Mighty Boss Cleaner and Degreaser!!!Multi Purpose Professional and Industrial Grade Degreaser!!

Mighty Boss Cleaner and Degreaser Cleans stubborn stains and heavy grime. Perfect for industrial, automotive, and home use. Use to clean equipment, boats campers, grease, grime, oil, stains and much much more. I will give a short demonstration of its strength in this video.

Mighty Boss Cleaner and Degreaser……. https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=apexdetail-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=c59a5f97bc247e0c7abd2654891ccc3f&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=automotive&keywords=mighty%20boss%20cleaner%20degreaser


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Jeffrey Carson says:

Another great lead.

Folarin Martins says:

great video pls kindly send send to ur garden hose

Apex Detail says:

Have any of you used this on anything not in this video?

I'm Rich Bitch. says:


James Biedlar says:

Never heard of it!

Tony Alexander says:

Thank you for your great reveiw.
We have tested Mighty Boss against many other products and Mighty Boss will outperform all other products when put to a fair test.https://youtu.be/vTNVgHHl2S0

Dionisios Sparangis says:

Cool video as always. I use power clean. Love it.


Mighty Boss Cleaner can be purchased at WaMart as well..Jus sayin!


Thanks for the video..I wonder if it will remove built-up brake dust on my chrome wheels?..the video you showed on the wheels seemed to awfully clean anyway..What you think?..Deatailers use a acid base cleaner on tough looking chrome wheels..Your answer Apex Detail would be appreciated..Thank You ..Jack

Cristhian Gabriel says:

Have you used any Meguairs Pro Line, the gallon ones? Ex. The Super Degreaser?

Pete Friesen says:

You can only have one Mighty Boss or Super Clean?

Clint mcfarland says:

I’m new to your Channel. I’m a Tennessee boy so I’m fixing to head to Tractor Supply to see if they have any. I know different stores carry different products so it’s a gamble. I currently use Meguiars super Degreaser diluted 3 to 1 on Wheels tires and rocker panels before I start pressure washing. As you know it loosens up the debris and bugs prior to pressure washing. Would this be something comprable? I know they’re both degreaser but do you think this would hurt the paint or Plastics deleted 3 to 1 if it sits for about 30 seconds to a minute before pressure washing

Wopa Chop says:

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Seems like Spray Nine might be a better choice if you see mildew or cleaning pet stains since its a disinfectant? Curious your thoughts. I went to mighty boss dot com and they also make an RV wash, in concentrate or ready to use. Im watching your vids to learn how to clean and protect a gel coat trailer. Still trying to decide on soap to strip it clean before Qp 3.0 which is top on my list after watching your vids. Also need a gentle soap for maintenance cleaning. Angelwax products are on my radar because of your suggestions and your secret recipe in your Gel Coat series.

Max says:

Brian Mighty Boss how long has this company be around? Never heard of them until now!!!

Clint mcfarland says:

I bought the only thing my tractor supply had which was a quart. It worked great. What is the most cost-efficient Degreaser that you have used as a detailer?

JuukezeBarbie says:

Hmm hopefully it can work on lime deposit

Felix F says:

I’ll look for it. Love this kind of product.

Mot Kat says:

i like your videos and your professional approach. Thank you very much guy !!!

chrismay1a says:

when you dilute it 1 oz per gallon of water how good does it compare to glass cleaner? better?

Benoit Gérin-Lajoie says:

Hi buddy,
saw several of your videos and you seams a very good impartial tester so, I’d like you to test this product against others cuz this tester seams biased toward the product and I’m not quite sure the test wasn’t biased either so… could you do a MEGA test with this one against Super Clean, Citrol, Spray Nine, Simple Green, Mean Green, Purple Power and… others you like.

john jackson says:

Great video Brian, I’m heading to tractor supply. I would like for you to demo the wd40 super degreaser

Mikey P says:

Looks pretty good B!

Stephen Carbonaro says:

Lol’d at the “freezing of your keester” comment. How many inches did you get? We got damn near a foot in Allentown! Thankfully, it’s just about gone.


I going to buy some for my Fiberglass Tub & Shower combo…someone has a video on it..And it looks to be the product for me..jus sayin!

Mr. kirouac says:

Try letting it sit on heavy oil And grease over night. It will hardened the mess to a thick crust. Then hit it again then wash it off it will all the mess will fall right off and the part will look like new!!

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