O’Reilly Foamy Engine Degreaser – Is It Worth $3.99 A Can?



mando vitsl says:

Why not just spray a bit on a rag and clean in a less primitive way

Marc Harris says:

Used that shit on my fat girlfriend. Dint get the grime in the cracks.

Grave Haze says:

I’m just here for the gangbang,

H&F Michigan says:

Before you sprayed the foam on what did u do to your engine to prepare it for the foam and water you sprayed on it

GodSpeed says:

Good job making a 12 minute video on a fucking spray can.

Jose says:

Everybody Loves Raymond: Car Guy Special

chantio tennessee says:

oh wait a minute let me look that up


Idk if this has the same effect but I used an engine degreaser on my bay and ended up ruining the finish on my block and my intake.

Jim Willson says:

I don’t know how you can properly grade something without following the directions.

Carlos Sanchez says:

Never do this to a vortec engine engine. Knock sensors can be ruined and they are a bitch to change. They are under the intake manifold

Zac C says:

Damnit I’m comment 421

Damo Kovacs says:

You didnt even wait 15 mins mate?

George W Bush says:

An engine is supposed to be dirty. Leave it alone.

randy machoman says:

shouldn’t you be worried about electric components getting wet? connections and things like spark plugs and what not?

Tu Lo says:

Video starts at 3:15.

Rob says:

Why do people always tell me not to put water on the engine ? But I see people do this

EDi L. says:

Do not do that, it’s not the right thing to use water.

John Nawrocki says:

The engine is pretty clean anyways.

Nate Masse says:

It also said to let it sit or 15mins and you washed it off afer about 2mins

Parvan Alexandru says:

was the engine still warm ??? i can see steam coming out of the engine….the foam cleaner is a good ideea but….using water all over the cables is not a good ideea

Clint Gordon says:

I’m no professional but… idk if you want to use high pressure at all on your engine bay. That sprayer wasn’t bad but just use the garden hose and avoid spark plugs.

Jorge Viver says:

You actually convinced me to buy the Worx Hydro shot instead.

Alan Brattland says:

Simple green does better.

Braxx Juventa says:

That wasn’t 15 minutes….

marco74 austin says:


Faizan Khan says:

I am pretty sure he fucked up his engine.

Terry Lunsford says:

Yeah so don’t do anything you seen this guy in the video do…

Philip Murray says:

Definitely not a Dallas accent.

Bradley Patterson says:

Wait 15mins….literally 45 seconds later pressure wash EVERYTHING and give a b ……lol

M J says:

Lol your engine is already clean all u needed was a swifter duster it was just that clean lol

David Lodermeier says:

Honestly any moron knows you don’t spray water on your engine and electrical components for Pete’s sake duh . .

milesge56 says:

This guy sounds like Ray Romano.

Tu Lo says:

You can feed africa with $3.99

robert hodge says:

That engine is not even close to country boy dirt standards; oil crud and dirt compound on an old truck comes to mind. You know what I mean? 2-30 years of leaks and dirt combined.

Yony Fernandez says:

howard stern voice, (“who cares ,, Am i ruining the engine WHO KNOWS”). lol hooked since that line

ram men says:

Talk way too much. Go straight to point….

Danny Rochester says:

Well there goes the knock sensors lol

RoYaL__ Psycho says:

I use Fabuloso!!! Mexicans use the real deal. lol

ianrsigel says:

I’m supposed to watch a five minute, eight second infomercial to watch your video???
I have nothing against monetizing a channel but that is pure bullshit.
I’ll find info on any number of other channels…Bye, Bye.

The Project Channel says:

Great video
I tried that product and it kind of works,
But it’s just as good as some of the other name brand that are twice as much or more

ron oneal says:

how not to clean an engine bay.. 500 gals of water won’t hurt nothing…. alternator not covered, bcm, pcm, battery still connected…. great job, now let’s hear it start

mwood65 says:

Fix leaks so it doesn’t get greasy.

David Mm says:

This was the first time seeing it, that little Worx washer is cool!

ROCK83 says:

What happened to the 15 minuets of wait time ??

Great White Rabbit says:

I just got a bottle of engine degreaser from dollar store and armor all both a buck each.

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