purple power cleaner degrease review


Hatch61 says:

That stuff works well, I’ll have to see if it’s sold around here. Thanks for the video Kevin, be well my friend.

William Mcguire 3rd says:

I love purple power. It’s awesome. Mean green is good too.

Amish Sailor says:

Do you ever use it to clean alloy wheels?

Thomas Russell says:

Still there, but looks like it has faded quite a bit. And probably would no longer transfer to your clothes if you had to lay right there under a vehicle.

Paul D. Green says:

Two days in a row now, first to view and first to comment! Looks like a great cleaner Kevin! Thank you for sharing!

Tom Hutchins says:

Ps you can get a 5 gallon pail at walmart for $22.00

M Ten says:

it seems like the sooner you use it the better it works on oil

Tom Hutchins says:

Yes it cleans but it will etch and destroy any polish on aluminum . also damage and remove paint. I use it to degrease machines but you have to be very careful. Its a strong caustic like oven cleaner.
There is no magic the stronger it is the more likely it can damage something

Danny Dunnagan says:

Iuse purple power and mean green.great stuff thanks Kevin.

45NUTS says:

Purple Power ? they go through two barrels a year wear i work

Clint East says:

Could you come do my garage floors?

Rosario W says:

Hey Kev- I used this stuff when I bought my first 3 & 1 mill. drill, lathe machine and used it on my SB 14×72 inch tool room lathe-It is ery Good stuff best De-greaser I ever used!!

Melvin Madigan says:

Spray nine works great to

Jay A. says:

Good product there Kevin. Have you tried it on clothing yet, I wonder if it would work without damaging the fabric? Thanks for sharing!

Clint East says:

Is that full strength?

Aj Simpson says:

Would this work on car engines as a degreser

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