Engine Degreaser 4 Brands Compared

A simple non scientific test for the engine degrease cans on the market, Berryman B33 WINS!!!!! hands down, safest chemical out there for the environment is also a plus and it works the best and is not the most expensive, why use anything else?


Miguel Sanchez says:

Yes you have to agitate the products after application.

bobbg says:

Rust in peace.

You would think with all that oil and grease on everything i couldn’t rust, but the fact is road salts stuck to the metal better.
You might try wd40 it will break down both grease and remove water to slow rust down it also offers some protection on metal parts and won’t damage the paint.
I’m looking at purple power to use on a drill press, but I think I’m gonna wipe it off with sawdust, then hone some of the rust off it with a wet stone used to sharpen knifes.
Wipe it off with vinegar then water after then sawdust and spray with a light oil or silicone spray to protect the metal from more rust.

1995dresser says:

The best is a car wash pressure wand (on wash suds) take’s off caked on grease and oil.    those degreasers  are for light oil and grease  also if you have access to a steam genny  (kerosene heated power washer ) that is the bomb no soap or chemicals needed  super hot pressurized  water

Chem Tooler says:

Great video. We at Berryman have strived to make the best automotive chemicals available since 1918. Feel free to look at our entire line of high performance chemicals at http://www.berrymanproducts.com

TEXASBLAZE 101 says:

wow! you really let ur car go! lmao…

Dave Kana says:

B-33, thanks, I have an 83 Mercedes 300SD that’s really had nothing done to it. Years of seaping motor oil & WVO, yuck what a mess. I need to replace a starter & vacuum pump, I will try it, Dave.

Stan Man says:

You have to wipe that shit off retard

Steven Segal says:

Where did you do this? On the freeway! Jesus the cars driving by are loud.

Carlos Henrique Noronha de Aguiar says:

youre expecting results but you dont even brushed the oil. these products HELPS the remotion of the oil… to be more efficient you have to HELP the product act with the brusher

Andy Kane says:

Just use alloy wheel cleaner or wd40

masterhacker1989 says:

Use a hotsy steamer, much easier to clean your engine

Mike Johansson says:

nice job, but you need a brush to remove the deep oil dust on the engine and the parts around it, then you use to high steam on the water and too close to the electrical stuff, I use to place plastic film on the sensitive stuff and then I use air pressure to remove all the water, then wait for at least 24 hours so all water is gone and spray some 5-56 or water removal oil to be sure that all water is gone and then run the engine easy to it gets warm.

david livesey says:

that SOHC 1.9 Saturn motor tho.

Aaron P says:

nothing but issues with your plugs and belts why is it important to degreess your saturn

chris mellon says:

Saturn singlecam

dylan whalen says:

“a drop of dawn and grease is gone”

ben mccullough says:

if you keep your engine clean it won’t b all gunked up

David Quintero says:

thank you for the tip

Leedell Scott Jr says:

The degreaser products only help to loosen up the oil residue. You have to actually agitate the dirty areas.

defmud80 says:

dang man keep that shit off your belts!

Wahnfried Duke says:

Did you shoot this on the freeway? Felt like I was about to be hit.

carl torrico says:

i saw that cyclo’s degreaser works great for that rusted and mucked bolts close to the exhaust manifold,i think u have to try it,i would buy only that one but i like the idea of testing 4 products and then make a review i like that.

pocho pochus says:

H 7 deagreaser really works not like that junk in a can thats so that says it works simple green work more than the can brands

Rogelio Rodriguez says:

Purple Power works better.

jason dixon says:

Can you clean a bicycle chain with engine degrees

Matt Moyer says:

were the hell you live ? that thing is a rusty bucket it can’t be ignored

fastblastCamaro says:

easy off oven cleaner.

David Roach says:

easy off oven cleaner is the best thing i found cuts grease better then all those products

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