How to degrease an Engine at home with Purple Power Degreaser by Howstuffinmycarworks

In this video you will learn how to degrease your car or truck Engine at home using purple power degreaser.
There is no need to have it professionally cleaned when you can do it yourself and save money, I also explain why I chose that particular DIY product to degrease the Engine.
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Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff says:

Isn’t that the stuff counterfeiters use to turn one dollar bills into 100.00 bills? Definitely cleans.

puletasi44 says:

Looks like he wet the WHOLE engine.. Is that safe?!? Plan on doing this

Simon99 says:

Yes it cleans the tires well, but it’s too strong for the mag wheel finish.

Amer Rushdi says:


Nicholas Hudson says:

how long do you let it stay on before you rinse it off?

Jaguar cichlids Aggressive little guys says:

Great video

Buick Mackane says:

I would probably just use a hose in my driveway, in case my engine gets wet and won’t start.
You don’t want a no-start condition when you are at the car wash unless you are willing to take the chance.

Eric Palafox says:

should I be concerned about getting the air filter wet?
how long should I wait till using the car again?
simple questions a busy person would be concerned about.

rc brothers says:

same thing I’ve been using for years. works the best and pressure washer works a lot better.

Francisco Huerta says:

how long u leave the spray 2 sit before spraying it with the hose?

Jason Lindler says:

Would this restore a dirty frame?

Abel Sanchez says:

what if u let it dry instead of rinsing cause of wires

Kiss my ass D says:

Nice vid

Andy Mcmahan says:

I watched a video of this stuff removing bugs off the bumper of a car so it’s NOT good to use on paint?

Caelidh Goode says:

I just want to spot clean some areas.. Can I just put this stuff on and wipe it off with a rag or even just a spray bottle of water? I am trying to diagnose a leak

Johnny B says:

This is the Best Cleaning Product


i use this to clean my

Francisco Huerta says:

and can it b used on degreasing motors n heads?

dskap201 says:

Make SURE that you wear SAFETY GLASSES!

zappy bear says:

I’m going to guess that one of those products that just didn’t work was “Mean Green”. I tried that and it helps remove wet oil, but hardly touches dry oil and grease.


now the truck will not start

desi frazier says:

you are right I try this product and it works

Rogelio Rodriguez says:

I been using Purple Power since 2005. It has many uses. Great product.

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