Super Clean VS Spray Nine!!! A Cleaner/Degreaser Heavy Weight, Battle Royale!!!

Spray Nine Heavy Duty cleaner tackles the toughest grease grime stains and bacteria where others fail.Professional strength performance trusted by professionals, manufacturers, technicians. Spray Nine does all that without use of bleach or corrosive chemicals.

Super Clean. The original tough task cleaner. Super Clean dissolves grease, grime. oil, wax, dirt and tar.Super easy. Super fast. Industrial strength, yet biodegradable and phosphate free.

Super Clean :

Sprat Nine :



Show Off Reviews says:

Great video , ive did one of my own with La totally awesome…

Max Friedenberger says:

Brian thanks for sharing this video!! Never heard of Spray Nine? I will keep this in my mind for future detailing!!

usernamemykel says:

You make great productions!

Good video and super audio!


Nick M says:

Awesome review! How would you rank Purple Power with these two powerhouses?

Ken Lanning says:

I think they are both at the top for cleaning heavy dirt and grease nice to know that spray nine is also a disinfectant keep up the great videos Brian I have learned a lot

DV Entertainment Channel says:

Is spray nine alkaline?

Bigdog Bulldog says:

Spray nine is superior because it kills germs as well as cleans,thanks for the review

Wesley Jones says:

Have you tried Ultra One?

travis clarkin says:

Looks good… I can’t tell the difference both seem about equal

Shahid Doctor says:

Super Clean Better.

Tom Woo says:

Lowes is blowing out spray nine for 2.49/gal through 8/2. I picked up the last 5 gallons at my local for 13 bucks. Looks like they are blowing it out because only 1 store out of like 15 in my area had it.

Max Friedenberger says:

Brian I never tried Super Clean!!!!

Zacko Mirza says:

Which one is cheaper ?

Mario Chavez says:

Use super clean for exterior detailing and spray nine for interior detailing.

Danny says:

Will this work on my bitches face? Ya heard

Matt D says:

Hi Brian, a couple questions for you as I have a few things to clean and would appreciate some advice.
I need to clean a carpet in my “new to me” truck where a cola drink was spilled a couple years ago and never cleaned up by the previous owner. Would you suggest Spray Nine, Tide sport or something else?
Also, between Spray Nine and Super Clean, which would you say breaks down and handles engine grease better?

bekir kurt says:

hey brian i see you also use tide cold water clean in interiors a lot what makes you decide to choose between spray 9 and tide thanks for all the great info on detailing by the way big fan of this channel thanks

DV Entertainment Channel says:

I think super clean is stronger bc it can be diluted as to spray nine you cant.

Can you please make a simple vid on both this products again but both diluted 4:1 and see how spray nine is when its cut down

Pistol Pete says:

Exact review I was looking for

Mad Wax says:

This was better than Ali vs Frazier! Nice work! I’m going to have both of these on hand.

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