Meguiar’s Super Degreaser VS. Purple Power Degreaser

Meguiar’s super degreaser and purple power are both relatively common degreaser’s found in the detailing world, and one question that people often ask me is: which one do you use? The answer to that question is BOTH, but the real question is WHY do I use both. In this video I break down not only the basic elements of degreasers in general, but also what separates meguiar’s super degreaser from purple power, and what makes them similar. Purple power and super degreaser both have their place and their purpose, and I love having both in my arsenal as a mobile detailer. In this video specifically, I compare the grease cutting power of both purple power and meguiar’s super degreaser in cleaning tires! Here you can see how both of these degreasers work in tire cleaning, when they are forced to degrease the heaviest of heavy dirt and grime… TIRE CLEANING! Check it out!

Meguiar’s Super Degreaser:

Purple Power:


hakman239 says:

Super degreaser vs super clean super clean is extremely expensive on amazon uk is £60+ for a gallon but we can get super degreaser quiet easily

YourMyBoyBlue says:

Dude, awesome video! I always learn something by watching your videos, thats a win in my book.
If there were real degrees in the detail world, you would have a PHD my friend. It’s crazy how much info is out there regarding detail products. Im a big believer in the right tool for the job. So having the right product that makes my cleaning/detailing faster and easier, makes me a happy camper.

the209ceres says:

love ur videos dude keep up the good work

Robert Smith says:

wish purple power was cheap in UK – a gallon in the uk is £60  or $90+- like you I would like both – so smugglers would be advised  to try this  Meguiars is  £30 – no contest. If anyone knows a cheap purple power site in the uk please tell

Igbo Prince says:

Purple Power is great on bugs, though. It just eats through them so effectively to where all you have to do is spray it off.

Lukas says:

I’ve seen people use super degreaser on leather with crazy good results, I’m just wondering if you’ve used it on leather, and what you’d dilute it to for that?

Allen Martin says:

Very informative video…Since the Purple Power seems to be better at heavy dirt and grease would you recommend it to clean engine bay or would you use another product?

richardkkirk says:

Luke i use both the megs apc and sd…and i find the apc works better on the tyre walls with the tuf and shine brush and i always use the sd in the wheel arches with the foaming trigger, but then again my car is always kept in a decent condition….as you know if a dam sight cheaper and easier to keep it looking good than letting it go tits up then trying to bring it back to scratch , regards rich.

Travis Miller says:

Awesome video. I bought some purple power for a project I am doing (restoring a 1949 ford) . I have chassis parts that need some heavy degreasing before I can paint them… I was impressed with the strength of purple power and it got me thinking,for the price … Do you think I could buy 10 gallons and soak some of these parts in a tub (for a day? For 10 hours? Recommendation?) and maybe pressure clean them? Would it be effective in cleaning the crevices so that it could be primed and painted ? Any opinions would be appreciated – might change the game for me in restoration !

yander espino says:

I prefer meguiar’s I don’t like purple power !!!!!,

MightSnow says:

Have you looked up the Meguiar’s Super Degreaser Safety Data Sheet? It shows that it can harm your skin etc.

gobigred says:

Nicely done! Subbed keep it up!

Kamren Rickey says:

ran into a problem and figured you might be able to help. so today I was detailing a family members vehicle for money, well I rinsed of the truck really good with a 3100 psi power washer, then i went straight to the wash part and for that I used Mr pink in a foam cannon and covered the truck heavily with soap, I then rinsed the truck off really good and then pulled it into a garage to dry it, once it dried there was a light grey dust left on the vehicle. could washing it in the sun on an 82° day cause that?

MrDavidIrish says:

I was actually buying one of these products for tire/wheel well cleaning. This review helped me with my decision. I am enjoying your videos. I am getting into car detailing and trying to keep my personal cost down. Keep doing what you doing.

ProngedVermin0 Alex says:

What did u mean full power for the products? How are you suppose to used the sprays properly. Which one was best for carpet cleaning?

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