Meguiars APC VS Degreaser

In this video, I compare Meguiars APC vs Degreaser in bug removal from car paint! Many detailers use one or the other when it comes to how to remove bugs from car paint, and I wanted to see how meguiars all purpose cleaner and super degreaser actually preform when they are put right next to each other! Bug removal is something that can be done in so many different ways, with so many different products, but if there is a product that works better than the rest, I want to know what that product is, especially considering how difficult bug removal can be. Meguiars super degreaser and all purpose cleaner have both been some of my favorite products for a long time, and in this video, I was fairly surprised at what I found. Follow along as I do some maintenance bug removal from car paint with meguiars apc and super degreaser, and you decide which one is more effective in how to remove bugs from car paint!

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Meguiars Super Degreaser:

Bug Sponge:

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A M says:

Thanks for the great video. Will Meguiar’s APC or Super Degreaser strip any wax or sealant on the car?

Dan S says:

What’s the difference between the maguire’s APC . One has a light blue color and one has a green color

Junior Sandoval says:

Great product review keep Up The great work Luke.

Lonny says:

We need to get you 100,000 subs

jengiskhan says:

Thanks man, i have both meguiars apc and super degreaser

Lucas Ornelas says:

Luke help I used your method with super clean I didn’t let it dwell on the paint and washed it off after and it left some staining on my white paint I don’t understand help!?!

Zachary Meeuwsen says:

What do they smell like?

onr detailing news says:

good video buddy

The Benchman says:

Why do americans call vehicles veer – hick – el It is pronounced veer – kl

Jason Lehl says:


Trippster33 says:

Really appreciate these videos and no nonsense approach. Thanks for what you do

sean B says:

Have you ever used la totally awesome all purpose cleaner? If so what are your thoughts?

Shawn Peters says:

Bro where do you order your Shirts/Tank tops?? I’d love to have some shirts made for my business.. THANKS!

Victor Hernandez says:

I have a few questions that doesn’t pertain to any of these two products but have you tried Home Depot’s all purpose cleaner brand does it work well? And does it hurt anything in the interior of the car?

Khaled E says:

What would be better to use for cleaning my leather seats and interior? Apc or degreaser?

Angelina Lopez says:


What’s your favorite sex position?

Richard says:

hi do you have any experience using fallout removers? Is it possible to use fallout removers with ONR or Waterless wash and wax method? Because i hear that fallout remover takes away wax so does the apc, so could I use fallout remover first then APC second? and then remove it with ONR or waterless wash and wax and finish/dry with spray wax? would this make the ONR / waterless wash and wax less effective ?

Garage Life says:

Do all detailers use the “in your world” phrase

aaron bell says:

I think I’ve watched all your video mate their great, but I’ve been wondering is there anything that you shouldn’t use meguiars APC or Meguiars super degreaser on on a car? I think I read on the back of one of them shouldn’t be used on metal?? Anything they can’t be used on? Or anything you try to avoid hitting them with? Thanks

Gordon Liddy says:

poorboys bug squash works quite well

Vincent Valentine says:

random question. I just ordered the detailer line. How do I choose when to use APC vs Super Degreaser?

Abdul A says:

As usual, great video.
I have questions for you. Can I use APC as a parint prep after I use DA compounds polish? and what ratio? what do you prefer APC or SD?

please correct my stips for polish a car.
1- Wash car service.
2- Wipe.
3- Use clae bar.
4- Wipe.
5- Use meguir’s M105.
6- Use meguir’s M205.
7- Spray APC for paint prep.
8- Spray and wipe with D156 x-press spray wax.
9- Spray and wipe with D155 Last Touch.
Please answer my questions.
Thank you in advance ❤️

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