How To Clean Your Tires With SUPER CLEAN DEGREASER! Amazing Product!

Cleaning your car tires is a necessary step in the auto detailing process, especially before dressing the tire sidewall! Super clean degreaser is a product that is absolutely blowing my mind. Super clean cuts through the tire grease so quickly and effectively, it makes my professional auto detailing world so much easier, and allows me to deliver superior results! In this video, I explain how to clean car tires quickly and effectively with super clean. This is actually how I clean tires as a professional auto detailer. Super clean proves to be one of the most effective car tire degreasers I have ever seen, and that is why it has taken a special place in my arsenal! Follow along as I show how to professional clean car tires with super clean degreaser!

Super Clean (probably cheaper at your local Wal Mart):

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Maximino Jaimes says:

I’m not sure if you have done a video on it yet, but I seen you use wheel brightner on wheels, is there anything you do to get your spray nozzle to last longer?

Alex Bryan says:

I told u u would love it! So cost effective compared to megs apc and super degreaser

Alex Bryan says:

Great vid!

Henry R says:

I love Super Clean!! I started using it recently as well. Its seems to be replacing alot of other cleaners Ive tried. great for interior mats, carpet, and engine bay cleaning I hear. its my go to cleaner so far and hasnt let me down. I tried it on the wheel wells and wheels and it worked like a champ. keep the videos coming, love your channel.

Junior Sandoval says:

Good video…

charger548 says:

Would it hurt the Rims

Sick Detailing says:

so is superclean safe on tires on full strength?

15FG4SI says:

Warning to users, make sure you use this product in a VERY well ventilated area. It is extremely toxic and will make you sick, trust me, I know!!

Alex Bryan says:

By the way I haven’t seen a really big noticeable difference between full strength and 4:1. Just saving more money getting same results! Give it a try! Thanks again for posting! Great perspective!

Walter Gray says:

can u show your set up in your car. I detail out my car also.

Toms honda thing says:

⚠️ warning to all users⚠️ Tyrell manufactures do not recommend using decreases like these at all whatsoever. These degreasers damage your tire and decrease its tire life greatly. After I did a years worth of studying on how to extend life of tires. I have found the tire manufacturers mix in oil’s and conditioners in their tires these oil’s in conditioners get a massage into the tires as the tires heat up and are used. Some high-end RV storage lots have services where they remove your tires from your RV and put them on what they call a used cart and they run these tires around to get them up to temperature and massage the conditioners around. Try some of the super purple on your skin and feel how it becomes dry because it’s removing all the oils in Greece is that your skin needs like a tire. Don’t think that putting tire dressing on your tire afterwords is going to be equal to what you have stripped out of your tire. The dirt that gets on your tire is either do your tire dressing or the brake dust and road grime which brake dust and road grime could simply be cleaned off my simple and soap. Before you choose a super tire cleaner first consider your tire dressing.

Js399 says:

Can you do a video on how to clean the little rock bumps and chips off the front lower bumper. You know like the rocks things on your front lower bumper

b1ejc says:

Can you do a steam machinr video?

jesse garcia says:

LA’s totally awesome kills super clean by a long shot and it’s only $1

Ivan Zabalza says:

Super clean vs Purple power?

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