Extremely Clean Rims? How? – Clutched Product Review of the Sonax Wheel Cleaner

Behold the first ever product review from Clutched, the Sonax Wheel Cleaner!

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Web: www.Sonax.sg

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Javier Ng says:

Hey Jackie do you work for harvey norman cause i think i say you at the singapore expo twice

N8FALKE1 says:

K2 ROTON is better and cheaper!

spaceecko says:

mine is squeaky and you can lick it

Happy Fox says:

your editing crew needs to be fired, but that might be hard because you would be removing the producer and host, but it’s ok… they can still be owner of channel and bring in another host

The Road Warrior says:

No bullshit review, i respect that man, i’ll be picking up a bottle for my Lancer GTS now!

TooPlepsy says:

I hope your channel becomes a thing

Roy Liew says:

i’m sorry i hate that accent i wish i’d never hear this accent ever again.

Gravecb7 Accord says:

Are you from Trinidad you sound Trinidadian

CoC B4silix says:

Seems like a bloody good wheel cleaner to me. haha 😉

My 19 inch Breyton Rims will be waiting for this.

Mr. Allans says:

Where can i buy this product in Malaysia or they provide the online purchase?

Saberio says:

wow that sti must be worth @$500k sgd atleast

Don Lee says:

I watched ur other videos on car reviews and etc….but tis is GREAT review of cleaning and detailing products. I usually watch AMMO NYC for his detailing tips but then again….nothing better than local make videos and easily accessible products….. I do use Sonax car shampoo but for my rims – I only use a seperate sponge to go thru all the spokes…. now this seems a better solution! Gimme one bottle man! =-)

cyc_rs says:

Really satisfying to see a clean and original WRX STI 😀

CHeWy says:

This is actually funny as. Loved it

REGNARTS00 says:

Best product for cleaning wheels. Been using it for a while now here in the US.

PaRaNoRmA619 says:

@Clutched Does it work on Mat black rims to ?

hellofaizaz says:

Awesome Review! Would be great if you guys can do review on wax product too like Hi-Glaze 88?

ZekeMagnum says:

this or meguairs hot wheels cleaner… ?

RAJU Ramjit says:

and great reveiws on the cars enjoy watcjing them will we see any hilux revo?

iceberg slim says:

use with a wheel brush and use jet seal afterwards.

Andre Cordeiro says:

Phenomenal results even applied to dry rim and with a regular garden hose! Good video man, like the humour!

RAJU Ramjit says:

i want that in trinidad

RAJU Ramjit says:

no there is no dealer for this product but i think it would do great a lot of car freaks here

Mauricio Gonzalez says:

stop fingering the wheel. XD

Eddy Sal says:

What a nice touch with the stock looking sti as the demo car!

Sem5293 says:

People looking to buy this product, be wary, the product has this really, really heavy chemical smell upon applying it on your wheels, so do use it in a really well ventilated area (as if you’ll be washing your cars indoor, but who knows). I’ve personally used this before, and I would say it’s one of the more pungent smelling car care products out there. I’m surprise Jackie didn’t make any comments on the smell. Haha. Other than that, it does work its magic as shown in the video. Other alternatives will be the Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner by ArmourAll, still does the job, and it comes with a slightly more citrusy smell.

Cameron Crane says:

I think you guys should try flash brown royal,just beware it smells bad and use a strong stream of water to rinse all of it off

Really Happenings says:

Now that’s a great rim job. You really know how to lick a rim, buddy.

Daniel says:

german product, you should also only use it when the rims are cold/cool

TheDustyaman says:

Neat…. pun intended

spicyswiss33 says:

Ah ah .. corporation rise.. I have been staying there….

Nismo r35 says:

nice vid

William Wright says:


Dnsza MDXSR says:

how much does the subaru price costs at singapore?

A Round Ball says:

Does a clean lick test that’s what I call going above the call of duty

Javier Ng says:


B Gray BGray says:

Hey, if you approve (buddy). Awesome video all around you should be in commercial videos. Your hilarious

widowmaker777 says:

I think the rotors are on backwards. For brembos.

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