Retail Degreaser Shootout: Who Will Win?




ValladolidArde says:

best reviews on the tube, period

Robby Nyberg says:

have you had any experience with simple green? Or why you don’t use it? I love it and would recommend it to you! Economy price as well!

The King of Shine says:

I have used purple power, but Simple a Green has been in my arsenal for over 25yrs!
Best APC ever invented:0)

mark Saf says:

Would you use any of those cheap, high alkaline and caustic cleaners on Ferrari leather? I wouldn’t use any of those on Prius leather.

Robert Rankin says:

The one thing you didn’t do was rinse the brush between products, so you had a building cross contamination going on there, which could have had an effect on the results.

nmore69 says:

Scott do you use a carpet extractor ?

Jordan Reed says:

I see you have simple green spray bottles. Have you compared Simple Green to these 6 cleaners? Would you pick Super Clean or Simple Green?

jchap04 says:

You need to try Mighty Boss

Jaime Gonzalez says:

Pocket book? You are definitely from nj/ny. It’s great!

Jody Sailor says:

Great Video! I have used SuperClean in the past and it doesn’t leave a white chalky film like other degreasers.

trapcracker says:

I really like your mentality Scott. Just because something isn’t labeled as a detailing product doesn’t mean it can’t work well along with being economical.

Calendyr says:

Love your videos Scott.  I wish you had used Meguiar’s super degreaser and APC at 4:1 as well so we can compare.  But Super Clean seems like a really good product.

Shawn Amison says:

Thanks for sharing this video I think I’ll have to get some super clean that stuff looks amazing. I use LA’S totally awesome straight on my tires, wheel wells and rims. It’s cheap enough at a dollar per bottle I don’t mind using a lot. I use it around the house too. I’m also a big fan of zep products. Haven’t used the apc though. Have you tried their citrus degreaser? I wonder of that performs better. Also can you comment on the scent of zep compared to super clean?

S_J_P says:

I’ve seen Super Clean at Wally World and I have to admit, I thought it was junk……I guess I was wrong. Nice video!!

John Costello says:

Where could I get that brush?

EL EVO says:

Great Review. Is that Grease Lightning degreaser the same one sold at Home Depot? I have it in the Gallon version, but the Gallon i have is an Orange like color and Home Depot Say’s it is exclusively sold by them. I think you said you bought it in a Dollar Store? It could be a knockoff?

Well the one i have, “Home Depot” brand, Did an amazing job on my FX45 Wheat Color Interior, I used a Magic Eraser Sponge Like, Sold on Amazon and it bought back my Light Wheat Infiniti Seats back to Factory Condition. “1 part Degreaser and 5 partd warter” it Seriously did an Amazing job. So when you said the Grease Lightning you used would need 2-3 hands, I have to ask if it was a knockoff type of Grease Lightning Degreaser?,

I also used my “Home Depot” Brand Grease Lightning on my leather sofa’s at home and the dirt it pulled out was incredible. 1 part Degreaser and 5 Parts water as well.

I have even used it on my Grill as well and left it Brand new, Full Formula on the grill. Be carefull, Full formula if left on to long can erase lettering on burner indicator :o/

rynstvy says:

What about simple green? Is it not even a comparable product?

pssst3 says:

The soiling of rear corner bolster area isn’t the same as the soiling of an area that is directly under a butt, because under the butt, stuff gets worked deep nto the grain and the grain itsef gets stretched deeper. You can see this if you use the same scleaner to do an entire rear seat.

Chinook249 says:

Hey Scott, just FYI at the beginning you said Purple Power isn’t alkaline based but is lye-based. Lye is a hydroxide (either KOH or NaOH, the OH denoting hydroxide), so by definition it is alkaline. FYI!

KZ Collins says:

thanks man need more bro like yourself an the the bullshit ers

chris troiano says:

great video I’m actually looking to get a cleaner/degreaser for an engine bay cleaning. i ordered meguiars super degreaser but it won’t drive in time so super clean it is…..thanks for all the great videos scott keep them coming

kawtriples says:

When all was said and done and the Super Clean declared the winner, you could have sprayed Super Clean on some of the areas that were done with the other cleaners to see if it brought up more dirt after spraying and made them cleaner. The Super Clean was done on an area of the seat that doesn’t get as much usage as some of the other areas that the other cleaners were used on.

Damage Control Auto Detail Division says:

wow that was a great demonstration Scott.
reminded me of those battle royales they would have in wrestling. you know the ones where all guys would fight at once till there was just one man standing.
la’s totally awesome surprised me. As much as people on you tube swear by this stuff and then just to fall flat on its face was amazing.
once again thanks for the informative content.
would love to see more head to heads like this when you have the time!

frednice 456st says:

good talk

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