprayed it on my a small section of my range hood, wiped with my bounty paper towel, and it took the paint off. I’m so disappointed.

Susan Reynolds says:

I just bought this and it took my breath. Maybe I need a mask?

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