LA’s AWESOME Engine Degreaser. BEST $1 Cleaner!

This is the best cleaner I have come across for cleaning my engine and engine bay. Purchased for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Sprayed it and rinsed it. No scrubbing and my engine was cleaner than When I used GUNK: Engine Degreaser or Black Magic: Engine Degreaser + Shine.

I am very happy with this product. I personally wouldn’t bother buying anything else.

This cleaner is safe for aluminum and rubber. DO NOT USE CONCENTRATED ON GLASS! If you get it on your windows, rinse it off quickly, it can leave stains on glass.

This cleaner is non-toxic AND bio-degradable according to their website.


Aco Popic says:

cheap 80$ in Walgreens

Joseph Koch says:

I actually just finished my clutch job not too long ago, thanks to you. Videos were terrific! Transmission got pretty nasty from wrestling with it so I was thinking about giving it a good cleaning. Good thing I saw this video haha. Great minds think alike.

dondi2261 says:

You should cover your belts or alt.

Fred C Dobbs says:

I found straight Awesome removes paint and markings undiluted

zina amer says:

It is cost 20$ in walmart

FiscalRangersFlorida says:

That “computer” looks like it was in a plastic box and the lid is missing, which is why the parts are visible. I would look for the missing cover.

WLD MHD says:

please next time out a link for the product *

Buick Regal says:

Best cleaner in the world. I’ve been using it since ’99. I have 24k gold spoke Dayton’s on two of my cars and this is the ONLY cleaner I can use that doesn’t “cook” or tarnish the gold. Other cleaners tarnished my old set of gold and chrome rims from the acid they had in them. On whitewall tires the dirt and brake dust literally just bubbles up and runs off and leaves whitewalls super White. If you don’t clean them regularly you may need a brush or sos pad the first time to get the ground in brake dust off. After that simply spray on and hose off. Same with all chrome rims. Aluminum also. It’s also great to clean shop spills and stains with and also great in the house. Oh yeah, it’s great on engines too.

DJR5280 says:

The only thing heat from the engine will do is dry the cleaner onto the engine faster. Best way to clean the engine is when it’s cool to the touch. I’ve seen people stain their engine blocks spraying chemicals on a hot engine. Just my 2 cents.

00madmando says:

That strut area was painted. The paint was removed from it

Carlos Domenech says:

I use this exclusively on my engine for years. best product out there. doesn’t leave that smell in the car afterwars.

Fred C Dobbs says:

Believe MSDS suggests ethyl alcohol and sodium hydroxide (lye), which is used in deck paint and stain removers.

Brandon Le says:

Is it toxic?

mspider12 says:


cableandchain says:

spray electrical plugs with silicon spray to seal water out

Thinking out side box says:

Nice product for sure. Tks for sharing

Team ACG says:

but no one does the undercarriage

r ruiter says:

Good idea to use on the engine bay. I only used it inside to clean cloth seats which it does very well. Like other people on here said, try NOT to breathe this stuff in. It really hit me when I used it inside the car. I was coughing for days. IT’s is very strong and aggressive.

lileBlackmagic says:

please use face mask when using this cleaner i dont care how much the bottle say its no harsh stuff in it there clearly lies because this stuff is far to strong to not have things in it that sits you on your ass if you use too much

zina amer says:

Where i can faind. Total Awsome. In montreal ???

Esau Moreno says:

Its a badass cleaner but everytime i use it i get headaches

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