Does Royal Purple Fuel Max Cleaner Actually Work (with Proof)?

In this video I test Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner in a Ford Explorer. I use a borescope camera to look into the engine and see how dirty the engine is before the fuel treatment and then after the fuel treatment. This is the first time I looked at intake runners and valves, and I also looked at the piston head.

I followed the instructions on the container and Royal Purple did clean some carbon off the intake runners, valves, and piston heads. This is the best in fuel system cleaner I have used that goes in the gas (so far)

Here is the fuel cleaner I used:
Here is the borescope camera I used:

Seafoam in Car:
Seafoam in a Lawn Mower
Here is the Techron Test:
Gumout “all in one” fuel system cleaner test:
Lucas Fuel System Cleaner test:
CleanBoost Maxx Test:

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Matthew Bolton says:

lmfao. i dont see anything bad…i see coolant pooled up on top of the valve….that is bad. your head gasket is blown…..

graycloud057 says:

Not for the price RP charges for product. Chevron Techron is very good not near as expensive.

twiddler2386 says:

When will you test the Amsoil P.I. andRedline S1? I am really looking forward to this

Tucker Porter says:

Try Bg44k that stuff does magic to old cars with carburetors.

Bent Rim says:

Sea foam ….plus it doesn’t need a flashy color. Everyone knows Prince wasn’t that talented

Cory Walls says:

do a redline test?

Bubba John says:

love the test. Think you need to set whiter balance to be consistent on each photo.

Hassan M says:

try liqui molly every time i use it my car instantly feels like its on roids

Michael Pursell says:

What cleaner works the very best above all the other product’s literally?

dudiblah says:

Looks like you wanna do the fuel cleaner for a while to clean the valves, then do the seafoam treatment to clean the piston heads of the carbon that moves from the intake. Good stuff to know. I’ll stick with the seafoam though.

Richard King ADI says:

Was their any difference in the power at the wheels after treatment?? More power? Better economy??

RyanFGNM says:

Heh I rewatched all your old fuel cleaner videos I’m looking forward to the marvel mystery oil. Perhaps the Del Sol could use a cleaning.

northtone says:

These products are a complete waste of money. These bandits view their products like movie theaters selling popcorn.
300% profit

Al S. says:

Amazing test!

Walter White says:

Out of all ur tests, which bottle worked the best?

Massimo says:

Chris, would blue smoke coming out of a tailpipe be an indication of carbon deposits being burned ? I notice the carbon deposits have a blue-ash tint to them. Thanks.

Daniel S. says:

Chris, did you ever do a test of the Redline S1 cleaner? Thanks.

Master Chief 00117 says:

Nothing beats water injection. It will clean all that stuff spotless….

Austin Post says:

Honestly though that is one tank test on a car that has had build up for potentially 10 years can’t expect it to be perfect however if it were used regularly the results would be amplified

shane hicks says:

I use B-12 chemtool. Very satisfied with that brand.

Kevin Lawrence says:

My grandfather used to use straight water to clean fuel systems. So I’m very interested to see that. If possible could you also try a product called “Cataclean”? It’s targeted at cleaning plugged up catalytic converters, but it advertises that it’s removing all the carbon built up in your engine too.

Tone Bebop says:

Can you do Shell V power.

Charles McKinney says:

i wonder how the injectors are?

goat9199 says:

Answer: Just fucken barely.

J. Reap says:

That means you half clean it at least 10x

the eabster says:

I’m sure the back for are spotless

Ernie Torres says:

I could be wrong but, I’m thinking that he has a fuel flow problem of some sort with the drastic difference in buildup and cleanup results.

Sarah Gilmore says:

Would love to see videos on redline, marvel, and the ams cleaners you have in the picture at the end of this video. You should also try liqui moly I want to see how that works with your camera.

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