My Discovery on Cleaning Extremely Thick Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

My Discovery on Cleaning Extremely Thick Grease from Kitchen Cabinets.


lady D says:

Im looking forward to buying that product to clean my kitchen cabinets and walls. Thanks for sharing.

stormysocks says:

Citrol engine degreaser works great on greasy clothes, engines, everything

Red Nexis says:

Thank you so much for sharing and for all the warnings. I am in a 34 year old rental, in the degreasing stage before I degloss and paint my cabinets. The insides were all rough particle board too, so I had to vacuum the insides, paint on a thick layer of wood glue, sand them and vacuum again before I start to clean. It’s been very tedious and challenging to figure out how to do this for the first time, but I’m hoping I will be satisfied with the results. I’ll be sharing a tutorial/review of the methods and products as soon as possible and I will include your video to advise people with the same issue. I was originally planning on tackling this with zep citrus degreaser as the amount of grease is less, but I wanted to double check and see if there was a better product to start with. Thanks again, this information is priceless.
– Sue

get in says:

You may want to contact Meguiar’s and show them your video. They may send you some product to try on other things. It’s not just good for “tires and wheels” anymore. LOL You’re a clever and determined man, I admire that in a guy.

Amber Heimbach says:

Wow ! I  am amazed!

Karen Daniels says:

My obsessive compulsive self really enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing!

Rocio Jacobs says:

Thanks for the tip, we are restoring a 64 yr. old house, it removes all the old varnish, worked great on the linoleum removing 40+ yrs. of dirt and it even removes old paint, it is agressive though so be careful and wear gloves.


I have decorative tins on my plant shelf in my kitchen. I found that plain old rubbing alcohol works GREAT to get that stubborn grease off.

Mrs Sony says:

Just moved into a new house and these cabinets are hideous. Thank you for the tip that came right off

sina khun says:

where can I buy that cleaner

TheCarnivalguy says:

Tomorrow, I am headed out to purchase this product and give it a test. My mom has kitchen cabinets that were installed in her house in 1972. Mom had no range hood in her  home, so you can imagine the years of grease, smoke, and layers of furniture polish on these cabinets. They are in great condition except for their outside cleanliness. If this really works, with some new door handles, she would be proud as a peacock. She no longer cooks at 94, but she’s embarrassed to have someone come in the kitchen. Wish me luck guys.

Sharon La Tour says:

WOW! I’ll sure as Sam Hill get some because the tops of my cabinets are sticky icky. The renters did not clean them and I have tried the same things you have! UGH!

Dennis Andrews says:

I just tried this suggestion on my 30 year old kitchen cabinet doors. Worked great…even feels clean. Thanks for the video…great job

Maureen TheTemp says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you – please never take this video down! It’s 2018 and your tip just saved me a ton of work!

Jessica Souza says:

This was life changing. I posted a before/after on my IG: @thisoldhomestead

hannah says:

Wtf why am i here

Kara Shea says:

Thank God I found you! I have inherited a kitchen of probably 50+ years of grease and cigarette smoke. I’ll surely give this a try

Karina Rice says:

This is video is no lie!!! Thank you so much! You have saved me hours of frustration! I used it with a little bleach to clean the grease grates over the stove too. Amazing!

Kevin Jones says:

now show us how you would clean that food grease out of your arteries.

David Samson says:

Thanks for taking the time to share this

aka MsL8nite says:

Will this work on formica counter-tops?

9ei8ht7 says:

This works! thank you!!

Debbie Weightman says:

It works! Doing it now! I know I’ve posted before but I hadn’t tried it yet, working on it . Thanks again.

Alice Monk says:

It’s great when you got the time to do it repeatedly to get it to where you want. But as I clean houses for a realtor I don’t have time to reapply two or three times to get it to where I need it. I have found mean green to work really good especially in areas like the kitchen where you have a lot of Grease.

John Berg says:

You may want to wash that finger.

Debbie Weightman says:

Wow,Thank you!

kysmik says:

Thank You!

jbooks888 says:

Good old fashioned ammonia – some call it cloudy ammonia, straight from the bottle to the rag and rub on the grease. You WILL need rubber gloves and preferabley some kind of face mask to prevent choking on the fumes, but it dissolves the heaviest grease instantly. Not sure how well it treats painted cupboards, though – might need to do a spot test first.

Brenda J says:

Mostly female viewers. LOL

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