Cheap Cleaner/Degreaser

I found a cheap cleaner/degreaser for cleaning car parts called LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner so I thought I’d share it with you.


revitup says:

I also recently discovered this cleaner in my local Dollar Tree. It does work well for the price. Thanks for sharing.

Jake The Snake Productions says:

Yeah, that works pretty good, but if you use it around the house, you might notice that it leaves an annoying streak residue. Don’t use it on windows, lol, but great for the garage.

upardhan says:

thanks for sharing…i didnt get the mix ratio….did you say you mix with disiel and some other cleaner ??? if so how many parts of fluids ??? thanks..

Tone320 P says:

how many parts diesel to degreaser i have a 20 gallon parts washer

TheWallyjp says:

that works really well… Old gas works also.. just don’t use it on something that is hot or creates a spark lol

CoolasIce2 says:

Like others have commented, this is great stuff from the Dollar tree. Sometimes they have a purple cleaner, which is a copy of Kaboom, that is similar.

matts6887 says:

Thats pretty amazing for a dollar store find!. Most of the cleaners you find at dollar stores work “ok” but not great. But this looks like its pretty amazing considering its only a buck!

GAR A says:

gasoline is good degreaser to clean parts

ThatOneLaxKid says:

Does it take off paint. (I don’t want it too)

ARednecksLife says:

For a dollar store cleaner, you wouldn’t expect it to do so well.

TheChosenOne says:

u can tell ur a hard worker just by how u wipe that table hahaha

motorsportmach says:

Love that stuff. Been using it for years. It’s also good to spray on your cloths before washing. Gets grease out of cloths real good.

matmroy says:

Love this stuff. I get it at our local Dollar Tree and it really works great. Perfect for cleaning everything from the toilet to the kitchen sink.

dilauroj94 says:

c’mon man you could’ve made this like a Billy Mays commercial :/

Mr3wheeledbike says:

stuffs works GREAT on fabric like car seats use it on all the junk yard fresh cars

jasonmushersee says:

2-butoxyethanol. The FDA says it’s non-toxic because it’s biodegradable within 3 days. This was the main ingredient in Corexit sprayed in the gulf oil spill. Some people say don’t inhale it.

Eddy Gomez says:

knowing what that table looked like I oils eat off that

Your Adorable Kitty says:

Looks like muriatic acid

Geoffrey Browning says:

LA’S is totally awesome on melting that grime off house gutters just dip a truch/vehicle brush into LA’S and wipe down the gutters and spray off, like brand new, blows away Krud Kutter or any other related product.

rbeck3200tb40 says:

car detailers use this to clean stains on carpets and floormats in cars It works very well

michael mixon says:


JGonYT says:

My work got this in with a set of items for a dollar sale. People kept wanting more of it afterwards so we brought it in as a regular stock item.

Streeters Garage says:

Thanks. I saw this in the dollar store and I was wondering if it was any good. Going to have to pick some up.

tonedcos says:

Good test case. Thanks 😉

James Eggerth says:

I have to check out Dollar Store never been there. lol

James Holbrook says:

ya works great for just about everything blood too is that weird to say

RomneyGack says:

What is the Next Video

Bmp-man says:

I’m about to go hit that stuff up.

mason chase says:

best stuff the dollar store has !!! love this stuff

OMGodfrey says:

Worked great when i degreased my engine bay

klc317 says:

Perfect for those who bring greasy engine parts into the house on the kitchen counter and have to clean up before the wife gets home…lol.  

Looks like good stuff

Sean Carr says:

I need to use this next time I get syrup on my hands

TheChosenOne says:

will it work on stained t shirts ?

Joseph Manna says:

This is really good stuff.  My Mom has been using it for years and swears by it.

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