Super Clean Review: My Go-To Cleaner For Detailing

Why do I use Super Clean so much? What do I use it on? What are my dilution ratios?

That’s what I’ll cover in this video!

Super Clean (APC):

Remember to check locally!

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Super Clean review


AutOdometer says:

Very nice. This may be my go to APC as the weather warms up and I do some detailing videos on my channel

Markel Goode says:

Hey man, watched a couple of your videos, i tried super clean diluted i think 12-15:1 and it works great. As far as using it for carpet/upholstery cleaning, its been a few times where it wouldn’t removed the stain. For example the back seats of this jeep compass i was doing the stain wouldn’t come up at all, sprayed it, scrubbed it, steamed it, wiped it, repeated up to three times with no change. That bummed me out, but as far as door and cupholders and things of that sort it works GREAT. I use green magic conditioner and it turns out great every time. Running out of the conditioner but I’m looking to try something new, any suggestions?

victor garcia says:

Help me with ratios how much is it for APC= and for Degreaser= with super clean , cuz my seat belt clicks get faded real bad almost like if it were bleach

R says:

R.I.P. King Kong Bundy

Kenny Ono says:

This product is harmful on some interior surfaces. It does clean some things and I give it that like maybe engine bays. But if you want to lock stains into carpet fibers and discolor plastics this is the product for you

Delightful Dweeb says:

do you have any tips on cleaning a 2003 audi a4 interior? love the videos by the way keep it up!!!

jtrinipapi says:

I always saw Super Clean in my store’s local to me but I was always set on Maguires. I had watched other YouTube videos on people using Super Clean but there are so many YouTube Experts out there I ignore most of them and what they say. In fact you are one of the few that can actually articulate a full, complete sentence and logical thought. So when you made the switch to Super Clean and stuck with it I finally gave it a chance and I will say I’m glad I did. Thank you for your videos. Keep on keeping on –

Juan Ordaz says:

Lol super clean a god tier cleaner I literally bought 3 gallons and a spray bottle and brushes for 30 buck and profit made so far around 300 bucks lol never looking back I literally just detailed my friends cars for 10 buck and I told them to tell some of their friends I can detail their cars for 30 and now I have people hitting me up that’s how I started my money income so far price has raised to 70 atm

the cake is a lie says:

first bitches

David Saucedo says:

Yeah going back to super clean! I have 2 gallons of super degreaser i barely opened the new one so its gonna be a while till I get more super clean haha

donvillo1 says:

10 to 1 parts and it still leaves the spray discoloration on dash and door panels even if I wipe off fast.

Daniel Robles says:

love your videos

marios kosmidhs says:

I agree friend….the loop many detailers or enthusiast are getting is that living all day in forums they constantly reading…. thisapc , is better…no no..that apc is no this apc is better thatn those before……..and their are loosing the game……………….find one product witch fits you use it aoften to leran it, what can do what cannot do………and get out of the rabbit hole to kump continiusly among the thusands of products………………
i olike the way you thinking.

RamVan Bobby says:

IAM getting this stuff

Kenny Ono says:

I have used super clean Oscar thanks for deleting my comments. Super clean is not a good product to use on interior applications

the HORIZON says:

I’m a big fan if APC but I’ll definetly have to check this out! Great video, Oscar!

Ciddyslicka Vasquez says:

I’ve been using it as well. But I’ve noticed some white spots on my door panels now, I’m just wondering if its caused by the super clean or is it just from the sun……Has anyone else notice the same after using super clean for a while? Or is it just my car in particular?

Christopher Pagan says:

I’ve used super clean It is a great product

Kenny Ono says:

Thanks for deleting my comments dude

Derek Athey says:

I use super clean because of price, availability and results.

Led One says:

you had 666 views i had to change it… i got you bro bro

Todd Hefer says:

Yes I agree 100%!

RC says:

Alright bro, Cholula or Salsa Valentin?

Jay bee says:

I got 3 cars and I’ve been using the same 2.5 gallon I got at Walmart for like 14 bucks about a year and a half ago when I first heard of it from Scott at Dallas paint correction I see the price had gone up

T. Ruiz says:

i just got myself a gallon at Walmart for $8 in California

Kenny Ono says:

I was wondering why you don’t have any comments that dispute any of your facts you delete them!!!

Austin Mendoza says:

My local Napa always has it in stock in 5 gallons

#wacky love# says:

Hey how ru sir alway love all your video can u please let me understand what is 2 to 1 or 1 to to. When measuring solution

Prestige Mobile Auto Detailing says:

Love this stuff $9 with tax here at Walmart in South Carolina. Such an amazing product sad so many detailers act like they are to good for it.

Beast says:

@Detail Groove
I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 step-side. The color is black but it is such a pain to keep it clean do you know what I can do to keep it clean ,even during the rain.

#wacky love# says:

Thank man

Todd Hefer says:

They sound like a cool company to work with!

tyler walsh says:

If you have a pep boys in your area, I would recommend getting the 2.5 gallon size of super clean from them next time. They have 25% off sales on their website pretty much at all times & sometimes it gets as high as 35%. The 2.5 gallon is so cheap at around $20-$22 after discounts it comes out to about $15 which ultimately comes out to approximately $6 per gallon. The gallon is also super inexpensive too, I paid $8 for my current one, can’t go wrong either way.

Alex915 says:

I use a combo between Super Clean and Super Degreaser. Ran out of Super Clean and currently going thru my Super Degreaser as fast as I can and then I will switch back to Super Clean. I agree that the local availability and price point and performance make super clean the best choice.

DarthRevan .Gaming says:

I been binge watching your videos for about 3 weeks between work and off days.
I sincerely want to start working on my own as a detailer tho the fear that gives me stops me from doing this sadly my own fear/doubt is keeping me from achieving some success in life.
There are some things I still need and that is my main excuse.


Great video Oscar. I’ll be picking up more of this stuff today. 🙂

Don’t let bad attitudes in the comment section talk, just block ‘em.

Todd Hefer says:

God Bless

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