Meguiar’s Professional detailing products brand review. The Meguiar’s Professional series is also called their DETAILER line. In this video, I review some of my favorite Meguiar’s Professional products: All Purpose Cleaner, Super Degreaser, Wheel Brightener and Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax.

I have over 20 years of car detailing experience and I love sharing my passion for detailing with my viewers. You’ll learn tips, tricks, techniques and which products to use by watching my videos.

What I like about the Meguiar’s Professional products is that they come in a 1 gallon size and most of them can be diluted in water, making them very economical for the professional detailer and even for the DIY person. I always recommend diluting these products with distilled water to get the maximum product efficiency.

►►Here are some links to the products discussed in the video:

►US Buyers:
D101 All Purpose Cleaner:
D108 Super Degreaser:
D140 Wheel Brightener:
D156 Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax:
Meguiar’s Spray Bottles:
DA Microfiber Cutting discs:
DA Microfiber Correction Compound:

►UK Buyers:
D101 All Purpose Cleaner:
D108 Super Degreaser:
D140 Wheel Brightener:
D156 Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax:
Meguiar’s Spray Bottles:
DA Microfiber Cutting discs:
DA Microfiber Correction Compound:

►France Buyers:
D101 Nettoyant Multi-Surfaces APC:
D108 Super Dégraissant:
D140 Nettoyant à Jantes:
D156 Cire Synthétique X-Press Spray:
Pads microfibres:

►Canada buyers:
DA Microfiber Cutting Discs:
DA Microfiber Correction Compound:

D101 All Purpose Cleaner: Versatile cleaner for both exterior and interior surfaces. Its superior foaming action gently lifts the dirt away from carpet, upholstery, vinyl and even leather. It contains fabric softeners to enhance fabric.

D108 Super Degreaser: Quickly breaks down even the toughest grease. Its fast acting, free rinsing formula prevents unsightly white residue stains. Smells great.

D140 Wheel Brightener: Powerful wheel cleaner that quickly and effectively removes tough brake dust. It’s safe on clear coated, factory painted & chrome wheels. Not safe for polished aluminum. It’s acid based so make sure to properly rinse after use.

D156 Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax: It uses a unique blend of hydrophobic polymer technology to produce durable deep rich gloss with easy application and instant wipe off. It can be applied in direct sunlight. It dries clear on plastic trim. Fast wet or dry car application.

D30016-DA Microfiber Correction Compound: Super-micro abrasive technology quickly removes moderate defects with a high gloss. No mess, no sling, low dusting for superior lean up. To be used in combination with DA Microfiber Cutting Discs. Those discs have an engineered foam interface for optimal cutting efficiency. They are optimized for use with DA polishers.

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richardkkirk says:

Already subbed and belled ..i use most of the products you are using from the detailer range except for the da correction cream and cutting pad, i often use a little of the express wax sprayed into a clean microfiber to give the leather a little bit of a coating to help protect it…great vid…thanks.

French Mastiff says:

Have been using the all purpose cleaner & the express wax for a couple of years now & love them !
Those Meguiar’s bottles with the grey chemical resistant trigger spray heads have also held up well without failing.
Will try the Wheel Brightener next…..
Great Channel by the way !

Why are you always lying? says:

Is meguiar wheel brighter safe on bbs,alloy,aluminum and plastic dip and will it strip wax protection

Paul Austin says:


Victor Hernandez says:

You are awesome at explaining. So detailed but quick. Some people in their videos talk way too much, most of the time just blabbing on and repeatedly saying the same thing. But you sir have a perfect balance of information and video lentgth. Thank you for that

JR007 says:

A++ vid and very helpful info and links…thank you!

george m says:

Do you use the Synthetic Express Wax on the interior? I get great results. Not greasy or too bright.

Infinity vidz help the helpless says:

Thanks what does pan stand for

sf a says:

Is it safe to use meg super degreaser 10:1 for cleaning leather seat? recently i use meg leather cleaner. thx

vgidenko47 says:

thanks for the info pan! Im just starting out in the detailing world Meguiars is legit have bunch of their stuff

Nick Rafuse says:

Thanks for the great review of the Meguair’s Detailer Line of products. From what I see, these are great value products to use. As a fellow Canadian, could I ask where you’re getting these products? I’ve only been able to find limited supply (if at all) up here in the great white north.

Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music says:

Awesome vidd!

Brandon Tom says:

I never knew they had a professional line. I hated their store brand.

Froylan Cepeda says:

Pan, thank you for the video. Quick question. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what you’ve said about the wheel cleaner and what I’ve seen from your videos, you spray on the wheel cleaner then rinse it off in 30 seconds. And then you bring out the brushes and clean the wheels.
I personally spray it on, wait 30sec- 1 minute and then clean the wheel with all of my brushes without rinsing off. Let’s say in total the wheel cleaner is on for 2 minutes. Is that too long? Because I have noticed that wheels rust when I use this Meguiars Wheel Cleaner.

ea0529 says:

Is the Wheel Brightener okay to use on black machine-finish wheels? I have a 2016 Accord Sport with the 19 inch wheels.Also, can you use the cutting disc + correction compound then go straight to waxing a car?

Joe Kingston says:

Hello, it would be nice to see you put the products to action.

Lazaro Carreiro says:

Detailer wheel brightener isn’t PH balanced. I use Griots Garage Heavy Duty wheel cleaner.

Bilal N says:

Awesome video!

Samson Mouanoutoua says:

Can you do chemical guys

Todd Halstead says:

Pan, thanks so much for explaining all of these products. It is very helpful knowing what they are for and the dilution ratios. I actually have a few of these products in my arsenal! As always great video and keep up the great work!

abu maawi says:

how about autoglym?

Nexlee Guillaume says:

did it again bro nice vid

Robert Johnson says:

Where do you purchase your black gloves, Pan? LOVE your informative videos! Thanks for making them. So easy to understand!

mrjohncraigjr says:

Are the spray bottles durable?

woncho1 says:

Yeah. Top company they got many many quality products. Good review!

Illuminate YOself says:

Can you do reviews on Gyeon Products ? Ceramic coatings ?

musicguitar says:

Quick question. After you fill the bottle with water to the dilution ratio, how do you know how much meguiars solution to put? I filled it with water to the 10:1 mark but now not sure where to stop when filling with the solution. Please help. Thanks Pan the Organizer!!

juan vera says:

You forgot the non acid wheel and tire cleaner

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