GUNK Engine Degreaser + Shine

I cleaned my engine compartment on my (new to me) 2005 Saturn Ion 3. How to clean an engine and review of GUNK

Recorded with Samsung Galaxy S5



it’s not a bad product for clean but after used this product ur car always smell so bad when ever u start ur AC…

Chris G says:

heard so many bad stories spraying your car engine….

Piero Botteri says:

Nobody ever cleans the underside of the hood, smh,

Life Struggles19 says:

i enjoyed it becuase i plan on doing the same thing with painting my engine cover’

Arroz con carne frita y tajadas says:

nice result… fugly car

Gino Asci says:

Looks like gunk does a great job.

art vandelay says:

I put a bag over my bitches head and I Squirt down her intake

2003SaturnFan says:

How long did the shine last. I just did this to my 2003 ion quad coupe again this time I also have the shine

bill2526 bill2526 says:

don’t waste your money on gunk …go to the dollar store get to cans of oven cleaner spray on anything dirty greasy and let set 1 hr then spray of works way better than gunk..and it won’t hurt a damn thing

Jordan Bronson says:

Hi, I have to give you credits for trying, but honestly… Your Car is NOT worth shinning :(((. I know it’s your Baby and all, but if you make a mistake(s) on the Electrical Part(s) or anything… It will cost you more time and money trying to figure it all out. People usually do this for Car Shows and trying to sell their car(s) or on an Antique car. But your Car is NOT worth it, you could have saved a few bucks, LOL…….  Even if I own a Helicopter or an Air Plane, you won’t catch me cleaning that Shit!

Glorinimex Canada says:

Why would you put the shiny stuff? thats is damaging the rubber parts and will make them dry . don’t do it .and the product you used to clean the car is not working well . I also sell special products for engine wash and it works much better . I will not tell you the brand so you dont think I promote it . anyway- dont use any shine products and to test a product you should let it dry and see results – when it’s wet they all look great .

art vandelay says:

glad I watched this. I was gonna crawl under the car and spray up instead of down

William E says:

looks great

James Williams says:

Exactly what is the best way to keep your tires glossy & clean for the longest time ( what Products are the best)?

HilaKleiner says:

yeah dude you only have 1 coil pack. lol fuckin winning

Andrew Murillo says:

looks great!

brown and round says:

ive always cleaned my engines in all my vehicles. it doesnt do any harm to any components. ive used the gunk products many times and i love them. you did a great job but in the future remember that when you spray the shine you dont have to wipe it. just let it sit and dry. it will be even more shiny. i usually dont drive my vehicle for the whole day when cleaning and shining the engine.

Austin Williams says:

Livin that l61 life

BluntForceTrauma666 says:

Yeah, GUNK degreaser or Bug & Tar remover may be decent products, but years ago I used some *BULLSHIT* product of theirs that was supposed to help _keep_ it clean. I don’t know what in THE FUCK was in that shit but it coated _everything_ with some brown, nasty crud that I’m _still_ finding on the undersides of engine parts NINE years later. It did NOTHING to help keep things under the hood clean and actually made it look like hammered dogshit by coating it with plastic *crud*. FUCK you GUNK and whoever approved that shit – you fucking assholes. It was only last year that I _finally_ discovered how to remove that bastardly shit – a HOT engine and Simple Green. Even then it was still a bitch to break loose…

win toto says:

Do you have to cover the alternator??

MrBullya says:

good video, but gave you a thumbs down. There shouldn’t be 3 ads on a 10 min video

Larry Kim says:

thats not a brake booster, but sure.

Zxcvbnm Asdfghjkl says:

4:34 I think I saw a spark

Tyler Glur says:

Just a tip don’t rev a cold engine

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