Degreaser VS Baking Soda & Vinegar For Cleaning Range Hood Filters

Degreaser VS Baking Soda & Vinegar For Cleaning Range Hood Filters

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Matt D says:

– 3 suggestions –
1- pretty sure by boiling the toxic degreaser those toxins were then being release into your lungs while breathing in the toxic air / vapors.
2- pretty sure you shouldn’t be boiling stuff like this at all.
3- if you want to boil anything like this again, try using the side burner of an “outdoor” grill instead of your kitchen where it’s releasing God knows what into the air your family will be breathing in.
Best of luck.

John Casor says:

factory said to wash in Dishwasher…

jan jansen says:

you have to clean them every week you dirty pig!


I love specially my brother -case- #ChupaKids

Dio Rodriguez says:

Just go to home depot and replace them. it is in expensive

robert hingston says:

Good video and nice sink

Patsy Chavez says:

if you’re using degreaser you don’t dilute it, use full strength works great. I’ve used vinegar and water too both do a good job but vinegar and water doesn’t have all the toxins that the degreasers do. don’t see the point of using pots of boiling water especially if your using degreaser, not a good idea.

Simon Delaney says:

I find just using boiling hot water and washing detergent works well but interesting test I degreaser works well on thin oil and grease but it takes many goes when the grease or oil is thick, were you can use a paint scraper to remove the bulk and blast the rest with boiling hot water, using warm water won’t lift it.

smutchers says:

Why do you need to put water why not just concentrated amount of both degreaser and vinegar/baking soda

Theodore Rossino says:

I use DAWN detergent ultra with a paint brush, let it set 10 min.,then wet it down very little to create an action,wait 20 min. then use a finger nail brush and diligently remove the crud. This action is used by the EPA to clean birds after an oil spill, It works and is not toxic.

Digitalbondo says:

OR… go to any hardware store and buy new ones for a few bucks.

Pakistan creations says:

check this

Claudine Moise says:

i love knowing this cleaning info.I help clean some homes and this is one thing all forget to add to cleaning ..thank you for sharing this.rewatching this hood and filter of our stoves.

Sharon Ball says:

Thank you for ur video .Loved it. What is the name of that cream and where to buy it please.  Thank you.

Uptown Finest says:

that was way more then a teaspoon you liked the fizz so u kept adding lmao

Monika Perić says:

you may want to clean your stove and sinks…ahahahah

Uncle Bernie says:

Chop sticks?

Patsy Chavez says:

if you’re using degreaser you don’t dilute it, use full strength works great. I’ve used vinegar and water too both do a good job but vinegar and water doesn’t have all the toxins that the degreasers do.

amalaleta johnson says:

The difference could be just down to the different water temperatures ?? Also spraying the degreaser onto the water seems wrong, should spray it directly onto the filter and add water later. Baking soda and vinegar seemed to work well though.

Alex Blevins says:

It’s not a fair test because you used different temp water

Cabo Wabo says:

not a fair test. The boiling water is what actually worked. Degreaser should be used full strength, not in the water, and then scrubbed with a wire brush. Best way to clean those filters is with grill cleaner though.

Showbiz Exposed says:

Looks like a pigs house


A) Hot water by itself already devolves grease, giving the orange cleaner a disadvantage right there
B) You could have just put them in the dishwasher, saved a lot of money and had them thoroughly clean

Any Sunname says:

very good video

Cori The Cat says:

Thanks for the vid. I’m going to try the vinegar and baking soda.

Ahmed Ali says:

babi you should use costic soda instead of vinger and sodium carbonate and you will see the the magic of the cleaning solution without boiling ! and withen 12 minute only

Kebede Buna says:

Just spray bathroom cleaner

APB Hood Cleaning says:

If you’d have used Super Clean, Would have just had to soak it for about 15 minutes and rinse. Done!!

Anthonio Chan says:

are you from Hong Kong? that’s a Cantonese accent right?

Triggers Soft/Weak Individuals Online says:

Lol this is the cooking video recipe I been asking for LMAOO

Van Aquino says:

you wanna take it off the oil in it? try liquid soft and mix with zonrox bleach much better and fast to loosen up greases


The baking soda n vinegar looks like it did a good job

Carl Zorro says:

Oven spray takes the trophy lol you boiled the soda combo and the degreaser was diluted in all that water so eeeeeeeh lol  Oven spray, warm up the oven, turn it off and spray it . Let a few minutes go by and clean with hard sponge and rinse . winner lol

Chris Gayler says:

I know automotive degreaser I use clean my carpets with. I rent a cheap machine and the results are stunning. You could also just soak them over night in degreaser. The gallon I buy is pretty cheap. But yea your test was not done right. Two thumbs down

Danica says:

Thank you! I used vinegar and baking soda on my even dirtier filters and they came out pretty darn clean

Mr Locorio says:

Ahhhh, it’s toxic……. So that’s the reason for the shades

t. smith says:

What are the instructions on the degreaser? Does it say to put the filter in a pan of water?

Too, the degreaser is TOXIC for you and the environment.

Jay you might want to check out other videos because you are working just to darn hard. There are easier ways.

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