Super Clean VS. Purple Power Degreaser: Carpet Shampoo & Stain Removal!

In this video, purple power degreaser, and super clean degreaser go head to head in removing stains, and shampooing a floor board from one of my client’s cars! I love both purple power and super clean, but they both seem so similar, that I had to put them up against each other directly! In this situation, I am shampooing a carpet floorboard that has not ever been cleaned. I also use super clean and purple power to do some stain removal in the process. In cleaning car carpets, both products are incredible, and really blow me away, but when comparing purple power and super clean directly, especially in cleaning car carpets and stain removal, there is one that definitely seems to preform better than the other. Not only to I use the very simple method of simply carpet scrubbing in order the show the results that both degreasers produce, but I also finish with steam cleaning the carpet, in order to demonstrate how purple power and super clean react with the steam cleaner. This video will show you not only several different ways to shampoo carpets, and clean carpets even more effectively, but you will also get a look into my exact method when I am carpet cleaning. Of course I include several interior detailing tricks like always in order to help the professional auto detailers, and do it yourselfers alike. For the most part, cleaning car upholstery seems to be something that people stress out about, or do not know how to approach, but in this video I not only teach how to clean car upholstery, but also how to simplify car upholstery cleaning! Follow me on location and learn how I remove stains from car carpets, use super clean and purple power, clean car upholstery, and which product is going to win the battle!!!


Blame Conveyz says:

Can you use purple power on seats to get them clean ? Like apc basically?

Mark H says:

Excellent Video. Thanks. How do you compare Super Clean and Purple Power to Meguiars Degreaser pertaining to performance on the various Auto Detail tasks.

Brenden Meagher says:

@Wilson Auto Detailing How do you get clients and spread your business?

Mark H says:

I have another question not related to this video. Some vinyl interiors which are dark or black get light scuff damage (like on interior doors) in the vinyl itself and cannot be taken out. When you wipe it down it goes away only to come back again when it dries and looks like mud but it is in fact scuffs marred into the vinyl. What do you do to correct, or what do you tell your customer. Thanks

the great all mighty G says:

super nice, great video

onr detailing news says:

new subbed hit me back

Skylar Sky says:

Hi there. You have great videos and amazing enthusiasm! However, there is one thing I would have done differently in comparing these 2 obviously fantastic products. I would have put a piece of tape down the middle, and I would have used 2 different brushes (the exact same brush) to avoid a possibility of cross-contamination of the products. When you scrub the Power Clean side, there is still Power Clean product on that brush. You then scrub the Super Clean side, but it still has some of the Power Clean ‘residuals’ on it and vice versa. But, that’s just my thought. Either way, you are phenomenal at what you do, and may GOD continue to bless you!

Dan Garner says:

Can you run these through the TORNADOR??? To clean fabrics? Do you find the product make the carpet “sticky” and attract more dirt (like some carpet shampoos do?)?

randy ward says:

great video , and I really aprrec iate you sharing your know how and testing of products . I have been detailing for going on 18 yrs now and what I love about it is that I am always finding out something new or something that is easier or less exspensive to work with . again I thank you

Jody Sailor says:

The problem with Purple Power is it leaves a white film on your engine and fire retardant walls where SuperClean doesn’t. I cut SuperClean 4 to 1 and it’s still stronger than Purple Power making it cheaper.

john jackson says:

great video

SpringMtn Hiker says:

Waiting to finish my Meguiar’s Super Degreaser before taking the SuperClean plunge.

Jared Shattuck says:

Does super clean have a bad smell or gagging effect?

mark Saf says:

Super Clean is not safe. The pH of this stuff is nearing 14 which is very alkaline. You want a safe APC, optimum power clean is much less aggressive, yet still packs a punch.

J Fox says:

Purple power is a alkaline product. Salt products clean safer but still bad.
Super clean use’s lye to burn off grease and dirt. Very toxic so be careful. Can screw up a lot of things.
I’ve used both depends on use what I’m doing.

Shawn Amison says:

Just found your channel recently, lots of great content thanks for sharing! I have that same carpet brush lol works great and I think it was only like $3 at Walmart haha. Never used super clean before but I think I’ll be getting some now. I am also a huge fan of LA’s Totally Awesome all purpose cleaner (cool name, cheap product). You can get it at the dollar store. 32 ounces for a dollar! I use tons of it on tires, rims, and wheel wells because I’m not afraid to use tons of product because it’s so cheap. I just need something new for upholstery that either leaves a pleasant clean scent or no scent at all and is safe.

onr detailing news says:

good video buddy

frank2217 says:

When I first used Super Clean, I used it full strength to clean my tires. My wheels on my Lexus are clear coated. Super Clean etched the clear coat, but I should have been more careful. I was just learning to detail my car. I’m a lot more careful now with the products I use on my car.

Mark H says:

What kind of brush are you scrubbing with? Can you link it? Thanks

Kemsingnews Barathan says:

Nice Video Buddy

metacafe3 says:

Great video, very informative

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