Ep2:GMC Detail – Engine Bay Cleaning With Super Clean Degreaser!



David Bradley says:

Happy Mother’s Day to your mother Scott, hope she gets well soon and enough good Video again.

Henry Lewis says:

So can I use this on my dirtbike and atv and it won’t hurt a powdercoated frame and when you mean 4 to 1 how much water needs to be in it and how much cleaner ?

Sullivan Laurence says:

Holy Crap! Wow!

Byron B. says:

I was a little nervous about blasting my engine with gallons of water and suds with a pressure washer. I opted to use the method present here with pure, undiluted Super Clean. Worked well. And my engine is 12 year old (2005 Honda Civic LX)! I did cover the engine with plastic while cleaning the hood and I covered the air intake for the entire process. Unlike Scot’s diluted formula, pure Super Clean gave some of the engine plastic a white haze. I dressed the plastic and rubber with Ultra Luster Tire & Trim Luster which took care of that and made things “pop”. Engine looked brand new. No check engine lights or problems. Thanks again for the detailing guidance Scott!

Kyle D says:

Nice! Great work.

Mike Barger says:

I’ve spent several lunches the past few weeks watching your videos. Very informative. I’m about 50 cars in with a mobile detailing business down in Houston and would really like to shoot you some questions. Do you have a Facebook page or an email to send them to?

Tyson Currie says:

WOW, I went and bought some just a few minutes ago, can’t wait to use it after seeing the results you got, thanks for doing this review on how it works on different parts of the vehicle, been trying to find a really good affordable degreaser, I think I just found it, thank you again. Love the videos​, keep them coming.

John Stone says:

Great info love the videos.

john jackson says:

your customer is going to wet themselves when you pop that hood

Daniel Crispin says:

I like foaming action too. That’s why I add a little bit of dawn soap in my super degreaser to clean tires and engines. It’s nice that Super Clean doesn’t need it. You really have sold me on this product Scott, too bad I have almost a full gallon of both APC and Super Degreaser left, now I am eager to use super clean LOL

Philip Nick says:

Thanks for the video I’m going to try the super clean. Get one of the 1 or 2 gallon pump weed speakers they are cheap and sane your hands.

Finn Green says:


how about product for plastic interiors and dashboard, etc

many seem to smog windshield over time


Mad Wax says:

I can’t wait to buy this stuff…I’m on my way to Wal-Mart right now!

Alex Bryan says:

Scott..so u can use it on clear coated painted surfaces? I thought u couldn’t…did I misread?

Henry R says:

Scott I must say another great video! ever since you recomended super cleaner I have been trying it on other stuff around my truck and have not been disappointed yet at 4:1. Thank you again for the great tips I am always learning something from you my friend.

Robert Smith says:

is that an AMC Gremlin in the background

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