Super Clean Degreaser Aerosol Spray Review



kawtriples says:

I was waiting to see if you used the Super Clean to clean the cut on your finger. J/K

Anthony Catalano says:

Keep up the great work bud! Can’t wait to see how the foaming spray bottle works!

John Emmel says:

Loving our community of detailing and your vids. Nice to see my other friends I talk too commenting. Things happen for a reason. Like you said it will organically happen on its own. Thank you again my LongIsland friend lol I’m in the process of setting up my own channel for real world vids as well. will keep ya posted

perry king says:

thank you

R. Taylor says:

20 bucks on thier website

John Emmel says:

oh sorry one more comment Scott why not try the liquid version with a foamer trigger sprayer do you think it will be about the same. I know it won’t atomize it like that can but it may be close enough.. What say you???

IIFr0styII says:

Amazing vid Scott i would of like to see Megs wheel brightner on those wheels anyways keep doing what u doing.

Shimmering Rydez Auto Detailing says:

I really enjoy all your videos, Excellent!! Amazing what the aerosol can, can do thou. Thank you very much for showing this video. Have a blessed one. Bay Area- San Jose, CA

kdog3495 says:

Seems to work really well! Do you see any benefit to this over the spray bottle with foaming nozzle?

rodney h says:

wow thats fantastic i have dedicated tire and rubber cleaners that dont clean that well with only 1 application

Wolfman Jack says:

Thanks Scott. love your vides.

Lomas Ticas says:

Are you talking about the sprayer from meguiars plastic and vinyl coating ? It’s has the S M L options to change the way it sprays that would be cool to add to this bottle .

Kyle D says:

Awesome review Scott! Definitely a winner:)

ace washington says:


Thomas Henderson says:

Wondering if you could do a video on getting out a scratch on a door panel. Your videos are amazing!

hogluvr1 says:

Live, from MSG… YOUR NEW YORK RANGERS! Rough way to end the season, but we’re used to it. Ludqvist is getting old. Sad, no cup for him. He’s a pretty boy, so maybe he can DO the fashionista thing with Avery. lol

R. Taylor says:

amozon 20 bucks

G v says:

great video

That Jeep In Blue says:

I bought a gallon today. I’ll use it soon. does Super Clean make a bottle like Meguires does?

Charles Cook says:

If youre familiar with the WD-40 spray cans, they come with a red straw that you can stick in the nozzle for an accurate stream. Maybe that would be something Super Clean could think about.

steven McCall says:

That worked sweet. $20 is too much but I can only find it on amazon, maybe when it gets distributed to the big box stores the price per can
will drop.

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