Super Clean Degreaser Demo & Review: The Winner!



Mike Barger says:

The results speak for themselves but I have always heard not to use alkaline cleaners on Leather. I know modern leather seats are coated but any thought on that?

regiotexas says:

Thank you for the video. I’m looking for a new degreaser. I pay $24 for SD. I use LA awesome for tires and wheel wheels 1:1 or straight, I buy it ldowntown for .75 cents per 32ozbut I don’t feel comfortable using it on leather.

Dot Sylver says:

Great another good video! Scott, the only concern I have, and I hope you keep us posted, is how any material feels and holds up after a few days or weeks. Carpets for example, clean yes, but does it leave it super stiff, do surfaces are dry without any residue? (Meg APC leaves it very clean and dry and carpets are soft after cleaning even with SD). Simple green leaves carpets super stiff hard . Would it be recommended to soak a MF towel with water and wipe the leather and dry it before applying, ahyper dressing or spray wax on it, or simply apply it after the APC is dry? Thanks again

Father & Sons Mobile Detailing Houston Fisher says:

Hey Scott is it good on rims and tires?

Finn Green says:


And is brush similar to a shoe brush?

john jackson says:

WOW! holy bat Chrapman that stuff is going in my arsenal, thanks for more info!!

Tpr1634 says:

Been using it for years on tires and wheels wells, etc still don’t want to inhale it.

S_J_P says:

That would make another good video using Super Clean on tires and wheel wells.

Juan E says:

Is it good to use for commercial use? It might be too strong on the lungs

Tigersmundo says:

Retail degreaser Walmart yea good stuff but I like my Meguirs Super Degreaser it just has that extra gear hence it’s not on the retail side.

trapcracker says:

Just wanted to say keep up the AWESOME work Scott, I’m absolutely loving these videos.

Mike Staples says:

hi scott looks good but what in it ? have you checked the materialvdata sheets on this product

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