How to Clean & Dress Car Wheel Wells : Meguiars Super Degreaser & All Season Dressing

Tutorial, Dilute Ratio, & Tested!
make your wheel Wells looks like NEW!

Nilfisk C110 :
Nilfisk Underchassis Nozzle :
Meguiars super degreaser :
Meguiars All Season Dressing :
blower with heater :

Nilfisk C110 :
Meguiars Super Degreaser :
Meguiars All Season Dressing :
Dryer with heater :

Nilfisk C110 :
nilfisk underchassis nozzle :
Meguiars Super Degreaser :
Meguiars All Season Dressing :
Blower with heater :

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irfan emonk says:

om selain pake all seasong dressing pake apa om alternativenya yg aman sm antikarat?

Alfie Renadhy says:

2000 Subscribers, THANK YOU!

TheDebilu says:

jesus….the voice…

Edvin Hernodh says:

Do u now something cheaper to protect ur wheel weels? i dont have megiuers here in my city

Mike T says:

om brarti gak pernah ke tukang steam yang diangkat gt ya om? hihi

Tammy Forbes says:

Want a easier and quicker way use the degreaser and a long brush then get some Greot’s garage black shine tire and trim spray and spray on everything the stuff is so good it will turn dirt black and shiny even if you don’t get it all off. I use it when I detail cars and I have actually had people think I spray painted their wheel wells.

1cbjack says:

Does the degreaser affect brake performance?

N.3.F says:

good job dude (:

İlker Karagedik says:

Mate i wanna ask you “how long did water and dirt repellency last ?” can you remmemer it?

burro 2289056 says:

ayuda !! alguien me puede decir que le puso como recubrimiento para que resbale el agua ( no se ingles)

joshuag94 says:

it probably isn’t safe to brake your entire brake assembly with degreaser over and over again….

Piotr Wojcik says:

first class job alfie

Nooo... says:

Лайк за чистое оксфордское произношение!

janis lapsho says:

Its just a car, i dont know why to wash a car like this. I Buy a car for a few years and sell it. I think is sick to spend so much money for washing. After 2,3 raining days i can do it again. One product for every part is a stupidity ! Maximum shampoo, wheels, glass, leather, interior, wax and tag/bug remover, other parts is a stupidity!

Peter Z says:

dude your voice is cooler then morgan freeman.

Vdubin64 says:

Awesome job !!

Msportfmc says:

I have been using this method for years awesome video buddy

Hartley Taslim says:

once I spent 6 hours to clean my 4 rims, tires, wheel wells.. and .. dont want to do it again myself hahahhaa really tiring..

Adhi Pradono says:

mobilnya diangkat pakai dongkrak atau gmn gan?

Usman Ullah says:

one rain and it will be dirtiest as ever!

Andrew Bobbin says:

straight to the point and well done video…
Thankyou for the tips and not wasting my time!!

dimas satrio nugroho says:

mau nanya nih, kan belinya di ebay, terus bisa lewat bea cukainya gimana? kena pajak juga? soalnya kalo di ace hardware ga gitu lengkap

Rick Doang says:

apply di kolong roda, duranya berapa lama om?
capek nyuci kolong tiap habis jalan, sempit soalnya. atau ada alternatif yang lebih ok?

José Marques says:

Very Good

Serenity says:

Look at these beautiful wheels produced by DRIFZ

Team ACG says:

is this the same degreaser for the tire shine video u have

taloooool20 says:

very nice


Very good, man!

crtv insight says:

You should work for AMMO NYC, because your cleaning result is really good!!

carlos saavedra says:


ChumpyChicken2 says:

Best results so far! Now how the hell do I get this product in Aus? Great video champ!

Dennis Trisaputra says:

bro sprayer nya beli dimana ? di ace hardware ?

AussieProGamer says:

very nice job!

Idhamok says:

I really want to see the tutorial to clean wheel well without taking off the wheel and also without using a car lifter

tri pham says:


texmextu2 says:

Fucken awesomeness

Pammvi Group of Companies Distributor and Stockist of Hot Air Gun says:

nice …well done.

APS HWN says:

Mas, itu kok ujung pressure washernya ada nozzle belok gitu, beli di mana ya? Asesories Nillfisk kah? Thx

Gary Lee says:

How about Tar Remover? Is Tar Remover the same as Meguiars Super Degreaser?

David Chaidez says:

this video was very good

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