Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner VS. Super Clean Degreaser: Car Leather!

In this video, Meguiars all purpose cleaner, and super clean degreaser face off in cleaning car leather seats… which one will clean quicker with better results… that is the question that we are answering! Meguiars APC and Super Clean Degreaser are great examples of extremely effective cleaners in the auto detailing industry, and to say one is better than the other is really just a misnomer. I get asked ALL THE TIME, what “the best product is” for different situations, and the fact of it is… THERE IS NO BEST PRODUCT!!! Every situation is a case by case basis, and they all call for different measures to be taken. Meguiars apc and super clean degreaser are both essential products in my arsenal, and in a lot of ways they can both be used for the same scenarios. Here we see meguiars apc vs degreaser on car leather, and the results may or may not shock you. The detailing industry is trying to get you to buy as many products as possible to separate you from your money, and it just is not necessary! Follow along and see meguiars all purpose cleaner vs super clean degreaser, and understand why things in the auto detailing industry really can be SIMPLIFIED!

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Super Clean Degreaser:

Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner:

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High-Def Detail says:

wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have done meguiars super degreaser vs super clean since they’re both degreasers? Or were you trying to show that you should use Megs APC for lighter jobs?

Gregory Salas says:

You have to do comparison on light-colored leather not black leather to see how it removes dirt. I’ve actually done the test and Meguiars APC beats Super Clean on the same mix ratios hands down…

Fah Q says:

Meguiars is ph balanced. Super clean is not and is bad for the leather.

Rahil Pirani says:

What do you use for the non abrasive pad? Great videos btw!

Jonnie Bangkok says:

Would you do a Mormonism vs. Lutheranism comparison?

Gregory Salas says:

I disagree with you.. Meguiars APC is more aggressive then super clean. Try the test on same cleaning ratios on lighter leather and on stains. Dirt comes off way easier with the Meguiars APC.

AleksR says:

those are not leather seats, how those products work on real leather? arent they to strong wont they do any damage?


I have Tan Leather and you can really tell the difference when comparing. It’s kinda hard to tell on dark seats and being inside of the car, you have a shadow that makes it hard to compare. Always Compare on lighter Leather for better visual. Just a thought. keep up the good work. :o)

Sean Cody says:

When using heavier cleaners on any surface, it’s recommended that the surface is rinsed with a clean damp rag. If you havent done this before, you’d be amazed how much cleaner you can feel pile up on the rag when done.

Tom Boston uber driver / Auto Appeal Detailing says:

Would be great comparison on tan leather

Professional Automotive Detailing says:

How old are you?

Jalen Rose says:

can you do mr.clean APC $6.00 at walmart vs meguiars APC

Turbo-Seal says:

Professional ??? Really?? leather can be ruined with the chemicals you’re using. you’ve got to know the definition of professional. You said be careful on leather and this is falling apart. leather in cars is all vinyl coated, when the vinyl is failing you’re putting distructive crap into the leather itself. This is a great Hick-a-billy ghetto example video.

quincy gierszewski says:

So glad we got another vid. Keep up the good work.

Gregory Salas says:

Totally agree with High Def detail, if you’re going to compare Degreasers, compare Meguiars super degreaser to Super Clean. Super Clean looses…

Irving Silva says:

Luke, question, when cleaning leather seats do you clean the seats first and then the rest of the car or do you leave them for last. Brother you should make a video of your routine when tackling a complete detail

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