Super Clean Foaming Cleaner Review – A Winner!



Jonnie Bangkok says:

Okay, we get it…you like Super Clean… sheeze!

Edgar Marquez says:

Hey can you use this for engine bay

70DMac says:

You must be from long island

richsq1 says:

Very good video. We have that product in Canada but twice the price as you pay in USA. It is worth it anyway. Keep your video coming to us you are helping a lot of poeple.

Joe Wilson says:

the tire is super clean now. good job

inxs13 says:

Got my 2 1/2 gal jug. Ready to rock !

Michael Loftus says:

My apologies, the Super Clean Degreaser is what I meant to say.

Bob V says:

I watched this and thought I’ll try it, well it worked well but at $7 a bottle compared to my ole stand by Eagle 1 Wheel and Tire Foaming Cleaners at half the price is a much better buy, I tried it and that’s the truth, Eagle1 is up to the challenge

Titan9mm says:

What do u recommend for hard water stains on the cars paint? My wife has been parking her car next to a sprinkler head at her job and it has about 2 weeks of hot CA sun baking those stubborn water stains…

onr detailing news says:

good video and product buddy tfs

Calendyr says:

Nothing prevents you from dumping the 32 oz bottle content into a 1 gallon container and then re-fill the bottle with a 4:1 dilution solution. In fact that is what i will do. I still have a lot of Meguiar’s APC and Super Degreaser left, but you have completelly sold me on Super Clean and can’t wait to use it 😉

BRay549 says:

I bought the SuperClean Foaming. I think the only difference between that and the regular SuperClean (non-foaming) is the spray bottle. Am I right?
Also, some of the cons — I noticed a whitish milky streaking on my chrome rock guard in the front of the trailer that wasn’t there before… now what?
Also if you get SuperClean on your hands its very slippery and slimy and difficult to wash off. It makes it more difficult to grip the tools.
Thanks for the good review, overall, its a great product and I will buy again.

FinishPro Detailing Enhancements says:

Hey Scott.. if SuperClean at 4:1 is a 9/10.. what would you rate Megs Super Degreaser at 4:1?? Being in Aus.. can’t get SuperClean down here yet

Skyblue says:

Great video just said I ask . What way would u go about if some one gets sick in a car how u find is best clean it and get rid of odour thanks .

steven McCall says:

the aerosol sucks, the one I bought did not foam and stopped spraying. I threw over half an unusable can in the trash. I prefer the 1 gallon jug.

Kyle D says:

Great video Scott! Thanks for sharing my friend.

The bossthree says:

Where did you get that tire brush


I love super clean Degreaser I actually use it myself

Michael Loftus says:

Hi Scott, any negative side affects with Super Degreaser on clear coated aluminum wheels?

Lincoln JCM says:

Nice tips thanks

Mustang's Understood says:

Works great I see. Have you ever tried westlys bleach white, it works the same way, however you have to be careful on paint at full strength

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