Gunk Engine Degreaser & Shine – Should You Ever Use It?



Peter Joseph says:

You give a lot of good information. If my daughter wanted to do it for a living can she make a 6 figure income to help support her family? Does most of your business come from word of month or you tube videos? I know she will have to have the clientele. How long did it take you to build up your clientele? I was going to help her when I retire. Another great video.

Richard Hurtado says:

“Holy cow, it gets worse folks!!!!” hahahahahaha Thank you for the very honest review of these products.

Little Man Huerta says:

we have manyvfalse averticements everywhere,thank you for your honest review,you saved us from wasting our money on fake advertisements

Herakles says:

The best point which is also why I don’t use these products – is that it will collect dust after the estate two on that sticky surface

Ether says:


Dave Dunham says:

I wouldn’t park over asphalt as many products might damage your driveway.

al lafon says:

I used to race off road and yes i did mess up my driveway as i had always did my cleaning in same spot.

Scott Warmbier says:

Haven’t used this stuff for 25 years – when I did it was to remove oil from valve cover leaks and other oils on the engine block and heads – again that was 25 years ago and the car was 20 or so years old then so there were far fewer “delicate” parts under the hood. back then I don’t recall there being a “part 2” product. I do remember having to come along with dish soap to remove this product’s residue and knock down the smell. I think the main component is likely kerosene. I guess I’d say if you know you need to use something like this product then you should but if you don’t know start with a mild all purpose cleaner or better yet some car soap and hand wash what you can – there’s nothing wrong with a little elbow grease, a few micro fiber towels and a bucket of water.

XxXRage115XxX says:

I’ve been using it for a while now and I do agree on the smell and dirt being attracted but have not really found any alternatives to clean and dress the engine. What are some good products to do so?

Michael Scott says:

You’re better off using super clean or purple Power or even Meguiars all purpose cleaner and or super degreaser with the hyper dressing or all season dressing.

Luis Espinal says:

Love your videos brother and love your honesty as well. Keep bringing these great reviews and great videos.

Conservative America says:

I’ve used it for years! Never had a problem

furious94ls says:

Used this once, never again. The smell is horrible, it lingers into the cabin. Griots garage has a great engine detail kit. Best i have ever used

Baddrivercam says:

Petroleum distillates will eat up rubber parts that aren’t made to be used with gas or oil. Hoses like coolant hoses. No way would I use these.

Alex915 says:

Thanks for the video on Gunk! 🙂

Shue Her says:

I rather use Purple Power with a full strength solution. Great stuff. Also used Gunk too but like you said it smell and same for the shine.

michael brown says:

i used it a bunch but nt anymore bcuz it will discolor stainless steel headers and will eat plug wires aswell purple power and simple green diluted and or full strength works great plus the gunk is highly flamible bcuz its 75% karosene!!!

Driveway Reflections Detail says:

I don’t mind the retail videos. We sometimes find cheaper just as good as professional products that can be bought over the counter. Who would have known about super clean and eagle one etch. Can’t forget armoral’s foam waterless wash.

rsxstype505 says:

I do use the shine and works great for me imo once its dries looks great. yes it will get dusty over time but i use purple power to clean and it cleans off very easy but i do keep my engine bays always clean .

Shue Her says:

Not a fan of Gunk, But can I correct you about what you said about the shine? Even tho the shine attracts dirt, the shine does make it easier to clean because it leaves a film of oil that the dirt can stick too instead of sticking to bare rubber, plastic and metal pieces. Kinda like wax and tire shine.

Jeff Jeffrey says:

Good to know!

Michael McKnight says:

Fyi gunk eats/ softens. Spark plug wires. Especially MSD brand I’m sorry 100 bucks for wires I won’t make that mistake again.

gil zur says:

You also took off the sticker on the plastic. People love to see original stickers.

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