Does Lucas Fuel System Cleaner Actually Work? (with PROOF)

In this video I tested Lucas Deep Clean. I use a mini borescope camera to look into the engine and see how dirty the engine is before the fuel treatment and then after the fuel treatment.
I followed the instructions on the container and Lucas performed a little better than Techron and Gumout. This is the 4th test in a series of fuel cleaner test I will be performing to see how fuel cleaners work and if they actually work.

Here is the fuel cleaner I used:
Here is the borescope camera I used:

Royal Purple Max Clean Test:
Gumout Test:
Seafoam Test in a Car:
Seafoam in Lawnmower:
Techron Test:
CleanBoost Maxx Test:

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Bradford Ramm says:

Wow really! It’s not a cylinder cleaner nor did the cylinders need it. Smh.

Superb Media Content Creator says:

I live in your neighborhood and enjoy our videos since they are fast-paced, concise and cleanly shot. I watched a Benz video recently and had to quit 1/3 of the way through as I was dizzy from the camera work and about asleep from the aaas and umms of the confused commentary and poorly lit video… keep up the good work… and see you at EMH…

James Odom says:

Thanks for your unbiased review!!

Fernando5455 says:

Try BG 44K

Pyroman / says:

I never really seen any of these work but it’s usually on a car with like 100,000 on it I wonder if you started right when the car was new and it it everything 20,000 if it wouldn’t build up

Marko Wease says:

Man I’m so glad to have stumbled on to you. I subscribed cuz you are by far the best and honest consumer just like us. But you help us by products that work and not waste are money and time. We are most appreciative of you. Please keep up the awesome work. thanks

Brett Orth says:

Well thank you I thought it would of cleaned more

Matt Wagner says:

I wonder what happens if you leave marvel mystery oil in cylinders over night just a few ounces it’s what a lot of people pour down cylinders if they plan on leaving vehicle sitting for a long time. It would be interesting to see if it brought them back to like new over night 12+ hours of sitting

Ryan says:

Chris, I have a question. I’ve got a oil leak, looks like it’s coming directly from the engine itself. I’ve been noticing a several drops on the ground. I’m thinking using Lucas oil leak stop. Should I be adding it before or after an oil change? Many thanks, your videos are great


have you ever tried flushing diesel engine with petrol , i wonder what would happen if we drain engine oil, and fill engine with petrol without filter for 24hr and drain petrol fill in engine oil , will it make any difference or will it damage seals.

Melvin Teruel says:

All fuel system cleaner are a scam company’s make a lot money selling those products

Slick Rick says:

Thanks Chris, now we know all these products are Scams and the only way the average joe would know is to go through all this. These companies are making millions of products that don’t work.

Luis Florentine says:

Hi Chris I’m a BIG fan. I wanted to know if you could please make a video showing us how to properly tune up a car. The community and I will gladly appreciate it. THANKS!!!

derick caldwell says:

This may be unrelated, but I was in the US Army and carbon buildup (in rifle chambers) is literally so hard to get off you have to chip it off like Stone .so don’t expect it to be washed away by a cleaner. I just put some of this in my 2010 Civic and I automatically felt the difference of the atomization from the fuel injectors, much cleaner system

kaadauwgg says:

Well if you think about it, it’s creating carbon with more explosions while it is make an attempt to clean the carbon. But a bottle a month should work wonders. Which, is what I think they suggest. If it’s anything like Marvel Mystery Oil, it’s great for lubricating, fuel pumps. But you guys in on the secret. Electronic fuel pumps, never really go out; they usually just slow down to the point of not being able to keep the car on. Which is why the car will, crank, start, run for two or three seconds, then die. Lubricate the pump, and your car is fixed. Be prepared to change any & all fuel filters in the line.

Joe Jordan says:

All those brands are Just Junk with my car every 15000 mile I take it to my mechanic can use his BG products cleans the air induction and the fuel injectors in the car runs beautifully I wouldn’t spend $0.50 on that stuff I always suspected that thanks for your video and I’m not going to spend $0.20 and that stuff anymore voice text

Robert Mendivil says:

Wondering if you’ve tried Amsoil P.I.

James Burdzinski says:

Lucas is junk. esp in a Ford product

James Burdzinski says:

I have been using Barry Mans m


Since the spark plugs are spray the cleaner into the cylinders and let it soak for a day. I think the cleaning in your test is from the injector spraying into one area and the cleaner not hitting the whole piston top. Care to try the soak test???

AleJandroLeal3 says:

Stp superconcentrated fuel injector cleaner

kings17court says:

Thanks for providing a link for the cool little camera. I like.

IBBIE2009 says:

Do I have to wait till my next Oil Change or I can just put it anytime? This will be the first time I’m putting this in my 2003 Ford Ranger XLT

Lee Williams says:

I had used Lucas products for many years in my Semi in my cars and pick up trucks I find it to be a great product the problem with these test that you do is that you expect miracles after one use Lucas is not a miracle worker especially on an older engine to get the best results you have to use the product over time in order for it to work maybe the next test you do do it over a period of time

John Walker says:

Used this in my Bravada just before the engine blew out.

jaime benyahia says:

Gracias amigo por el vídeo que hace si compartes estoy aprendiendo mucho contigo eres un gran persona me gusta tus vídeos gracias

splash says:

Other than it didnt do a great job at cleaning carbon…
Did you find that this Lucas, or any of the other brands, get you better fuel mileage?

Ali Mohammond says:

i not buying Lucas ,that stuff a scam, i went to Dollar store and bought rubbing alcohol and pour that in my tank and it work great, Lucas and rubbing alcohol has the same ingredients, but rubbing alcohol has more of the cleaning agent in it!

goodmaninabadtime117 says:

These days with top tier fuel available I don’t use anything like this.
My car has had nothing but top tier in the tank as recommended by manufacturer. Exxon, BP annnnd I think Phillips has the highest concentrations of detergents in their gas. (All octane levels) it doesn’t cost anything extra. So I’ll just use good fuel to start with since they are NOT all made equally.

Pyroman / says:

Most these things are a scam .. Not worth the money

zerou24 says:

Try water in a spray bottle

Aled Joseph says:

Do these work on a diesel?

407ForRent says:

Have you found the carbon cleaners that you tried first work better? Perhaps due to removing more of the loose carbon first?

Mined Minerals by Cliff says:

With 3~million subs you think he would put out accurate info. Nope just wants your time to line his pockets!

Tomoko Abe says:

I think if you put something in every six months it will work or prevent build up in the long-run. I doubt any form of chemical cleaner will work right away.

Bernie Cruz says:

Chrisfix, Could you do a test on CDC’s intake and throttle body cleaner? They also make claims that their product cleans up carbon build up on intake valves and the throttle body and cylinder heads.

Mined Minerals by Cliff says:

I see fuel injector cleaner and upper cylinder lubricator. Did you take out a fuel injector to see before and after? This whole video is garbage and doesn’t represent the product correctly.

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